DKN-XC-160i Review

By | November 20, 2015

The DKN-XC-160i review will take you through every pro and con of this piece of the apparatus. Listing all of its key features and, therefore, ensuring you are able to make a better decision before purchasing this product.

As I say in other reviews, I look all over the internet, far and wide, putting all that I have come across to do this review.

You will need to look no further as this review on the exercise bike will have a lot of detail in it. And it will focus your mind on that very important question “To buy or not to buy?”. One thing I do feel I must tell you. You WILL need to get a piece of exercise equipment if indeed you wish to naturally lose the weight you are seeking. Oh, and also get much healthier in the process.

DKN-XC-160i Exercise Bike Review

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Target Market

With the DKN XC-160i providing the user with an excellent cardiovascular workout (cardio) it can be said that it targets every able-bodied person who is wishing to improve their fitness.

Its aim is to people who are in the earliest stages of beginning their fitness journeys. Through to those of us who are further along on the journey in their quest to have better health.


Key Features


  • A heavy 20 kg flywheel making it very sturdy indeed.


  • 4 user profiles.


  • 12 programmes.


  • Heart rate measurement (pulse grip sensors).


  • Articulating foot pedals.


  • Transport wheels.


  • Weight 86 kg (190 lbs).


  • Compatible digital apps DKN – Motion, DKN iWorld (Android and OS).


  • Maximum user weight 150 kg (330 lbs).


  • Console feedback – Calories, speed, distance, time, RPM, Watts and the heart rate.


  • Console display – Multifunctional LCD display.


  • Warranty – 2 years parts and labor.


  • Certification – CE/EN 957 class SA.


  • Product dimensions L 188 cm (74″) W  68 cm (26.8″) H 186 cm (73.2″).

DKN XC-160i Exercise Bike Review

Pros Of  The DKN-XC-160i

    • This piece of apparatus has a brilliant display console so you can tell exactly how you are performing, all of the time.


    • Everyone has a different riding technique so it really is good that the pedals are articulated to allow for this.


    • It has wheels attached making it very easy to move to its wherever you choose.


    • It is Bluetooth which is perfect for optimal training.


    • A great system for allowing four different users to personalize their workout.


    • Pre-programmed profiles set from beginner to advanced so no going through all the levels trying to find the best one.


    • Makes allowances for height, weight, age and of course gender. This is brilliant as “one size fits all” doesn’t apply.


    • This then allows the calories burned reader to be very accurate (A system you wouldn’t get on a cheaper model).


    • Watch your workout data live on the DKN-XC-160i console.


    • On account of the front heavy flywheel and the “Q” factor is very low (closeness of the pedals) making it natural to use.


    • It has an ergonomically and biomechanically design for a natural ride/run.


    DKN XC 160i Exercise Bike Review


    • However, with this being a new trainer it is too early for anyone to leave any negative reviews as yet so I shall post as and if/When any arrive.


    My Final verdict

    Although, I say in the pros, everything I have read about the DKN-XC-160i. Well, it really is worth the money for the features it has with it. We were especially impressed with the ability to enter your specifics to really personalize your workout.

    Although it has become very common on more expensive pieces of kit but less so on the less expensive.

    Especially not one that appears to represent the calories burned so accurately which I guess, putting fitness aside for a minute, is what every person in the world who is training for the purpose of weight loss needs to read.

    As I say on-site, health incorporates fitness, but a larger than the wanted amount of people overlook the health aspect and concentrate only on the weight loss, which, if the site is to be interpreted properly, then they shouldn’t.

    There to me is no doubt that the DKN-XC-160i will be great for exercise as it comes from an extremely reputable manufacturer. So, as much as you may still be wondering, what is it to be?? Health or fitness? This, however, appears to cater for both.





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    2 thoughts on “DKN-XC-160i Review

    1. Michael S.

      Wow, I’m first to post!. Simon, since surgery my health has been improving. These days I never seem to have time to get out and walk, so this is perfect for me. Thanks for the info and I will return soon.

      1. Simon Watson Post author

        You are most welcome Michael I’m really glad that you enjoyed the DKN XC-160i review I really as it means a lot especially coming from a man with as much experience as you have. I tried to make it as informative and honest as possible. There is absolutely no point in holding anything back in my opinion, at all.


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