Exerpeutic 4000 Review

By | November 17, 2015

This is the Exerpeutic 4000 review where we will list its pros and cons, features and overall worth. Our intention is to be as open and honest as possible. So that you will feel that you can make an informed decision. As to whether you wish to purchase this exercise bike or not.

In this review, we get all of the data from dozens of other reviews.  Then, we will offer up to you a collection of results of the said apparatus.

This will be neither a positive or negative review. It will just state the facts. I have will edit all of the data. That then means that it saves you the time and effort to go and have to look for yourself. Then, you can see more information here.

The apparatus will serve you well in getting better health. No question in my mind that this will help you to get rid of any of your unwanted weight.  NO DOUBTS WHATSOEVER!

Welcome To The Exerpeutic 4000 Review

The Exerpeutic 4000 recumbent exercise bike has several features. Which, although do not make it entirely unique, help in increasing the comfort, enjoyment, and experience. I think it is a superb value for money.

I truly think that this is one of our most highly thought of pieces of home gym fitness equipment.

They (The people) Mainly speak on the comfort of the exercise bike. We can expect this when it comes with a three-inch deep padded seat.

Exerpeutic 4000 Is For Who

Right, the target market for this product starts off very general. It is for anyone wishing to be fit. By doing a hard, tough amount of fitness “Work” on the exercise bike.

When we think that little bit deeper. This exercise bike could have its use for those of us who have a bad back. And cannot stand for a long time. The comfortable seat will support any back problems that you may have. While it takes the weight off the hip joints as well.

So, if you have bad hips, then a recumbent exercise bike is the one for you. The seat itself has AHCT which stands for aerodynamic healthcare technology.

What this means is that it “Breathes.” It allows air through the fabric. So, with the seat being able to “breathe” this then means the user will not get as sweaty.

You really will feel so comfortable it will not feel so much like a grueling workout. The only thing is that you will have to be chasing your previous speed/totals/times. We should always do this no matter what exercise you are performing.

Pros Of The Exerpeutic 4000 Recumbent Bike

1 – As I say, the maximum comfort is from a 3-inch deep padding on the seat . That is exceptionally comfortable for anybody’s bottom.

It contains lasting air cells that act as a kind of shock absorber to any movements during your workout. Do not worry the seat does not lose its shape or start to sag after use.

2 – Take the weight of your feet with a fully supportive backrest which will be of particular interest to anyone suffering or prone from/To back related issues.

3- People also report that he back of the seat is amazingly comfortable. And also that it is super at reducing stress on the back. Any discomfort will not be there.

4- It peddles very smoothly and is quiet. There is surely nothing more annoying than when you have to concentrate, and all you hear is an annoying noise.

4 – There is a good warranty on this recumbent exercise bike, it is  5 years. Which has to be a bonus in anybody’s books. Take a look at this page by the Exercise Guru for further information.

5 – This recumbent bike is very well priced especially given the features that come with it. It has a lot of the features which usually you would pay more for when purchasing an expensive exercise bike.

7 – Folds away for easy storage. That is a fabulous space saver if your place of residence is not large. You can very simply move it to wherever you choose.

Listen to the Exerpeutic 4000 review. And the lovely comfortable seat that it has. Listen for that part.More Pros

8 – Mobile tracking app. That allows you to track the workout results from anywhere and at any time. It is IOS compatible.

9 – The product weight is just 71 lb which is pretty light. So moving/Folding it will not be a problem.

10 – The Exerpeutic 4000 recumbent exercise bike gives you a smooth and quiet ride. With its mix of a belt drive and flywheel for “propulsion.”

11 – It has elbow rests which again are very comfortable.

12 – The handles too are extremely comfortable.

13 Open step-in design for easy entry/Exit of the machine.

14 While you are working out you can watch music videos. Or even a movie with this computer.

15 – It is the same as one would imagine armchair cycling to be, it is that cozy.


Exerpeutic 4000 And Its Features (You could also say they were pros)

1 – It handles up to 325 lbs user weight capacity.

2 – Simple switch on/off system, so there is no television or radio interference

3 – There is a bluetooth app so you can track your workout and progress. Then you can watch it back at anytime and anywhere

4 – It has a gel pad for your actual mobile device for extra stability when the exercise bike is operating

5 – There is a very easily adjustable seat. So if you are between the height of 5 ft and 6′ 3″. Then this will, I am sure, suit you fine

7 – It also comes with leg stabilizers. This is so the bike is stable, even when you are doing a serious workout

8 – Also included in its super reasonable price are transportation wheels for its positioning

9 It also has a powerful magnetic resistance. That has a massive 24 levels and is, and you can easily operate it from the on- board computer.

10 – 7 pre-set workout programs.

11 – There is a hand pulse monitor.

12 – Settings for up to 4  DIFFERENT users.

13 -The Dimensions of this bike are – Length 58 inches – Width 30 inches – Height 41 inches.

Easy Transportation Of The Bike



Cons Of The Exerpeutic 4000

1 – LCD will be too small for some people.

