Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer: Lose Weight Fast Naturally

The Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer

Hello to all fitness enthusiasts’ out there. It feels nice to welcome you to our review of the Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer. Often you look for a compact, versatile machine that can perform the best.

When it comes to your workout programs, however, most of the time there is just clutter when you buy a machine, but you do not use it. And, almost no space to fit in your next exercise machine.

Please, Make Use Of This Recumbent Bike

The Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer allows you to take the use of a recumbent bike. Also, an upright bike and an elliptical trainer all in one. All this while it will give you a low-impact workout session.

Here, we will discuss this 3 in 1 trainer machine’s pros and cons. It will make your buying decision more comfortable as to why you should have this model.

Body Power 3 In 1 Trio Trainer

Who is the Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer for Exactly?

The Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer is user-friendly, and it is easy to use the machine. It offers three different options. Hence, is indeed a good buy for all those who wish to vary their workouts without joining a gym.

It is easy to adjust seat positions, and also the changeover is with an adjustment of your feet, easy. Thus, it is the one machine you are looking for to have intense training sessions without it breaking on you or the bank.

High on quality and a frame to last, and this Trio Trainer comes up with a lot of useful features to enhance the effectiveness of workouts. Read on to know more in detail how to lose weight naturally.

Pros of Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer

Now I shall go on to list some of the advantages of this machine. Yes, there are a few worth saying.


Providing recumbent, upright to elliptical features, you can take advantage of this machine. You can target different muscle groups to grow your health faster. It also helps you escape the boredom.

You know, that feeling that one usually gets while performing the same exercise over and over again.

Preset and Custom Programs

With 17 preset and four custom programs that include watt programs as well, this model is worth having.


Be it a long, intense session or an interval training. This hybrid machine has magnetic strength. This machine makes it easier for you to get the workout you want to be healthy.

Display and Heart Rate Monitor

This models LCD screen will show you your workout stats, such as calories you are burning, the distance you are doing and your heart rate. That is so that you stay in your optimal training zone.


This machine has three pairs of foam-filled handlebars—two movable and one static—that allow easy changing over.

Cons of Body Power 3 In 1 Trio Trainer

Display monitor

The display is of small size and isn’t a backlit one.

Short stride Length

This 3 in 1 trainer can sometimes be a little unusual when it comes to longer stride length. People would like a long-distance apart in a hybrid machine.

Short Warranty

With just one year of warranty for the frame and three months for machine parts. Well, this is slightly disappointing, doubtless because of what this trio trainer provides.

Key Features of The Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer

  • Suitable for users up to 300 lbs.
  •  Light weight- 88 lbs.
  •  Dimensions: 63” (H) × 25” (W) × 52” (D).
  • Seat Dimensions 24 ¼” wide and 17 ½” deep.
  • Pedals: 6” wide and 14 ½” deep.
  • Stride Length 13”.
  • The two-way seat that adjusts both vertically and horizontally

Our Final thoughts Of The Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer

An excellent trio exercise machine, Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer features advanced goal-oriented technology, and this means a smooth changeover between three workouts.

Moreover, with different resistance levels and loads of built-in programs, it is a winner. So you will be challenging yourself to keep training harder.

No doubt, like other machines it does have its snag. But on the whole, there is enough value in this Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer. Therefore, this means this trio trainer a good buy for anyone.

Get yourself healthy with the Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer with your different and efficient workout potential. So, as much as you may still have doubts, this 3 1 trio trainer is super value for money.

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Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer: Lose Weight Fast Naturally

Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer

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