Can I Lose Weight Using A Treadmill? The Answer Is Simple- Yes.

Can I Lose Weight Using A Tread Mill

can I lose weight using a treadmill - yes most definitely. Use This Or One That Has Similar Features, Time, Speed, Distance, Incline and Calories Burned.Can I lose weight using a treadmill – Yes, of course, you can! Here are a few points I feel I must say.

Can I Lose Weight Using A Treadmill, The Answer

Depending on how much weight you need to lose. It is just a question of time as the treadmill will help you to burn calories indeed. After all,  we know that an excess of calories causes you to be overweight right?

With the build-up of these, it means that it will not be easy to lose them, but the job is made so much more comfortable with the aid of one of these pieces of apparatus.

The main thing that you MUST consider before purchasing this item (As they are of a fair size) is placement. Ideally, you should buy one that folds so that you can move it away after its use.

Unless, of course, you have a big enough area for it to go in all of the time. However, most people do not have this. So think carefully.

So as you will see, there is a massive variety of treadmills available for purchase ranging from cheap unmotorized ones right the way through to heavy duty expensive gym treadmills.

YOU DO NOT need one of these. Although if you keep up with your quest to lose weight, it will get a lot of use, it will get nowhere near as much use especially over time as a gym treadmill which can be in use for every second the gym is open.

Nor should you go for the un-motorized one, if your budget will allow, go for the slightly more expensive but more functional motorized version.

A Standard Blue And Black Treadmill.

Can I Lose Weight Using A Treadmill?  Yes, But Have The Most Out Of It

Set yourself a distance first of all and make the most out of it. Don’t go mad and think that you can say for example 10 miles to start. You are best just working out from an open attempt, to begin with, so you can set a benchmark. That is what you will call a base number, to start off.

So do not put a distance in and off you go. If you are going to badly tire when you do a quarter of a mile, which you may well do. Then make a quarter of a mile your target, for your first few attempts at least.

Then you can incrementally increase it from (Another example, a quarter up to a third of a mile and so on.

Whatever distance you do cover,  be sure that you push yourself to the absolute limit of your capabilities. Only this way will you lose the weight you so desire. If it is a lot of fat that you wish to go, then push, push yourself until you feel sick to the stomach with exhaustion.

That is your body telling you that it does not like this activity, but you must train it to like it which is possible, and it is more comfortable as your times and distances you will reflect.

Secondly, I feel I need to cover in more detail your budgetary constraints.

A Very Well-Built Looking, But Larger Treadmill Than The Previous One.

Spend Your Money Wisely

Set aside some money for your this great piece of apparatus which will be your treadmill. Something that will not break the bank but as I pointed out earlier something that is not too cheap either.

Remember with these items as a general rule of thumb you get what you pay for, so it is just a question of,

“How important is it for you to lose weight?” Opt for a mid-range item if your budget will allow and who knows? If you get into it, then you can always upgrade at a later date!

Whereas, if you buy a cheap one it will very quickly become obsolete (in this case useless) As you make your way soon towards your significant change.

 It will not take very long at all before you need to upgrade to one with a motor, one that is more sturdy than the cheap one you would have bought. HENCE A WASTE OF MONEY!  And let’s face it none of us likes to lose money, as this effect is what will happen.

Just try and take comfort in this fact. Your body enters fat burning mode when your heart rate hits 140 beats per minute which if you are out of shape (If you are carrying an excess you are) it will very quickly climb. So think of it this way. For the majority of the treadmill workout, you will be burning fat which can only be a good thing, right?

Another Quite Large And Very Well-Built Treadmill. Purple And Black.

Can I Lose Weight Using A Treadmill? Yes, But Go Through The Pain You Will Feel

Go through that pain threshold, and push through the pain and discomfort you feel and keep on going. Find the motivation to battle on from somewhere as it is only doing you a big favor. Or “Can I lose weight using a treadmill?” will be a question that you will not be able to answer

Your legs will feel like lead, and you will be more breathless than you have ever been before. But as I say, it would become more comfortable as time passes. And eventually, you will settle down into a rhythm.

Please leave any comments or queries regarding weight loss below, and I will reply to you within 24 hours.

You see, once you have got your diet under control. Then, all that you need to have is the other half of the equation. That will then mean that your weight loss attempt will be a success.

 I am of course referring to the exercise. Go to this link “Home gym fitness equipment” to see some hand-picked items which will rocket you to success with your weight loss mission.

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Please leave any comments or questions below, and I’ll reply within 24 hours.

