Gorgeous, but, are wallnuts fattening?

Are Walnuts Fattening: Find Out

Let me just say. Before we even dive into what good and bad things of the walnut are. And ask ourselves if we think are walnuts fattening? As a matter of fact, here’s the thing. Please leave the skin on the nut. Now, there are plenty of websites which give the WRONG advice that you should remove the skin. Well, let me say, you should not remove it.

So, Tell Me, Are Walnuts Fattening?

The skin is a has a lot of phenols. Now OK, the phenol is a corrosive and toxic compound. So, you will think it is not something we should choose to eat.  However, they certainly help in the prevention of certain cancers.

Read this on phenolic compounds so say the British Journal of Nutrition. “There is evidence to suggest many flavonoids like anthocyanins may have anticancer properties.”A Photograph Of Some Delicious Looking Foods, But Are Walnuts Fattening

A good paper says that only 5.5% of adults (18 – 50 years olds). Well, actually consume any amount of nuts of any kind. Given that walnuts and peanuts are especially healthy for you, it is a very low figure indeed.

Certain scientists think the walnut is in fact, the healthiest of all the nuts you can eat. This is because it contains the highest amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are fantastic for helping us to avoid illness and diseases.

There is a Doctor from the University of Scranton. And he says that walnuts contain twice as many antioxidants as any other kind of regularly eaten nuts.

Now I Shall Answer Your Question

Now I shall answer your question, as you are asking are walnuts fattening. Then you really like them and/or eat many of them. I bet you want to answer your curiosity. In the hope that it will get rid of any guilt you have from eating them in large amounts.

I eat a lot of them. And I am so well aware of just how many more one can lead to.

Some Walnuts In Their Natural State Still On The Tree And Still Green

Well now, nuts area favorite of the medical community as they are very healthy and full of goodness. Walnuts are also  in this class too. They are a rich giver of protein. And also fiber and a lot of vitamins and minerals. The right way to eat them is raw and not when you roast them. This is because roasting them means it will lower the quality of the antioxidants the nut has in them. The roasting of them means that eating them this way is silly. As you can get all of their goodness, while eating something which tastes great as they are.

1 Cup Of Walnuts Has 180 Calories

I guess it would be safe to say this about nuts. In general, they are at fatty food end of the healthy food world. Even though I should say that other than water. Too much of even a large number of healthy foods can end up being fattening, and therefore bad for you. This though, definitely does not mean they ARE bad for you.

While it is true that walnuts have a big number of calories and fat. The calories, however, come from fat. And this fat is a good fat to eat.

As a matter of fact, because the walnut has fat in it. People think they are bad. However, it is not the same as the fat which, for example, is in chocolate bars and ice creams.


So whatever you do, do not, not be eating walnuts for the fear of them making you fat. This will  NOT happen. They are very healthy for us. They have plenty of vitamins and minerals in them so eat some. Let me put it like this. You would have to eat  AN BIG amount of these great nuts to even see any change in your weight. So do not be worry because they will not have you putting on any weight.


A Lot Of Walnuts To Be Eaten


Let Us Do This Post In Short

  • Leave the skin on for extra health, Other than the fact there are nasty tasting phenols. You will want to eat them because, however, it/They are great for the human body.


  • They may help to prevent certain types of cancers.


  • Has two times as many antioxidants as any other common nuts you can eat.


  • Medical people say they are very healthy and full of goodness.


  • A good giver of protein.


  • A good healthy bit of fiber.


  • It also has many vitamins and minerals.


  • Has a good fat.


  • Therefore, you will not put any weight on while eating them in a normal way.


So, I really hope this post answers your question are walnuts fattening? Or not as the case may be. Indeed, they are not when you eat them normally. They are healthy for you. And, they have in them great things for the human body to work at its best.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I love Walnuts I just made a broccoli slaw that I added walnuts and raisins to, tonight.. 🙂 Yummy… The raw walnuts should also be soaked prior to eating it has an enzyme inhibitor. By soaking the nuts it removes this. The last thing we need when trying to lose weight is lack of enzymes to break down our foods, right?

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