A Picture Of The Bike In This Assault Air Bike review

Assault Air Bike Review: You Need To Use This Equipment

The Assault Air Bike review will tell you everything about it. How it is has a design for covering you for when you want an intense workout.

With the feedback of coaches and athletes in mind, this machine gives you excellent time doing exercise.

All because the fitness machine is a remodeling of the traditional form of fan bike.

Thus, you will find a retooling of every part of the bike. Therefore, from the pedals to the frame, you will see everything in a new form for bettering your exercising session.

A Picture Of The Bike In This Assault Air Bike review

Adopt Good Health With The Assault Air Bike

Exercise, to stay fit and active, has become a massive part of human life. Moreover, when you do it with a healthy diet, it enhances the fitness of your body that increases your activeness.

Because before, you would have to have trust in yoga or your local fitness center.

Yoga turns out to be one of the most efficient ways of losing the extra fat from your body, improving the blood flow along with other benefits. (1)

Although, you can’t trust yoga when you are in a hurry to lose weight. Yoga is a time-consuming process that does wonders to your body. Alas, it will ask for your precious time.

Let’s talk about exercise. When we look toward exercising, you need a trainer who can guide you throughout the session for giving you lots of benefits.

Hiring a trainer is expensive, of this, there is no doubt. In that case, everyone looks toward a gym. Certainly, gyms are getting into the demand now a day.

But those who are busy enough, the gym is not the right option for them, as that requires you to use up a lot of your time. In that case, a personal exercise setup is the best option. (2)

Assault Air Bike Review

If you want proper fitness equipment, you can’t miss the Assault Air Bike. It is because it will provide you with pure brilliance. Thus, providing an intense experience, this machine melts down your fats more efficiently.

It tones up your muscles furnishing you a perfect figure. Fitted with the most advanced and latest tools, the Assault Air Bike monitors your health throughout the session.

You will not worry about sliding from the machine because it is built up of steel heavy duty frame. The frame minimizes movement of the equipment. It will have a fan that gives you comfort while exercising.

The seal ball bearings furnish you a smooth experience. This machine guarantees of durability. Are you looking for an entire Cross-Fit workout? Then here it is with this machine because it will provide you with a complete experience.

It is with an adjustable six-way seat, and it delivers an excellent workout session.

An LCD in the fitness machine provides you details about your health — moreover, details about your session. It is with eight workout options which will keep you full of motivation toward making an incredible difference to your figure.

The Assault Air Bike has many benefits, but jotting down some are;

  • Firstly, it will help in losing weight
  • Secondly, it assists in toning your muscles
  • Thirdly, it provides a perfect shape to your figure
  • Makes you more fit and active
  • Enhance health
  • Erases depression

Add this machine in your gym and get a better workout.

Assault Air Bike Review: The Size

  • Product dimension: 22-inch width, 51-inch length, and 49-inch height
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • The range of user height: 5’0” – 6’4”

Assault Air Bike Review: The Features

  • Firstly, there are a 350 lbs User Weight
  • Secondly, there is a 5’0” -6’4” User height
  • Thirdly, there are twenty ball bearings
  • Unlimited resistance
  • Steel fan
  • Adjustable six-way seat
  • LCD
  • 8 Workout options
  • 0 mm Tubing
  • Polar on-board radio
  • Large footpegs
  • Bottom sealed cartridge bracket
  • Chain drive system
  • Cro-Moly Cranks
  • Pop-Pin Knobs
  • Sizing adjustment
  • Transportation wheels
  • Durability


Assault Air Bike Review:  The Features In More Detail

Weight And Height

The Assault Air Bike can hold a weight of 350 lbs. Thus, a lot of users in the weight range of 350 pounds can use this equipment to workout.

As well as if you are in the height range of 5’0”- 6’4”, then you are suitable for this machine. The 12 g thick, 2.0 mm tubing powder coated frame along with the sealed twenty ball bearings means it is smooth and long-lasting.

The forged Cro-Moly cranks assure you of immense strength. It supports an intensive Cross-Fit workout that you need for shedding the extra pounds from your body.


The display unit is, a computer, with a whole deal of programs to monitor your health and your workout session. Thus, it shows your speed, distance and time.

There are many motivational programs on this machine that provides watts, intervals, heart rate, and Tabata. You can set your fitness goal on the LCD too.

The onboard Polar radio records your heart rate without using any wires. Select your workout from the eight options provided on the LCD console.


It is with infinite resistance for some upper as well as lower body exercises. It will all depend on the air resistance. The 25-inch steel fan will assist you in being stronger to beat it.

 Seats And Footpegs

Where you will sit has a design around your body. It is also sweat proof. It is a four-way adjustable seat that assures you of a custom fit for everyone.

Thus, sizing adjustments are much more comfortable with the pop-pin knobs. The large footpegs support your feet at the time of arm sessions.


Maintenance And Transport

The Chain Drive Systems means that you don’t have to look after it all of the time. Moreover, the transport wheel assures of easy relocation from one place to another.

Pros: Too Many

  • 350 lbs User Weight
  • Twenty seal ball bearings
  • Unlimited resistance
  • Steel fan
  • Adjustable six-way seat
  • LCD
  • Polar on-board radio
  • Chain drive system
  • Unlike some bikes, this has transportation wheels
  • Durability

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Cons: Only one

  • Price

Our Final Thoughts In This Assault Air Bike review

Undoubtedly the Assault Air Bike is one of the best fitness machines although the price is a bit steep. However, that is ok as you are getting a durable and intense workout machine. It would seem to be a wise buy.

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