Best Home Gyms Exercise Equipment For Natural Weight Loss

Some Free Weights, A Part Of Your Home Gym Exercise Equipment

Welcome to this blog. I want to give you the best home gyms exercise equipment to get rid of some of the weight. Yes, that of which you are so unhappy.

I will do this by offering diets and stuff that you will need, especially when you are doing this from your own home.

Be Sure To Read The Whole Post

Please, read most if not all of the posts that I carefully write on this blog. They really will HELP you. Of this, I am sure. Soon, the only reason that you will want to use the best home gyms for exercise equipment.

Well, it will just be to stay healthy, as with the advice on this website. You will not need to lose more weight.

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I do, however, know exactly how you feel. Why do I say this? Because I was overweight, by a long way too., you can read a little more about me there.

It will tell you just from where I am coming. And hopefully, it will help you to make the change that you want so badly.

Home Gyms

You see, there was this one time I got on a bus. The entrance of it lowered. Not, I would assume, for disabled people like me. But for the ladies with pushchairs/Prams.

The only place that I could park was where the pushchairs/Prams went at the front of the bus/coach.

Sat opposite me were two little girls. They were sniggering and talking about me. And then a life-changing thing happened. One of the little girls pointed at my stomach, and they started to laugh.

Time For A Change

I could not believe it. “Right, that’s it.” And from that moment on, I decided to buy some of the best home gyms exercise equipment I could afford. That got me to realize how “FAT” I was.


Here follows some of the best home gyms exercise equipment you should have. They will get the most out of your workouts and make sure you do them right. Moreover, do them in such a way that you do them to their best.

Considering this, you should begin your attack on that horrible fat. Thus, the help will go from workout DVDs through to weight-lifting belts to protect you too.


In the light of day, I think you should make a note of this next point. Furthermore, weightlifting at home is a way to get a better shape/figure.  And another critical point too is it can also help to build your strength up.

Plus, you can lose weight with some of the best home gyms exercise equipment. So, unless you have been in hiding, losing weight is a lot easier with them as a result. However, this all depends on how serious you are about losing it.

Workout With This Exercise Equipment

I bet, at times you have felt bad overall. For example, the fear of how your appearance is to others. “That overweight man or woman who does not care for their body.” And, “they” maybe someone who does not see any value in themselves, and perhaps not in anything else.

Well, guess what, instead of taking those nasty comments, either to your face OR behind your back. The time has arrived to end this embarrassment, for you will not ever let yourself fail. No, above all else you will tackle this challenge head-on, and you will beat it.

Best Home Gyms Exercise Equipment For 2019

So, in the long run, the best home gyms exercise equipment to allow you to become much fitter. Together with better fitness, comes an improvement in your physique. That helps you to lose any unnecessary weight you may be carrying.


A Photograph Of A Free Weight, Free Weights Are A Perfect Accessory For Some of the best Home Gyms Exercise Equipment


Weights on their own, you can also call free weights. Above all these are all an essential part of the best home gyms exercise equipment. A very concerning point if you cannot afford or do not have the room for a multi-gym. These then are the next best thing to own.

Use Them If You Want To Lose Weight Fast

Remember, keep in mind that you wish to lose weight fast.

There are a lot more home exercises to lose weight that you can do to lose weight naturally. From the simple biceps curls to the rollout stomach work, it is incredible. And this all for such a low price.

A truly outstanding piece of weaponry to have in your arsenal in the battle against your weight. And, as I hope you are starting to see, the best home gyms exercise equipment is very affordable, right?


A Photograph Of Some Free Weights To Use, Showing The Adjustable Piece For Adding/Removing The Weighted Pieces.


Great Pieces Of Equipment To Have In 2019

Just think of how much harder it will be with these balls. If you are training with a partner or have somebody else available, then,  get them to stand in front of you and throw the ball at you.

You can catch it when you reach the sat up position. During a sit-up, lower yourself back down with the extra weight. Therefore, It is the perfect and the best home gyms exercise equipment you can own.

Then rise again. It will be much harder than your standard sit up, but if you do not try these things. Then you will get better a lot more slowly.

