Are Burgers bad For You? Here’s 7 Reasons Why They Are

2 Big Burgers Stuffed With Peppers And Salad

What Are Burgers?

Are burgers bad for you? I know that you often wonder about this. Burgers are also called hamburgers. They are a bun, and inside of that, you can have some beef or potato patty with tomatoes and onions and cheese or whatever you like.

There are varieties of burgers like hamburger, cheeseburger, rice burger, veggie burger, egg burger, pineapple burger, bacon burger and some more. You can put nearly anything edible with them.

You can eat them with sauces and drinks like wine, cold beverages,  most commonly fizzy soda. You can find the majority of these burgers in fast food restaurants. These are nowadays a big favorite of the USA in particular, and they prepare them from ground beef.

Now, Let us go through some of their histories and following that I will give you facts that answer the question are burgers bad for you?

Some History Of The Burger

A Photograph Showing You A Juicy Burger, Fine, But Are Burgers bad For You?

The history of burger began in the 20th century. There is a common misconception that it was first invented in Germany because the second largest city in Germany is called Hamburg. That is incorrect because they were a US conceived product.

Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson are the first to open the first “fast food” hamburger establishment in 1921, and the first one was of only a small 5-cents.

At that time, sanitary practices were much of a concern, so, they got rid of the fears of the customers. They did this by attempting to show their cleanliness by furnishing restaurants with clean and straightforward white themes.

Burgers themselves then started to become favorite snacks in the soda selling shops at the same time. Quite often they would serve them with sodas, milkshakes, and French fries.
People started loving them.

American Troops For Homesickness

During the second world war, burgers help the American troops in ways such as homesickness as the taste is to remind them of their homeland. The McDonald brothers were first to introduce them during the 1940s. In the suburbs. Today, the McDonald brothers sell many burgers in a speedy time. One thing about these burgers is though that you will never naturally lose the weight by eating them as they are full of other ingredients. Which I will delve into shortly. Might you not like my answers to are burgers bad for you? Nevertheless they facts.

There have been different varieties of them nowadays. For example, in China, you can order a rice burger and in India veg’ alloo tikka burger is available.

.So, as you may or may not have known there are there is a wide range of burgers available to consume. Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of lovers of them — a massive increase in fact.
There are some risks to eating one of your favorite tasty snacks (If I can call them that.) Let us find out what they are, shall we –

Are Burgers Bad For You? Yes, They Are

A Burger Bar Sign

1. Heart Disease

High in dietary cholesterol and fats burgers can prove dangerous to your health. So are burgers bad for you or not? Well, it is not looking good for it is it?

Saturated fats present in them can increase the risk of heart disease because of an increased level of cholesterol in your blood. Try to have a vegetarian option because it is cholesterol free.

2. Blood Pressure

The level of sodium can be high in them also, and high levels of sodium can lead to high blood pressure which in turn can increase the chance of heart or kidney disease.

3. Additives

Manufacturers use a variety of additives such as Sodium phosphate. This  Sodium phosphate can have some adverse effect on your health.

4. Does Not Just Contain Meat

This food does not just contain meat but also has different types of products from other waste products like bone, cartilage and so forth. Generally, the cheaper they are, the more of these kinds of things they will contain.

5. High Energy Density

Therefore, when you read that, are burgers bad for you? Oh yes, they are. And there is more to follow. They are also in the category of junk foods, and junk food contains more calories than the typical diet has. It includes a high energy density.

High energy densities confuse the brain control system for the appetite. Therefore you will try to eat more and more calorie-based food which in turn WILL lead to weight gain. No doubts, FACT.

6. Obesity

A Cartoon Burger

Burgers of McDonald’s, Burger Kings or any other fast food restaurant contribute towards gaining weight and becoming obese if you continuously eat the foodstuff. Because of its high energy density, you will be larger, no doubts.

That is why, nowadays, there is a significant contribution of foods like these in increasing obesity among people especially in the western world where they are so readily available.

7. Clogged Arteries

The fact is that eating burgers can increase the risk of clogged arteries that can then lead to heart disease. There is a particular type of fat known as oxidized fat, and this can increase the chances of plaque building up in the arteries. This foodstuff has a lot of oxidized fat.

