Can You Lose Weight Riding An Exercise Bike? Let Me Tell You Here

By | June 3, 2015

We store it as fat.It Is So Easy

Can you lose weight riding an exercise bike? Well, this is so easy to answer. Yes, you most can indeed. You see, losing weight is all about not allowing your body to the store the extra calories. The ones that you do not use.

Hence the term that many of us will have heard, calorie counting. A calorie maybe a unit of energy but it is also responsible for our weight.

Can You Lose Weight Riding An Exercise Bike? Yes You Can!

As you may be aware, when we eat various foods they all have a different number of calories. Because, the calories (in short) that we do not use we will store as fat. It then, means that we need to find a way to channel our energy expenditure. To “burn” these calories off, so we do not store them.

This is where the fantastic 100% guaranteed to work exercise bike comes into force. It is a sure fire easy way to burn those excess calories away. While also becoming fitter and much healthier too. At is also a strength (for your legs) and a cardiovascular (Basically your breathing control) workout. It is necessary, as it helps you to get oxygen to the vital organs!

Can You Lose Weight Riding An Exercise Bike

I know people who have lost a lot of weight through the regular use of an exercise bike. But consistency is key to it. It, combined with a healthy diet menu of course. They alter their diet and construct a regime for the exercise bike at which they are comfortable.

However, not so comfortable it doesn’t push you to your absolute limit every time you do a session on it. REMEMBER the old saying NO PAIN NO GAIN? Well, in this case, it is most certainly correct.

Always try and beat (either in length or time) your last go. This way you will steadily improve. But, as I have said before and will repeat because of its importance,

“Do not go at it first off hammer and tongue,” As you will quickly get worn out, and worse still become disillusioned and end up with the mindset that this simply isn’t for you.

A Symbol Of A Traditional Pedal Bike

It Is A Long Distance Race, Not A Sprint

Therefore, have it as a certainty that whatever you do, be sure you ALWAYS keep in mind that as with everything else which weight loss related if done the correct way it is a long distance and race, not a sprint. 

It is also very true when using an exercise bike. So choose a distance or a time for the workout (how long you have available) and take it from there. Once more  CONSISTENCY is the key to your success. Go at it at an even pace to start with and do not set your distance too far to begin. You will be disappointed if you do not reach it.

That said, it should be enough to challenge you. So leave it open the first time and just focus and cycle. Keep going and going and going until you cannot do one more turn of the pedals. Then check the time or distance, and you can use that as your benchmark to improve on the next day. That is how you will lose your excess weight.

But There Are So Many To Choose From?

A Graphic Of An Exercise Bike

Now “What exercise bike should I even look at?” There are so many to choose from so choose the right one for you. It is very important. That is a good question indeed as the market is ever growing with an array of exercise bikes.

As a matter of fact, there are the two things that you should be very aware of when it comes to getting one. Firstly there is the how long will it last question. As you do not want the use it a lot, and in any way ruin the bike’s frame and workings.

The bike must be sturdy enough to withstand a near constant use.

Secondly, and by no means less important, the exercise bike should be quiet. One for your neighbors as the sound of a flywheel (the wheel on the exercise bike)is annoying. Because, when it is too loud, it will be enough to drive them crazy and thirdly, there is you. You do not want to be doing your cycling to the loud continuous noise of it either. Please listen, as it will very quickly annoy you.

The Cheaper You Buy, The Fewer Instructions You Will Get

This exercise bike comes will a full go ahead, but it goes without saying that the cheaper you buy, the fewer functions the onboard computer will have on it. It is a fact that the cheaper it is, the less of a good buy it will be.

There are two exercise bikes that I recommend on this page. And either one of them will be great in your quest to lose your excess weight and get more healthy. So can you lose weight riding an exercise bike? Well, you can, therefore, I hope this post answers some of your questions?

Once you have got your diet under control. All that you need to have is the other half of the solution. This way your weight loss attempt to be a success. I am of course talking about the exercise. Go to this link “Home gym fitness equipment” to see some items which were chosen for you. They will give you success with your weight loss mission.

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43 thoughts on “Can You Lose Weight Riding An Exercise Bike? Let Me Tell You Here

  1. donald

    Like the idea of exercise bikes as you can use in all weathers. Much as I like normal cycling. I live on a rainy climate and a bit adverse the damp. Are there any other major advantages of exercise bikes versus pushbikes? I suppose a lot about myself, you can set the resistance and the amount of calories you burn more clearly an exercise bike… And I right?

    1. simon

      yes u are correct in your assumption you can adjust the resistance and do it all (workout) with out ever leaving the comfort of your home 🙂

  2. WMcNeal40

    This is a topic that many people can relate to. I, myself , have tried to lose a few pounds from time to time. However, I always seem to find a way to gain back what I’ve lost.

    A combination of exercise and diet has been recommended is most diet program. Your diet program offers some reasonable and practical remedies that one can very easily be followed.

    I will consider your suggestions on exercise bikes and maybe this could be the answer.

    Good look site.


    1. simon

      yes it is true and diet and exercise are the two core elements if you wish to lose weight. Thank you too for your words.

  3. Aaron


    I enjoyed your post on the exercise bike. I have used various ones for years and the amount of calorie burning you can do on them is incredible!!

    One thing you mentioned here is that weight loss is not just an overnight thing. I am happy that you have said that because of how many misinformed people think that weight loss is just as simple as eat less and exercise more for a few day. It’s a lifestyle change!!
    Thanks for the great post!

    1. simon

      Thank you I am glad that you enjoyed the post on the exercise bike. I tried to be as honest and informative as possible which is judging by you kind comment what I appeared to have done. Yes you are right peoples ideas differ greatly with, as you quite rightly said, a large majority of them expecting to lose it overnight. Sadly we know that is not the case at all. It takes a consistent effort on their part.

  4. Tanya

    Hi Simon,
    Great article you have here on Bike riding and exercise. Biking has been in my family for many years. Growing up we did Triathlons. My dad was an avid runner back in the day until he had 2 knee surgeries. He then started biking.

    He actually rides his bike to work every morning to open up his shop then he rides his bike back home. He has unfortunately been hit by several cars driving by… and 3 of them were hit and runs. VERY SCARY! I

    I have been trying to talk my mom into talking him into purchasing an exercise bike. It’s safe but yet he still gets the rush of riding as well as the exercise he needs. I will be forwarding this website onto them… in hopes he will read into the benefits of riding a stationary bike and possibly purchase one. Thank you for sharing.

    1. simon

      It is my pleasure Tanya and try to persuade him and yes as you say riding an exercise bike is much safer + you do not have to deal with the adverse weather conditions.

  5. G.C.Horton

    The exercise bike is probably the most common piece of exercise equipment sold at yard sales and flea markets. Not to mention frequently used for hanging stuff on at home. In other words, it’s often neglected.

    Now, thanks to your excellent post, it’s clear how powerful an exercise bike can be for losing weight. I appreciate how you remind us that weight loss is not a sprint, but a long term thing.

    Like you mention, get started and be consistent.

    1. simon

      Yes like I said it will take time as the weight didn’t accumulate over night and yes also riding a bike is an excellent way to lose weight within the comfort of your own home, BUT rid your self of any distractions ie kids and wife. 🙂 Enjoy fellow fitness seeker 🙂


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