38 thoughts on “Can I Lose Weight Using A Treadmill? The Answer Is Simple- Yes.”

  1. Nice review on treadmills. I feel the barrier of stop and pushing through it reminded me of getting second wind. Treadmills are great those who don’t want to work out at the gym, or go outside

    I would have to say you have provided lots of information. I really enjoyed reading your article.

    1. thanks very much Jagi. Yes I really hope to inspire people into using the treadmill as they really are so so beneficial to us. And, yes, you are right, they are ideal for those of us who do not wish to workout in a gym environment!

  2. I agree, people can definitely lose weight on a treadmill! One great idea is to stick it in the same room as the TV then just walk (or run) on it anytime the tv is on. These look like some great options but can any of them be delivered to the US? Each of the ones I looked at were only available in the UK 🙁
    Is there another you’d recommend for someone in the US?

  3. I don’t know where I’d be without my treadmill.
    Problem is it’s at the gym and I can’t aways get over there. I imagine if I owned one in my home I’d be much more inclined to get on it, even when I’m not feeling it.

    I like the ‘confidence treadmill’ and will go over the specs with my husband. It’s a great price and looks easy enough to place inside my home.

    Thanks for this post.

    1. Have I got a confidence treadmill? lol Thought It was the Homcom I know that I have confidence exercise bikes lol.?????? Which ever If you could possibly go through my links and thank you very very much indeed 🙂 happy training Meherbani 🙂

  4. Hi, interesting article. I agree that you can lose weight using treadmills, but I think it’s rather something about ambition. I mean I guess that if you really want to lose weight, you will manage it. But in order to manage it, you’ll have to give up a lot of things (like fast food, soda and everything that you know that makes you fat) and take up exercising even though you may not like it. Treadmills could be a great option for workout, I personally would choose a treadmill, probably a motorized one because I think it would be easier for me.

    1. Great I am so glad that you agree, but, you need to define the word easier. It should be tough not easy. But it will make things “easier” if you keep in mind every foot thump is leading you down the road to reaching your ideal weight!

  5. Hi Simon,

    I find that if you want to lose weight you need to be mentally ready to take that step.

    Do you have any recommendations for using the treadmill? Should I use it on a daily basis to achieve the best results?

    Also do you think that


  6. Any type of cardio or repetitious exercises will burn calories and lose weight. And if you love to run then treadmill may be a good idea. But for me I like to chill and burn fat so I preferred stationary bike when I used to cut weights. Also it developed quads pretty well. It’s all a matter of preference.

    1. Yes I agree that is why I have done a post on the exercise bike, treadmill and rowing machine as as u say it is all down to which one you prefer 🙂

  7. Hi Simon,

    That’s a great article!

    I lost a lot of weight on a motorised treadmill a number of years ago – and you are absolutely right – the size of the treadmill didn’t enter my head and when it arrived it was huge (and very heavy)!

    It took over the majority of my kitchen for a couple of years but I did use it every other day.

    The fold up ones look an interesting option, are they just as heavy though?


  8. Very well written article.

    I agree. A treadmill can be an awesome way to help lose weight. I think the most important factors to having a good looking body however are weight training and a healthy diet along with cardio.

    I’ve done too much cardio before and just wound up being really “skinny” to the point where I just looked malnourished. Muscle = metabolism.

  9. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the tips and tricks in your article. I’ve used others’ treadmills before but thought now would be a good time to buy one.

    I tend to walk very vigorously several times a week during the warmer months of the year. Once winter hits I only walk occasionally and usually just for fun and not exercise. I’m thinking a treadmill might be a good investment to help keep the winter flab off.

    Do you happen to have a personal recommendation for a well built treadmill model that will last for awhile? I have enough room for anything. Thanks.

  10. Hi there Simon,

    A lot of people buy treadmill for the convenience, but I have also seen a lot being stashed in the garage after a couple of months either due to breakdowns or simply taking too much space at home.

    Whatever happened to the weight loss goal that they are so enthusiastic about in the first place?

    If you are determined, even a moderately priced treadmill can do a good job. I have a friend who is very committed and she has lost 10 kg for the past 1 year – doing few minutes everyday and the treadmill is still going strong.

    1. yes it is very good for you Cathy AND you can buy space savers nowadays that actually are folding treadmills so ha no excuse I’m afraid. As for storing away in the garage its just as you say a lack of commitment on their part.

