Are Blueberries Fattening? Astoundingly, 10+ Nutrients

Are Blueberries Fattening? Astoundingly, 10+ Nutrients

Well now, are blueberries fattening? Let us find out. As, although they are very healthy for us to eat, many people still do not know the answer.

In this post, we shall discuss just how eating blueberries benefit us as well as how they help us to lose weight naturally.

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And we will list the foods bad points if indeed there are any.

Read More On Their Goodness?

And so, we have positively begun this post. Although in saying that, if would you would like to read a little more about the goodness and health perks of blueberries, and their effects, then click the link.

As well as the fact that they taste top-notch and these healthy foods, well, they are in the class of a super-food. You eat blueberries because of a few reasons.  Firstly, they taste great, but secondly, they are an excellent giver of antioxidants.

We do, however, feel like we have to say this. You will not even feel big from eating the blueberry, we promise you.

Free Radicals

As we may or may not know, antioxidants will fight the great battle. They will fight against the terrible free radicals. These cause the start of certain cancers, As well as many other diseases to do with AGE. That is a HUGE bonus of eating the foodstuff blueberries.

Are Blueberries Fattening? Astoundingly, 10+ Nutrients



  • So, we begin this post on a very positive note. You can click this also, to read more about blueberries and their effect on a diet.
  • Blueberries are low in calories and are nearly fat-free. But, one thing they do contain a lot of is fiber. Fiber is super for making us feel fuller for longer.
  • The blueberry is also suitable for promoting a healthy urinary tract and keeping us regular in the toilet department.
  • Keeping you fuller for longer is perfect for anyone who is dieting, as the person will not want to eat junk in between meals. That is because there will be little or no hunger feelings.

You are looking at this food because you are either just curious. Or you worry about your weight.

Are Blueberries Fattening?

We say they are virtually fat-free. That is correct. You will not become fat by eating these incredibly delicious blueberries.

What they do also contain a lot of is vitamin C, and the body needs vitamin C. Because it helps to promote a healthy immune system, as well as being essential for having healthy gums.

Blueberries are such a great giver of this vitamin C. They alone will deliver a quarter of your bodies recommended daily allowance.

Are Blueberries Fattening? Astoundingly, 10+ Nutrients


Blueberries taste lovely. Not only that, but they are also one of the foods that contain the most nutrients that are freely available to us. A single cup of blueberries contains:

  • Vitamin K – 36% of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance)
  • Fiber – 4 Grams
  • Vitamin C – 24% of the RDA
  • Manganese – 25% of the RDA
  • As well as many other nutrients also

Blueberries Laid Out In A Line One After The Other

The Blueberry Also Contains –

Nutrients such as:

  • Anthocyanins
  • Quercetin
  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Lutein
  • Kaemferol

All of them are antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. We will say, they help to fight the build-up of the nasty, amongst other things, cancer-causing free-radicals. They are just what the body needs to have a healthy immune system.

These super blueberries are available all year round as they are a warm-weather crop. Someone somewhere is always growing them, so they will not be hard to come across.

So, are blueberries fattening? They are NOT, and there is no need to stock up on them. Because if you should find yourself with too many of them, they are perfectly fine to FREEZE.

So Are Blueberries Fattening

A Photograph Of A Cluster Of Blueberries

  • Blueberries contain almost zero fat.

There, we hope we answer your question, “are blueberries fattening?” We are aware of their benefits as we’re sure that now you are also. So, now, we are sure it is to you. No! They are not fattening – simple.

Once you get your diet under control, then, all that you need to have is the other half of the fix. That way, you will win your weight loss attempt.

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Please leave any comments or questions below.

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24 thoughts on “Are Blueberries Fattening? Astoundingly, 10+ Nutrients”

  1. Is there ANYTHING wrong with blueberries? Haha they’re my favorite berry ever, although I didn’t know they helped with free radicals. Great post man!

