Now, no-one knows more than I, the taste of melted butter on your freshly made crumpet, it’s excellent. But are crumpets fattening you are quite rightly wondering? In this post, I shall tell you all there is in the crumpet. And also how they are excellent for your health.


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So, you ask, “Are crumpets fattening?” For this, let’s strip back any of the toppings you may have with it and concentrate on the food itself.

The most common way of eating them is to have butter with it.

So, Are Crumpets Fattening? Keep Reading

Crumpets are not the healthiest choice of food we can make, because, the people who make them will use white flour, and in case you did not know, the white powder goes through a process, so it is NOT suitable for you at all.

Sadly, we eat a lot of white foods. These are low in fiber and usually very high in carbs. That is because the wheat germ and the husk have left out. Some crumpets are the same. However, read on.

That said, have you heard the British saying, “Let’s have tea and crumpets“?  Well, this is old news. But it does suggest eating in them is a time for relaxing, talk or good chat.

So, are crumpets fattening? You’ll have to keep reading to learn the answer.

So, it is with that and other info which you will find in this post. I can tell you the good news. Once in a while, the crumpet is OK to eat, yes, it is.

Crumpets: Around For A Very Long Time

Thought of by the Anglo-Saxons, they have stood the test of time. Crumpets are one of the few foods of the time that remain. Their chewy and spongy texture is lovely to some people, and this includes me as well.

Now, before I go into the info about the ones you buy in a store, I will give you a recipe for the ones you can do at home. After all, at least when you are making the food yourself, then you know what is in it. AND how much has gone into their making.

Photograph Of Some Butter In Its Own Tray.


As I will say in other posts, a lot of the stuff which is EXTRA IN THE BOUGHT ONES, you cannot read aloud. What do I say on this site, if you cannot say it out loud, it then you should not eat it?

The Following Recipe Will Make Two Dozen (24)

  • First 420-430 grams of plain white flour.
  • Approximately 350 ml of warm water
  • Also Approximately 350 ml of warm milk
  • Just 10 grams of salt, it is  IMPORTANT NOT TO PUT ANYMORE IN.
  • One teaspoon of baking powder.
  • A small amount of sunflower or vegetable oil.

*Please, go to chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s page for recipes on crumpets, pikelets, and muffins.

So are crumpets fattening, not if you home bake them and only eat in moderation, they are not.

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So there you have it. All that you will need to know about are crumpets fattening?  To repeat, not in moderation. STORE BOUGHT ONES ARE BAD indeed. In other words, bake your own.

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Right, there’s my post on are crumpets fattening? I hope you enjoy it. Now, all that you need to do is have some jam to go with them. Happy eating.