So there are some risks involving eating burgers. Now take a look at some research on them.

Fast Food Research

According to new fast food research, junk foods like burgers, send chemicals to your brain which allows you to eat more and more of them. It can produce a destructive cycle of FOOD BINGING. There is a fatty acid that your mind gets hit with, and so this then means you will overeat.

According to Dr. DAVID KATZ, M.D, director of  Yale University, eating this fatty beef put in between two halves of a bun is not suitable for your health. According to Dr. ERICA FRANK, M.D, the professor at Canada research points out that they have a lot with saturated fats.

There is another side of the burger where there are lots of environmental issues. They do not produce nor maintain the beef at a certain level. Making beef burgers is just another way of increasing profits. Some Scientists also discover that there is palmitic acid in meat. Palmitic acid reduces the ability of Leptin and Insulin.A Burger With A Tape Measure Around It Signifying To Watch Your Weight

In 09, September 2009, a woman of 34 died because she wanted to lose her weight and in that process, she started the LIGHTERLIFE LOW- CALORIE DIET REGIME.
She was working in a steel company as a metallurgist. And did not get the respect she felt that she was deserving of at her office due to her weight. She was also going to marry soon. Her home pathologist, Dr. Alfredo Walker, says that though you could tell her cause of death is   “inconclusive,” it could be her low-calorie diet program.
She ate very low-calorie soup, and just little snacks due to her diet although she was still obese at her time of death.

This Article

I hope after going through this article, you would be able to judge your choice of food a lot better. Why would you take a risk with your health if before you know that these could leave you with depression, anxiety, and resentment for being weak-willed?

That is why you have not taken the time to learn about the adverse effects. That I’m sure, you now know these junk foods will have on your health. Try to eat a few low-calorie veggie-burger s if you don’t think you can do without them.

But, ideally, you should try to avoid this type of junk foods. All is in your hands. I’m mean come on, are burgers bad for you? I hope that you have realized that they are.

Control Your Diet

Once you have got your diet under control. All that you need to have is the other half of the equation. This way your weight loss attempt to be a success. Of what am I talking? The exercise of course.

Please leave any comments or question you may have below?

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2 thoughts on “Are Burgers bad For You? Here’s 7 Reasons Why They Are”

  1. Oh no it just can’t be. I love burgers. So ok fine, they are bad for me. That does not mean I can not eat them or anything else for that matter.

    I just can not eat them as a nutritional staple, instead I use them as a reward. After a good week of good nutrition and some exercise I indulge in a no no in the food category. I got to have a life right.

    Let me live. The problems arises when as a rule we, especially us as arrogant big headed Americans, we eat burgers as our main diet. I don’t care if you go to the gym every day for three hours. You lift weights, you run, walk you do it all.

    You are known at the gym by name you are there so much. That’s great right. MAYBE! What happens when you leave the gym or wherever you get exercise?

    If you leave your exercise place go home and make a milk shake, deep fry some potatoes and eat a quarter pound of beef, you are through, if this is how you choose to eat as a rule.

    I do not care how much you work out if your nutrition is terrible you are not going to make good progress and because of that you will give up. Reward yourself with foods that are not very good for you when you do well but as a rule learn about nutrition and eat well.

    GOOD NUTRITION DOES NOT HAVE TO TASTE BAD. Got that? Good well prepared food taste better than the trash and will leave you pleasantly full and satisfied. It does take a little bit of time to prepare it though. But it’s well worth it.

    So yes reward yourself for doing good but as a rule keep your fat ass away from the garbage. I mean that in the nicest possible way. One more thing. Bookmark this site and use what you read here. This guy knows what he is talking about. This ain’t rocket science folks.


    1. Well, I must thank you Barry first off for realising that I have put my life and soul into creating this here website. Yes, we have developed a lot over the last 10- 15 years and healthy foods no longer have to taste bland and like cardboard with the advances we have made In the are burgers bad for you post I have attempted to convey that although they taste awesome (I myself am partial to the ODD ONE) THEY ARE IN FACT TERRIBLE FOR YOU HEALTHWISE and in an ideal world should not be eaten, especially if you are attempting to lose weight. lol.

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