  11. Hi Simon,
    Quite an interesting article about treadmills. I have used them in the past but they don’t help me nearly as much as changing my nutrition lifestyle. I noticed from another commenter last month that there are some grammar and spell-check work needed on this post. It was very distracting.
    I wonder if you have investigated the scientific proof that supports the Live Right 4 Your Type lifestyle. It debunks so many of the myths surrounding food and diet.
    Have you checked this out? Do you think an alternative way may give some of your readers better choice in their food regime?
    It has proven to be the best way for me to lose and keep off weight. I keep fabulous health as a result.


  12. Thank you Aaron and yes I know exactly what you mean they don’t/won’t make any improvements to there weight or health in general if they do not start as they mean to go on with the treadmill. That is what it is there for so it should be utilised effectively. Run on it as I have previously stated, until you can do no more. What people often tend to forget when running is very often the pain is early on but it subsides somewhat once the body finds its natural rhythm.

    Treadmills (the use of) can drastically improve peoples weight so that they can reach their goals a heck of a lot easier. FACT.

  13. Thanks for all the information on treadmills. I used to use one when I had a gym membership but my knees were always sore afterward (and my ankles). We recently purchased an elliptical machine to use at home as I read that it has less impact then a treadmill. I am wondering if the benefits of an elliptical are the same as those of a treadmilll?

    1. Fundamentally tey are yes as both pieces of apparatus get the heart beat up to over 140 bmp which is when your body switches over to fatburning mode. Thanks for your comment Tanya

  14. I like the layout and the pictures on the site, they make it a pleasant experience to navigate through the various pages. I would suggest going through the content carefully and cleaning up the grammar and punctuation though. There are some run-on sentences that could be broken down into shorter, more easily read, sentences. You might want to include pictures of yourself in the wheelchair to lend a bit of authenticity to your claims of being disabled as well. The sympathy ploy probably wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂

    1. Hahaha duly noted. I will add when yea when I can find the lead from my computer to my phone which it appears has gone walk about lol

  15. Love the graphics and details of the content on your page. I am trying to get my page to this level of functionality, not sure if I choose the wrong design template etc… However I think your visuals are excellent and like the way you changed the font in your header as well. Your content is very well placed throughout the website. Great job!

    1. Than you very much indeed your comment is highly appreciated. Yes I think I have got it as good as it is going to be I just now need to keep adding post although there is only so much you can write about lol

  16. Hello Simon, thanks for sharing your inspirational story. You share some valuable insights that a lot of people can relate to. You are a Great role model; your real life circumstances are felt and experienced through your words and recommendations. The fact that you persist with your goals and continue to progress through your challenges is encouraging. So pleasant to read how you have turned your challenges into valuable learning guides so people much like me can benefit from your experience. I look forward to stopping past often for further updates. Blessings. Nui.

    1. thank you Nul your comment is highly appreciated. Yes I guess I have over come various obstacle that life has thrown at me not least the weight gain but this natural weight loss is so easily achievable. Well maybe easy was the wrong word to use but DEFINITELY achievable so anyone you know or even yourself for that matter can keep referring to my site for knowledge and inspiration.

  17. Hi!
    I wonder if jogging outdoors is as effective as using a treadmill?
    Do the different functions of the device effectively reproduce the slopes, obstacles that occur naturally outdoors?
    Then I’m thinking, since my knees are a bit sensitive, is a treadmill run less violent on the knees than jogging on a road or a sandy path? What do you think?
    Thank you!

    1. Using a tread mill is just as effective and yes it simulates the inclines that you would go up 🙂 It would be gentler on the knees because it is a “softer” surface that you are running on sir.

  18. Hello, Simon
    I purchased the treadmill quite a few years ago, was using it regularly, and then, kind of stopped. Now I started slowly again. It is quite a bulky item, but I love it, it allows me to exercise even in a bad weather, also I love the flexibility, you can run in your pyjamas, not something you can do at the gym. :))))
    I had purchased a Proform treadmill, but mine is the older model. I am quite happy with it, like various programs and also I can use manual programs which I use quite often.
    What are your thoughts on how to exercise? I do sprints, short bursts of running and then around 30 seconds to 1 minute walking. I had learned that this is the best way to do it as it raises metabolic rate and it only requires small amount of time.
    would be interesting to find out your experiences
    thank you

  19. Your article has helped clear up a few things for me but I was wondering if I could ask you a question. I am a dedicated runner ( up to 8 miles a morning ) on country roads. I recently had to spend a lot more time working in the city leaving me with treadmills/gyms as my only option.
    My question is this – are treadmills really anywhere as effective as the more traditional road running or do I need to bump up the amount of miles I do when using one?

    1. no no they are just as effective , IF not even better as you do NOT actually have to “go” anywhere 😉

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