About Simon: To Coin A Phrase “If I Can Do It So Can You”

Hello, reader, You can read about Simon, me, here. As I answer the question what is weight loss about? I want to give you some of the confidence I have grown. From being small to big to smaller. A lot smaller as a matter of fact. And so, I want to share all my personal knowledge on this blog, as I learn more each day.

About Simon

A photo of Simon

This is my former self to which, although now older, I return.

Although a lot of the time we can feel sad about our weight. However, this about Simon page will tell you that is NEVER too late to do something about it. (Unless of course, you have a medical condition that limits you).

I was very active throughout my 20’s. And during my school years, I played a lot of cricket. (Where I was captain of the second team.) Was on the Athletics Team. And ran cross-country about 10-15 miles each and every week.

I will share with you exactly how I got my desired weight. Although each of us has different goals. However, I know that you will be able to relate to it.

Now, the first thing and only bad thing that was to happen to me occurred when I was 28. I had an awful accident. This stopped me from playing sports or doing any activities that I did enjoy. For example, I used to roller skate, everywhere lol. This accident left me wheelchair bound.

Pile On The Weight

From that moment, I began to absolutely pile on the weight. I had 2 choices to choose from. Do I give up all hope? Or do I fight the weight gain? In the hope that one day. Just one day…….

Moreover, I knew that in order to do any of these things. I was going to have to be an action taker. So I CHOSE not to feel sorry for myself, I had been there and was sure that I would one day be there again.

Remember when I say about the accident. Well, this meant that I could no longer work. And, as my job meant that I had to be very active. (I was a landscape gardener). It also saw to it that I could not enjoy my evening swims or trips down to the local gym.

As much as I could have given up. I did not. Nor was I going to, EVER. So whatever your situation may be. Do NOT GIVE UP ON THE HOPE THAT YOU WILL EVER BE SLIM AGAIN. KEEP MAKING PROGRESS. It does not matter how small. It is in the right direction. And should things go wrong for a time? Just like on several occasions they did with me. Pick yourself back up. Focus, and get back on track. You can do this.

We can all “Fall off the wagon”. But it is what you do about it that counts.


It was when I was at my heaviest, that, as a matter of fact, was all about to change. I literally had a “Change of mindset”. Almost instantly, and, although I did not know it at the time, I know now that this is a very VERY important part of any weight loss attempt/Campaign.

You too must commit to change. Do whatever it takes to get to your goal.  I did it, so can you. Hard exercise and a strict diet are what you will need to do. None of these “Weight Loss” pills. Supplements are ok in my book. But these “Miricle cure” pills certainly are not.

Be VERY strict with yourself and only eat the correct foods. You really must do this, please. I did just that and the weight began to leave me. I was happy every week when it came to my weekly weigh in.

6 Months I Waited

Anyway to cut a very long story short I had a move to a rehabilitation ward. Where I was to stay for a further 6 months before moving, again, to another home. This time where I spent my final 8 months before moving into my flat. (Which I am writing this about me page sat in right now.

Given that I am 6 feet 1 inch tall and up until the age of 28 when I had my accident. I was only around 10.5 stone, (147 lbs) I was, if anything, slightly underweight. Not by a long way though as I am a slim person anyway. But slightly underweight nevertheless.

I was eating all of the incorrect foods (pizzas, biscuit and crisps etc). So much so that the weight piled on. And eventually, I was a very heavy 18 stones and 3 lbs. That is 147 lbs to 256.2 lbs. Over 100 lbs more. It was time to fix it.

I began researching everything and am now writing this blog. But, I did not just read it, No, I took action on it. I have now lost some of my weight and am so much happier. This is why I want to show people how to go about doing it.

And Finally

So, that said, read carefully and learn the big amount of information in it. You should start with this about Simon page to feel where I write from. I will continually add to this blog as well.
Good luck, be healthy and go ahead and improve your being and how you feel about yourself.



By the way, you must listen carefully to this next statement which I am again repeating. “If I can do it then so can you”


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