Photograph Of A Man Doing Some Biceps Curls With Large Weights Either End Of The Weight Bar.


Weight Loss Dvd’s That Will Help

  • Therefore, they will offer you many different kinds of exercises.
  • Above all, they tell you how to do the workout in the right way.
  • More importantly, they give you some motivation to “See it through.”
  • You can do it with a real person.
  • They will help you to lose weight naturally and WITHOUT pills.

At the start of the post, I did say. As well as these, multi-gyms are an excellent all-round workout “Center.”  They let you naturally lose weight, all that you have been carrying for so long too.

Change Focus

You can do one day a leg routine and the following day on an arm routine. Equally, you can do some sit-ups on the bench provided. Moreover, in an ideal world, the best home gyms exercise equipment should be the focus.

You should hook your legs around the leg bars. They will give you the extra stability you need to concentrate and isolate the stomach muscles.

Photograph Of A Male Doing A Workout Wearing Gloves To Protect His Hands


Protect Your Hands When Using The Best Home Gyms Exercise Equipment

And, then there are gloves and hand protectors/grips. Also needed in your best home gym’s exercise equipment collection. You need to be comfortable during your workout. TRUST ME. There is nothing quite like trying to concentrate.

And then as you are going to give the exercise your full attention, you have the niggle of sore hands. And even more so, when you are gripping the bar of the free weights or multi-gym,  NOTHING.

So please, buy some of these to go with your best home gyms exercise equipment. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

A "Help" Graphic Much Like The Help You Will Get From Wearing Some Support As It Protects Your Back. The post the best home gym's exercise equipment has it all.

Get Adequate Exercise Support For Your Free Weights

I cannot say this enough. There is a lot of VALUE in having support. As while you are lifting weights with, say, for example, your arms.  You are still putting overall, with the extra weight you are handling and added pressure on your lower back.

Especially when you are lifting the weights above the level of your head, that is where supports come in so handy. They have their designs to protect the user.

Workout In Your Own Home

Therefore, remember, they are not a fashion statement. The belts are there to stop you from getting any potential injuries. They are not to look great. Again, I cannot say this enough, as, at this instant, it is usually the case that people ignore this.

However, this, too, is to say nothing of the fact.  You will be using the best home gyms fitness equipment on your own. So, any protection that you can get is very vital.

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All things taken into account, you have now seen some of the best home gyms exercise equipment.

And finally, the equipment, well, as a matter of fact, they are all amazing. But, tell me if you own one or more of these best home gyms exercise equipment how they help you and your workouts too.

Do Your Workouts Safely

Meanwhile, I am sure that you can find the time to tell me. Yes, and lastly, please tell me how the gloves continue to either help or don’t help your progress. Because I would love to know?

If you do not have the time to go through this whole site (And you should), then look at the facebook page here to see articles on diets, advice and equipment and goodies. All to help you lose weight.

You can also visit my twitter page here.




  1. This was a wealth of information to read about all the different exercise equipment.
    I am thinking about it for quite some time to gain more muscle in my right arm back which was injured over 3 years ago and it took a long time to heal.
    Do you have some recommendation which equipment I should use to start out?
    thanks, I do appreciate your help.

    • Thank you for your comment Sylvia, and yes I have tried to give you, the reader, a big selection of equipment to choose from. However, with regards to your arm being weak from injury, I would suggest some simple free weight exercises. Or you can always go for using an elliptical trainer. This way your health will be improving as well as your arm getting some much-wanted movement and flexibility.

  2. Great information! There is so much equipment out there it is tough to know what is really effective. I have used one of your suggestions, the weighted ball, in the past and it really kicked my butt!!!! It was a lot of fun to use and I was sore for days (which tells me it was working muscles that I often neglect).

    • haha yes, exactly Janet. It is amazing how things like this work on muscles that you never EVER use. And, true. There is a lot of equipment available for us to use. Some of it is junk. Like most of these FAD” here today, gone tomorrow type exercisers. But a vast majority of it is very helpful indeed.