    1. hahah cool mate NO ON the contrary they are fantastic foods to eat. Full of nutrients mate and practically ZERO FAT! Did you actually absorb the information on the post or not? As I “big up” the blueberry a lot and say just how good they are for you.

  2. Anything with ‘berry at the end of the word is good by me!! I love them little devils and had no idea that they had all those good things in them. Although not exactly sure what they all are,(Anthocyanins,Quercetin,Chlorogenic acid,Lutein,Kaemferol), I am hoping that if you put them in this post they are all good for me. I consider myself well read in the subject of health but all those items are new to me. Perhaps you can do a post on just what all those long words are?

    Again thank you for the post and hard work you put into enlightening us on blueberries.

    1. No Brent, thank you for a very strong and positive comment indeed. And yes, you are right as Anthocyanins, Quercetin, Lutein, chlorogenic acid and Kaemferol are all really healthy for you. Not a lot of people know their meaning but, yes, they are great for you lol.

  3. At first, I thought you were going to say that blueberries were fattening! I was going to be very unhappy LOL. I love blueberries and I knew they had benefits. You just solidified that for me. I like to freeze them and then eat them as a snack 🙂

    1. Haha, that was my intention, and you are not the first person to get a nice surprise my friend lol. Yea freezing them is cool mate as they are one of the select few foods that the nutrition content doesn’t change all that much during the process.And, oh yes, they do have a lot of benefits, don’t they 🙂

  4. Blueberries are my favourite berry, even my dog loves them! I have wonderful memories picking them from the forest in Finland with my family.

    I believe they are really good in a fight against cancer, their free radicals fighting antioxidants, what is there not to love? My favourite is to top a 10% full fat (yep, not getting fat from it) Greek yogurt with a spoonful of honey and 250g of blueberry goodness! Great midday snack or a breakfast.

    1. haha, yea they are a SUPERB item of food to snack on, for sure. The antioxidant content is very high so, yes, great cancer-fighting properties also. Haha, your dog loves them. A bit of a treat for him is it 🙂

  5. Reading the title of your post I got very concerned as I LOVE blueberries! They are one of my favorite fruits. It’s nice to know I wasn’t misled about the benefits of eating them. I had no idea, however, that they contained fiber; that’s great!! This is a great post. Thank you for all the information 🙂

    1. Oh mate you are most welcome 🙂 Yes they do and I thoroughly researched the article first before I posted it, as I was surprised by this too. But I guess we should just look at it as a great added bonus. Thanks for the kind comment Katie.

  6. Hi Simon, that you for this highly informative post on blueberries. I live in a country where blueberries are not grown locally (well at least not to my knowledge) and so the blueberries that I see being sold in the stores are imported and therefore very expensive. But I can see that this is a must-have fruit! For all the reasons you stated above. So, my questions are: do these blueberries come in vitamin tablets and is there any particular brand that you recommend? Also, what other fruit would you recommend in place of blueberries for people in my situation? Thanks!

  7. I love blueberry for the taste. But little did I know that it has such high content of nutrients. Probably include it in part of my healthy plan in 2017. As for the not fattening part, I guess that’s a bonus.

    1. haha, yea there is only minimal fat content so eating them is awesome and you get the health benefits as well. An all around good food choice to make so, here’s to a successful 2017 my friend!

  8. Thanks for the info on blueberries. I love them, so it’s great to know how healthful they are.

    I especially like them frozen. I can eat them by the handful right out of the bag!

    1. You are welcome my friend it was actually a pleasure to write about something that I actually love, and, yes me too. I love to eat them by the handful. In fact, I could eat seriously stupid amounts of them, so delicious do I find them.

  9. Hi Simon,
    Thank you posting about the effects of blueberries. I personally eat blueberries since i enjoy the taste so it is good to know that it also has nutritional value as well!

    1. No, thank you for taking the time out to read it. I am just so glad that you enjoyed the post on blueberries, and yes, there can be no doubting the fact that they are VERY healthy for you. They are actually classed as one of natures super-foods.

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