Are Avocados Good For You? Health And Nutrition Benefits

Are Avocados Good For You? Health And Nutrition Benefits

2 Whole Avocados 1 Cut In Half

Although people use this delicious fruit as a vegetable in most dishes, nonetheless, it is technically a fruit. But we still have to wonder are avocados good for you? That is very easy to answer.

They go by two other names, the “butter” pear and the “alligator” pear on account of some varieties having a hairy kind of skin. The butter pair is rather self-explanatory because of its soft, smooth, and creamy inside.


A Juicy And Ripe Avocado

I would eat a lot of avocados during my weight loss quest, and I found the avocado so delicious I would carry on eating them.

It also just so happens to be a fantastic bonus they taste lovely too, unlike some of the other foods available to us. Some of which have very little taste and poor texture quality to go with it.

I say this, though, but I do feel that the industry is changing and with different techniques continually evolving. It is simple to buy foods these days that not only are healthy but taste great too.

Now, let me tell you, the avocado is full of antioxidants which are brilliant for fighting against diseases. Come to think of it, being honest I have not so much even come down with a cold in the winter.

Now, one thing that does scare people away from eating them is this. It is the fact that they contain a relatively high % of fat. But, we need not worry about this because it is one of the good fats.

You must study the article in the link I just gave. Therefore, you can learn the difference between the harmful fats and the ones that the body needs.

It is an absolute certainty that the body does require an amount of fat. But when it comes to weight loss, however, you should eat the correct type of fat.

So, are avocados good for you? Are you slowly beginning to see the benefits of eating them yet? Well bare with me and let me explain yet more of their positive points.

Lower The Risk Of Eye Disease By Eating The Lutein That Avocado Have In Them

Avocados Growing On A Tree

As I am saying, there are carotenoids ( Powerful antioxidants). There are lots of them in avocados and in particular, there is one that goes by the name Lutein. That is an excellent fighter and helps ensure you do not have any form of eye disease.

You should be aware at this point that by the age of 75, approximately half of all American’s suffer from having cataracts*. Surely you do not want to be just another person who is adding to that number?

A quick tip for you is to slice an avocado or two and place them with/on your salad and eat these antioxidant foods. After all, it is not a  “super” food for nothing.

Avocados are fantastic in helping you to lose weight naturally, as they will contain fiber. Because, as we should know by now, It is incredible for maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Then there is its ability to break down carbs instead of you just storing them as fat. While this process is going on, you will feel fuller for longer. Moreover, removing the need to snack on what will probably only be junk food anyway.

A Selection Of Ripe Avocados

Are Avocados Good For You

So slowing the digestive process right down also helps to keep your blood sugar level from spiking. That is of particular importance should you have diabetes.

To get these benefits, why do you not just mash up some avocados. Use it the same way you do the butter on slices of bread?

There are already many risks which have an association with pregnancy. But eating avocados can lower the risk of certain ones. To begin with, we all want ideally to have a child born, that is free from any possible problems.

Well, you lady readers will know the importance then of folate. And how this vitamin lowers the chances of these said “defects.”

The avocado contains within it a quarter of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of this vitamin. You are now starting to realize the benefits of avocado, am I correct?

Are overweight or that you are in the category of a smoker? Then an avocado a day can help to keep the doctor away as it reduces the risk of heart disease and anything that has a close link with it. That is, again, because of the amount of folate it contains.

The basic (yet very beneficial) avocado also contains a lot of oleic acids which helps to lower your cholesterol. That, in turn, means that it can be a preventative measure against diseases. Especially the big killer that is heart disease. A “super” benefit, I think you would agree.

A Photograph Of An Avocado Chopped In Half

You Will Need

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Here Are Some Supplements You Can Take If You Do Not Like The Avocado

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Could you Always Try These Instead?

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Further Reading

Please leave any comments or queries about weight loss below, and I will reply as soon as I can.

*Source –  The American Academy Of Ophthalmology –

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