  3. There is so much great information here that I will be on this site for a while. I have tried both free weights and the home gym type of equipment. I like more of the all in one home gym type of equipment. I feel I can get a great workout with it.

    I will admit though that it takes up some room in your house. I like the idea that it does, because when I see it everyday it reminds me of just why I made a room in my house into a gym. Thanks for sharing. I learned a lot about other pieces of equipment today.

  4. Simon my Friend,

    Your site is without a doubt the go to site for anyone who wants to know what is weight loss about and what equipment to purchase.
    All Friends who are looking to get into shape and/or lose weight and purchase the correct equipment for the job will surely be served well here at your website my Friend!
    I look forward to sharing it with everyone that I know who asks me, What is weight loss about?
    Talk with you soon Simon,

    • wow, a very positive comment indeed Tony. Thank you so very much. And yes, all those that really want to lose weight should look closely at the equipment that I have on offer here. They are the best of the best. And certainly, as you say, will help you to lose weight. No question or doubts need to be had.

  5. Thanks for the breakdown on the different types of exercise equipment to use at home. I love the balls–especially those with handles. The heavier and bigger the ball, the harder it is to hang on to–especially for women. Also I always wear gloves when using free weights. I don’t see many women wearing gloves. I would think women would want to protect their hands. Also, it makes hanging on to weights so much easier.

    • You are most welcome FL’. And I agree. Protection is vital. Getting good back support is essential to prevent any injury. And also, you are quite right. Not everyone uses gloves. They should protect the skin on their hands. In an ideal world, this can easily be avoided and at minimal cost too. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Hi Simon

    To be honest, I would like to recommend your post. Because, here anyone can find their expected exercise equipment and also price.

    Thanks for your such an important post.

    • Thank you very much. That means a lot, coming from someone in a similar industry to myself. Much appreciated. I think you will probably know, but in case you didn’t. By clicking on the photos, you are redirected to a full review of/on each of the products. Where did you find the post?

  7. Very detailed look at the home gym equipment available and what to use it for to improve your shape. I am getting on a bit now but still run fairly regularly. I am in the process of setting up a small gym in my garage with stuff I have collected over the years. A cross trainer, basic rower, free weights and a chin up bar on a frame. Just enough to keep me in trim.
    I do not see kettlebells included in your list. What are your thoughts on these? I have one but have never used it in anger, I suspect I could cause a lot of damage to myself by not using it properly.
    I like the way the whole site is set up, covering all aspects of staying fit and active by the way.

  8. Really good article on home gym equipment. I don’t really workout much since I’m not really overweight and am comfortable with the way I look. But my brothers love to exercise so I’ll refer this to them. 🙂

    • haha great for him then, and yes, there is a great range of home gym fitness equipment on my site if you are from the UK or especially the USA?

  9. Hi Simon,

    I have been out of the gym for about 12 months, mainly due to injury and time constraints. Hell, listen to me make excuses. This post makes just want to break the ice and get back into it again. I do miss it.

    Before I started getting gym memberships I used a home gym for a number of years and did find it useful, saved on space and it was always there so I didn’t have to travel far. Free weights are a must, they’re just so versatile, the correct form is very important however.

    Thanks for the inspiration,

    • Cool, you are most welcome Adam. If my post reaches just one person (Hopefully a lot more lol) to SERIOUSLY consider setting up a home gym of sorts then I will rest very easy.
      Thanks for your comment

  10. I’m old fashion because I really do prefer free weights. You get a lot better range of motion with them. For instance, when you do a curl you making the up and down motion. This works better than machines that only have one degree of resistance.

    However, last month I actually tried out my friends home gym. It was made by Hoist Fitness. I really did like it, though. It was the M17 training system. Have you tried that one out? I think it was about $5,000.

    • Yes, I actually agree with you on the free weights being better exercises Garen. As for that particular home gym, no I have not tried it! What exercises does it have to do? Home gyms are SO much more convenient though, aren’t they. Working out in your own space within the familiar surroundings, and, everything close at hand. i.e answering the telephone etc lol.

