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This is my former self to which, although now older, I have returned, minus the weight I had gained.Right, here is a little about me and what I did when I became massively overweight. I do not share this to brag in any way shape or form. Rather, to motivate you into doing something similar to me. As the  old saying goes “If I can do it then so too can you”.

Due to injury at the age of 28, I practically stopped doing any activity at all. As a direct result of this, I gained a lot of weight. When I say a lot I really mean a lot. Nearly double my original weight in 6 years.

I became depressed with it. I locked myself away for months and months at a time, hoping that no one would miss me as I did not want to see anyone in my condition.

But after a lengthy talk with a gym friend of mine (Over the telephone of course) he inspired me to want to regain my former self. Get rid of all my excess weight and be once again proud of who I am.

I felt almost excited at the prospect of this former self, returning to be me once more. I do know this, some of you dear readers are feeling as low and troubled as once I was.

But, know this, all you really have to do is take action. Remember how you used to be and strive to reach that former you once more.

It will not be easy but it is doable, of this, there can be no doubt. I did it and I am absolutely convinced you can do it as well.

Remember the accident I just mentioned, well it left me disabled actually, so I went from a very active lifestyle and job (I was a landscape gardener)

To just wheeling around with no other energy being used. So, as I am sure you can really imagine, with the inactivity brought about by this accident the weight began to creep on until I reached the point where I could no longer take it.

It was when I was at my heaviest, as I said, after the conversation with my gym friend, all was to change. I had literally had a “Change of mindset. Almost instantly and although I did not know it at the time, I know now that this is a very VERY important part of any weight loss attempt/Campaign.

You know that I said it would not be easy! Well, it definitely will not, but do as I did. Be VERY strict with yourself and only eat the correct foods. You really must do this, please. I did just that and the weight began to leave me. I was overjoyed every week when it came to my weekly weigh in.

Anyway to cut a very long story short I was later relocated to a rehabilitation ward where I remained for a further 6 months before being relocated again to another home this time where I spent my final 8 months before moving into my flat (Which I am writing this about me page seated In right now.

Given that I am 6 feet 1 inch and up until the age of 28 when I suffered my accident weighed only around 10.5 stone, (147 lbs) I was if anything slightly underweight. Not by a long way though as I am an ectomorphic build, (Slim built) anyway. But slightly underweight never the less.

I was eating all of the incorrect foods (pizzas, biscuit and crisps etc) that the weight piled on and eventually I weighed in at a colossal 18 stones and 3 lbs. That is 147 lbs to 256.2 lbs. Over 100 lbs more. It was time to remedy it.

I began researching everything laid out in the blog https://whatisweightlossabout.com and took action on it. I have now substantially reduced my weight.

This site is intended for those who really need help, as I did. I have put nearly 2 years worth of research into it so that it saves you the time to do it all yourself

So, that said, read carefully and absorb the vast amount of information in it. This will be continually added to as well.
Good Luck, be healthy and go ahead and improve you being and self-worth

By the way, you must listen carefully to this next statement which I am again repeating. “If I can do it then so too can you”