2 – The seat to some people was uncomfortable. Because there is a gap between the part that you sit on and the backrest. It is  a wide gap especially when the you sit on the padding.(Squash it down with the weight of the user on it.)

One person even says that she keeps sliding into the gap. And now,will not to use the husband’s bike at all.

3 – This may be one of a few incidents, but the computer display can fail on a person. That means total disaster for anyone who wants to see A) How they are doing and B) Track their progress!

That, I Feel, Is Something That You Should Be Aware Of

4 – There may be a short delay should some of the parts of the exercise bike be missing on arrival. The waiting time would be three days which to some people is too long.

5 – Also, some people say that to change the position of the seat can be very hard. That will be very clear when one is changing over to different users.

6  There is also report by one user that the bike is a little shaky when operating.

7 – This may be something worth noting. Although I do think that this was just one problem. You may have problems with the pedals falling off. That could make you think there is the quality issue. I very much doubt this, though, as this was the only complaint of this nature.

Following this, the other few people did lodge a complaint that it was hard to use at first. But, this went once they began to use it a few times. Again I think with the negative feedback being so few and far between there is nothing to worry about here.

Some Amazon Review Of The 139 Left

Our Thinking On The Exerpeutic 4000 Recumbent Bike

In my honest opinion, I have again put pen to paper and come up with this. What is, in all honesty, a great bike. As a matter of fact, I would go as far as to say this. It is a must buy for anyone wishing to improve their fitness levels. Or for that matter, even to do some training.

You will also be able to lose your excess weight using this piece of kit and all while in the AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE SEATED POSITION. How good is that?

The Exerpeutic 4000 is without question a FANTASTIC value for money piece of equipment. By far and away the best in its price bracket. It has most of the features that many of the much more expensive bikes have. So you do not need to talk about it, just do it.

That may be a bold claim, but, it is one that I feel I should make. Do not miss this opportunity to own one of the most comfortable pieces of apparatus currently on the market.

Overall Rating – 9.5/10

It would have had a ten, but some of the comments were a little worrying.

Once you have got your diet under control. All that you need to have is the other half of the equation. This will mean your weight loss attempt will be a success. What am I talking about? The exercise of course.

You must think of it as a natural short cut and should be the only one of which you think. You should go nowhere near these diet pills when there is another way, the best way, the natural way.

Sure it will not be easy, Anyone who says it will be is flat out lying. Although with help such as this it is that little bit easier!


A Thumbs Up Graphic

A Top Rated Product Purely Because Of Its Sheer Comfort.

And to finish, should you buy this product, though? Well, it deserves big thumbs up!


Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the seat ( Back to front) On the Exerpeutic 4000?

The depth is a more than adequate 13 inches and has a supportive backrest and is very comfortable.

Does the seat adjust without any issues?

The answer to this is no, not very. It can become a frustrating task. However, the benefits of the bike far outweigh any negatives.

Do I need to purchase anything else to use this?

No, you do not need to purchase anything else whatsoever.

Does an iPad or a Kindle fit over the console?

Yes, an iPad and a Kindle do fit over the console.

Do you have to use batteries for the console or does the Exerpeutic 4000 come with a charger?

Do not worry you do not need to use batteries at all. It comes with a charger.




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85 thoughts on “Exerpeutic 4000 Review

  1. Paul Miller


    I am going to recommend this for my Wife as she like’s comfort and this machine looks comfortable. In fact i think it’s perfect for those who are getting a bit older as well as sitting on a hard seat, like most Gyns have is very uncomfortable.

    Cheers for the break down.


    1. Simon Watson Post author

      You are most welcome and yes the Exerpeutic 4000 Recumbent Bike is definitely more comfortable than any other that I see. This really should be a good reason to buy it as you say, the gym bikes can be very uncomfortable indeed and I’m sure we do not want that. Thanks for The comment Paul.

  2. Mohammad Makki

    I’ve been thinking of buying this bike for a while, which is why I came across your review. I have to say it looks extremely useful and well worth the purchase. My chief concern with exercise bikes is comfort. I hate those narrow seats, I always have to stop a session before I want to. So the 4000’s seat is what tempts me the most. Why do they even make seats like that in the first place? Yeah, I’m getting this for sure. It looks too good to pass up and I can see myself spending quite a while on it. Thanks for the review Simon!

    1. Simon Watson Post author

      No thank you sir for your oh so positive comment, it is most thoughtful and highly regarded. I agree with you,, I do not know why they continue to use such narrows seats, maybe it is just their dumb way of trying to simulate a real bike I guess.

  3. simon

    I am afraid that I think that they will say something like ” it is not malfuctioning in any way so its tough” I really think they will

  4. Gina

    Hi Simon,
    This might be the answer for me. I have back and ankle problems. My Chiropractor wants me to go for daily walks and it hurts my back and ankle. I’ve considered using a bike but the area I live in doesn’t allow good access for bikes. I almost get hit by cars going on my walks. The only concern I have is, if it’s not good on my ankle after I try it, would I be able to return it? I’ve also considered swimming but there’s not a pool that’s convenient for me to get to daily.


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