  11. Awesome article! It’s difficult to go to the gym because of work and other daily activities. This definitely gave me an idea. Thanks a lot!

  12. Hii Simon,I prefer doing my exercises at home as it si flexible for me to do it anytime I feel like.
    And also saves me cost.but I have one question between the rubber weights and metal ones which one do u think is suitable for home that has kids?

    • OK, I will certainly give you my humble opinion Shob. Can you not store them somewhere safe when they are not in use? If you cannot then I would have to suggest the plastic weight, But really, A weight is a weight and we do not want them picking them up and then dropping them on themselves so if you can store them somewhere CHILD SAFE that would ten give you full piece of mind!!!

  13. I, fortunately, have room to set up my home workout equipment but I still love free weights! What do you think about ellipticals? I enjoy using mine, but I’m curious how many calories it actually burns

  14. I love working out at home because I believe it can save me on gym memberships and time as well because I can do it whenever I am free. Regarding the weights you recommend, do you know if they rust easily or do the rubber become ‘melty’ overtime?

    • Well,l I have owned a couple of sets over 20 years and I have NEVER had an issue with mine Will. The only moisture that would come into contact with them that I can think of, is sweat. There is not enough of it to turn them rusty especially if when you get sweat on them you give them a quick wipe over with a dry cloth!!

  15. thanks for that Simon, I imagine many folks will go out and buy the equipment but then skimp on the protective gear, very important as you say and a reminder for folk to make sure they do look after themselves while training

    • yes it is VERY IMPORTANT Dawn if you want to exercise safely and comfortably, a must. Thanks for saying it is a helpful “reminder” as that is what it was intended to do, remind people.

  16. Thanks for these suggestions for home gym exercise equipment. I don’t exercise much but will pass this on to a friend!

    • hha thanks a lot Yvonne and you should start to exercise, for your health more than anything else!!!

  17. Thanks for the suggestions on home gym exercise equipment. I agree that working out without gloves can be a pain. And they help with sweaty hands.
    Keep it up

    • You’re most welcome my friend and yes, sweaty hands can be a real pain, especially when you aren’t lifting/Pressing your heaviest weight but cannot continue due to this so annoying isn’t it.

  18. Home gym fitness equipment is a very nice post. Motivational AND educational. And you give links for so many different products for people to choose from!! Good idea.

    I would love to get an exercise bike for those days when I can’t walk my dogs(my main exercise) and I believe that is my next major purchase. Plus they don’t take up a lot of room. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks for you kind comment about the home gym exercise stuff! Yea there are a lot of links, built to offer a variety of options for everyone, as different people really prefer different forms of exercise.

      One person may prefer for example, the rowing machine, where as another may not like them at all but would much prefer the exercise bike. This is why I diversified and put some choices on there.

  19. wow. thanks for this post.

    Just straight to the point and I always look for home gym fitness equipment that gives me some motivation to “See it through”, while you do it along side a real person on screen.

    By this, I am able to not only improve my gym skills but to be able to learn from other experts.
    thanks and more success.

    • Oh my friend, you are most welcome. I am just very happy that you the article on home gym fitness equipment, I really am. Keep your eyes open for some more that is on its way.

      I have attempted to include all of the best items from the three types of apparatus that you can get.They are definitely the best ones that I could review by a long way



  20. “You need to get some of this home gym exercise equipment.” That got my attention. Straight to the point… I like it. This site is also very well laid out. Most attractive an eye catching. I don’t exercise as much as I should, but I am working on setting up an exercise room in my house.

    This article has helped me a great deal with pricing things out and finding out what sort of equipment is out there. Thanks for recommending the multi-gym. I will more than likely check it out!

  21. First, you opened my eyes up to the idea of having a home gym and the benefits, now you have shared with me the equipment that you recommend we have =)

    I use free weights and resistance bands.

    I also have a chin up bar and some equipment for push ups.


    • haha, YES I have been really busy finding the best equipment that there is available to get. I’m really glad that I could bring some items to your attention so you can go off and get some ideas, my friend 🙂 thanks for the kind comment!


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