Are you looking for exercise plans for weight loss? Well, don’t worry about yourself then. As in this post, I will be suggesting some great pieces of equipment as well as some workouts.

Although you should be aware, you do not need to go down to the local gym to do them. That is just an OPTION. You do not HAVE to do it.

Exercise Plans For Weight Loss Should Include An Elliptical Trainer, And Exercise Bike, A Rowing Machine And A Treadmill

Are You Any Of The Following?

  1. You are getting short of breath while doing simple things, like climbing the stairs or walking your dog?
  2. It is having a hard time trying to fit into clothes that don’t seem to fit you anymore?
  3. Thinking that you are eating a lot these days. Needing more than you did to fill you up.

If any of the above has anything to do with you, then yes, it would seem very much like you need to lose weight. But remember this, weight loss is not JUST to be visually appealing. There is another more important thing than how we will look. It is our health. It is crucial.

Do You Need Massive Weight Loss Now?

You may be sitting there as you read this, thinking to yourself, “I need some exercise plans for weight loss.” Then this certainly is where this post will help you, no doubts.

If you need massive weight loss now, then listen up. You would do well to continue reading this post until the very end. However, maybe you want to slim down a little? As those trousers or that dress are only a bit too small. If this is you, then you also should read on.

Learn How To Lose Weight

Some of us people need to learn just how to lose weight. And I shall now give you a link to some exercise on equipment that you can use. However, there will be no point in buying the equipment for it to be there, gathering dust. You must read and learn these exercises and DO THEM.

But firstly, I will give you three links that will answer your question. As to whether you can “lose weight using them or not?”

Can I Lose Weight Using A Rowing Machine?

Can I Lose Weight Using A Treadmill?

Lose Weight Riding An Exercise Bike

Rowing Machine, Treadmill Also The Exercise Bike Exercises

Click on this link where you will go to a great post. You should try and include the use of one of these in your exercise plans for weight loss. It will give you some high and low-intensity exercises that you can do on the equipment.

23 Home Exercise Equipment USA/UK: Good, Easy Workouts

Include In Your Exercise Plans For Weight Loss These Items

As I am saying to you, you do not need to go to the gym. You can SAFELY workout in the comfort of your own home. Besides the fact that most of us, for one reason or another, don’t feel comfortable standing in the gym. Even though we are making exercise plans for weight loss, the thought scares us.

A lot of us entirely only do not have the time to dress for it. Then you must travel, then workout, to shower, change, and then finally to drive back from it as well.

It takes time. And I am sure you would agree with me, the hassle of doing this. Well, it is enough for anyone to make an excuse not to do it.

The Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine is a great way to work the body all over. You should try and have one of these also, in your exercise plans for weight loss. The X-trainer, cross-trainer as well is great for improving a person’s balance and stability. It is also great for simulating the different kinds of activities that you can do. Such as walking, hiking, or even climbing the stairs.

Ellipticals, In General, Will Ne Easy To Maintain

A lot of the elliptical trainers now have a great space-saving design. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you do not have a lot of space. Using an elliptical for around just half an hour per day will have you being healthy. As well as that, your stamina will also increase. Oh yes, and the upkeep of the machine is so cheap and very easy to maintain.

Go here to see some fantastic elliptical reviews?


So, if you are going to choose an oval to do your exercises on, then type into google, “Exercise plans for weight loss on the elliptical trainer.” There, you will find a lot of instructions.

The Exercise Bike

The exercise bike is yet another fantastic fitness machine. It, too, gives your legs a super workout as well as it being a good cardio one too. It is a must to have in your exercise plans for weight loss. It is so easy that even a beginner can start to use one. And if you are in pretty good shape, to begin with, Then you can easily have a more intense work out on it. Easy, right?

Be Sure To Read The Post On Exercises?

Using an exercise bike for just half an hour will increase your daily calorie burn by a lot. And we should all be aware that it is having eaten too many calories that cause weight gain in the first place. So, be sure to include the use of one of these in your exercise plans for weight loss.

Remember this, if you need an exercise on the exercise bike, then go to the 4th link on this page.?

Lose Weight Riding An Exercise Bike

You can also read some excellent exercise bike reviews right here.


The Rowing Machine

One more of the essential pieces of the home gym (Or gym equipment) is the rowing machine. It is a beneficial aerobic exercise and should also be in your exercise plans for weight loss. We all are aware of when you are healthy. It will take much longer to become breathless, right?

However, regular workouts on a rowing machine are not only good for aerobic exercise. They are also great for helping to burn off the extra calories that your body will store, which is weight loss.

Great For Overall Toning

It just so happens to be awesome too for tightening and toning up your muscles. Both in the lower and upper body as it will do both of them. In other words, have it in your exercise plans for weight loss, for sure.

Again to see some excellent rowing machine reviews go to this link.


Remember this, if you need a rowing machine, then go to the 4th link on this page.?

Can I Lose Weight Using A Rowing Machine?

You should try to include some of these workouts in your exercise plans for weight loss. Undoubtedly.

The Treadmill

Now, to what in my opinion, is the best machine for weight loss, the treadmill. It should BE PART OF YOUR exercise plans for weight loss. As I am sure that you are aware, this is running on the spot. And as you should, but may not be aware, running is cardio. And cardio is what? That’s right, and it is superb for weight loss.

As a result of an improvement in health, they also improve our heart health. And where would we be without a good heart? It is the engine of our bodies. And because of this, your heart will thrive. Thus, it will lower your blood pressure at the same time.

Treadmill Exercises

If you want to know of some exercises that you can do on the treadmill, then go to the 4th link on this page, please?

You can also read this as to whether they are suitable for weight loss or not?

Can I Lose Weight Using A Treadmill?

And go here to view and read some excellent TREADMILL REVIEWS as well.

If you wish to see some exercises for the treadmill, go to the 4th link on the page? Have them in your exercise plans for weight loss.