Foods To Quit Smoking: You Can Lose Weight Too

By | August 16, 2017

These foods to quit smoking are many. Although, people will say a lot of bad things about smokers. Now, I am a smoker. But, as much as I would like to say that this next statement is not true. Unfortunately, it is. Many overweight people are commonly smokers. You cannot get around that fact. Quitting smoking can be the hardest experience some people will ever have in their lives. You will need to read on to learn more.

The reason that smoking is so addictive is this. It is because the Nicotine in the cigarette that has an addictive character that is similar to heroin. So you must not take the whole thing lightly.

Some people fear to stop smoking because they don’t want to gain weight. The thing is, you can avoid gaining weight by simply being aware of the change your body will face. When stopping taking in the nicotine. You should be aware that you are not counting on the  constant intake of nicotine anymore. This will lower also the sugar level in your system.

Therefore, you will be hungrier, and you will have food urges. But, please, do not binge eat, as you will have to eat  steadily AND healthy eating. The constant cravings, well, you will manage those with healthy and nutritious food. So, have up to six small meals a day instead of three big ones. Oh, and exercising self-control of course.To achieve all this, here we present to you with foods to quit smoking. You can lose weight too along with healthy eating habits.

Foods To Quit Smoking, These Are Just Some Of Them

Foods To Quit Smoking

  • To achieve all this you will need to do this. Here will follow foods to quit smoking.
  • You can lose weight too, along with healthy eating habits.
  • These healthy eating habits will not only help you stop smoking. They will make it a lot easier for you too.

Nuts, Seeds And Derivatives, Grapes And Berries

First things first, if you are going to munch throughout the day, at least munch on something healthy. These types of food can provide your body with vitamins and minerals. This along with fiber and healthy fatty acids such as Omega 3, provided by nuts and seeds. Like any fruit, grapes, and berries raise your sugar levels considerably, so don’t over eat them, especially avoid eating them in the evening.

Additionally, you should still be aware that eating more calories than you need, can make you gain weight. So, don’t overeat these, just because they are healthy.

However, if you don’t want to deal with quitting cigarettes immediately, you can go for gradually lowering your nicotine dosage. You can do this with the help of Tobacco e-juice, an option that doesn’t involve the dangers of lighting tobacco.

Meals That Include Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are the type of carbohydrates that your body will transform into sugar at a slower rate. This sugar will release into your bloodstream. This means that these carbohydrates will provide your body of energy for longer periods of time. When you compare it to their simple counterparts. When you eat these with other nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and fiber, you can design healthy, energizing meals.

Complex carbohydrates also include brown bread slices, whole meal cereal, pasta, and rice. (Preferably whole) whole wheat crackers, sweet and regular potatoes, roots, among others. You should not forget that these are not the only types of carbs that exist; Reasonable amounts of simple carbs can also give you a fast sugar release. Especially when you feel that you do not have much energy. And you are hungry, between bigger or more complex meals.

Avoid Trigger Foods And Too Much Sugar

Trigger foods are those foods that you are eating along or next to your smoking routines. These tend to be food that enhances the tobacco flavor. Or even drinks such as alcohol available at clubs or restaurants where you can smoke. You should avoid them because your brain can urge you to smoke. This is because of the relationship these foods had with your habit.

Some people will say that certain foods made them crave cigarettes a lot more than others. But this depends on the person. For example, if you used to smoke when eating chocolate products, avoid chocolate for a while. At least until your cravings had got a lot lower. Refined sugars are often included as trigger foods since these are widely used in different foods.

You should be careful with the sugary foods you eat. Sugar is the most simple carbohydrate. And it is very easy to over consume and then gain weight from it. Also, as we previously mentioned, you will have low blood sugar levels. And this could tempt you to eat a sugary treat a lot more often than before.

Serotonin Rich Foods

Mild or serious depression is a common condition among smoking quitters. You can help this by eating foods that contain serotonin. This is a substance that your body releases when you feel loved, fall in love, or eat chocolate. That feel good feeling. Foods that contain plenty of serotonin are turkey, chicken, fish, beans, and nuts.

Moreover, have protein to help you focus more

It is a fact that nicotine increases your overall mental focus. And without foods to quit smoking, quitting it can cause anxiety that then leads to struggle to focus. The right amounts of protein in your meals can increase how good you are in activities that need some focus. These foods include fish, poultry, meat, fish, eggs. (Eat the egg-whites if you are going to eat more than one a day) Oh, and beans.

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