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Get that summer body boys and girls. And then you can look good for that time of year. Let us face it shall we, we all at one time when we were getting ready for leaving school. Yes, we promised ourselves that we would keep a reasonable level of fitness.

If only we were as active today as we were during those days. When it seemed like P.E was a chore? For many of us, it meant that. (Boys especially)

Playing football or running across the country, rain or snow, and even rugby on a frozen snow covered ground. But at least back in the day, we could say that we were fit and very healthy.

Now we’ve realized it’s time to get that summer body out for all to see. Although to do that, we need to slim down to get it to begin with, you see.

Time Waits For No Man Or Woman

These days, getting in and out of our car and walking to and from the fridge. Ha, it has become most of the activity we carry out when not at work. Follow what I am saying on these pages. And then, you will most definitely lose your fat as time waits for no man or woman.


Get a Summer Body Is Not Out Of Reach, It Can Be Done.
You need to work hard to get a body like this.

Some, or should I say, most of us, have a fantasy picture set in our minds. We usually go towards it during the depths of winter. About what it would be like to get that summer body we wish or the figure of a siren OR THE BODY OF A GOD. Please go here to see what you could get to keep regularly updated on one’s appearance.

More so we imagine this when the summer arrives, and it is hot, and we are away on the holiday of our dreams. Walking down the beach while turning heads as we go. Take a look at this fantastic post on once you get that summer body.

Time for a reality check dear readers. That is all that it will remain, a dream, A fantasy unless we take action. Remember this. You put it on so, you can lose it so,

The body for the summer will come if you eat foods like lots of different fruit! Apples, Bananas And Lemons
Eating foodstuffs like this will help you to lose weight.

Get That Summer Body – But, Slowly Does It

Also, remember this, unless you wish tire of your progress quickly, it is a good idea to start your exercise gradually. Then to combine it with a healthy diet, then you will soon see the weight begin to decrease.

Because, if you start all guns blazing, you will either quickly tire or hit the plateau. Or even worse, give up. (Please read my motivation page.) And then you will never lose your fat, ever.

  1. If you should want to accelerate your weight loss, then you should maybe go for a rowing machine as these burn lots of calories and are a great cardiovascular workout!
  2. Instead, increase your jogging, Running or cycling, (Whatever the activity is that you have elected to do) In increments. This way there is a steady increase in action until you have reached and maybe even surpassed your goal.
Home Made Chicken Kebabs With Tomatoes, Cucumber And Mushrooms
More delicious food.

Chase That Quicker Time To Get That Summer Body

Build up to a level of your chosen activity, But always be chasing that quicker time, Extra repetition. This way you will ensure that you still have something to aim for, something to beat. Lose your fat, and then you will already have the motivation for the weight loss that you have already.

So think and be positive. Your plan is working, and you do not need to change it. Forge ahead to lose your fat and who knows; Maybe you will develop a new set of personal goals. Give yourself a big pat on the back. Well done if you made it.

Slimming Down Is Also How To Get That Summer Body

Please firstly remember that help with weight loss is readily available and slimming down is also learning. These days most of us know what the life of a student is all about for example. I am well aware that a lot of students will be reading this post. The next bit will concern you, in the first term at least,

It will primarily involve getting to be aware of your surroundings and routine. Of course, then you spend a lot of your student money. (loans, etc.) Generally living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle, it will no doubt be full of alcohol and fast food.

That is fine as far as enhancing the social life aspect. But one should be careful not to overindulge as you will pile on the pounds. Depending on the course taken, you have three years to last. Try and find a balance to your over-eating.

Do this by slimming down from time to time and keep it under control (your weight). You may wish to look at some slimming aids as well as to assist you in your attempt. Check out that great juicer. A must for anyone wants to lose some lbs.

A Set Of Bathroom Scales To Help You Monitor Your Progress

The University Years

Many many students go away to university. Most are happy with their weight. Then when they graduate, they are fat. I have seen this happen during those three or sometimes more years. And sometimes the anguish that a person feels is heartbreaking.

But, if only that person tries slimming. Then s/he would not find themselves so unhappy now. No, if they took good care of themselves. Then they would not need to work out much to get that summer body.

You need to keep your eyes open for one of the best diets to lose weight fast. This way you will have a backup plan. Should you (and you most probably will) start to pile on. They or you may need some bathroom scales to scrutinize their current weight. Or indeed the same applies to anyone who needs to lose weight!

A Simple Solution

There is a simple solution to this, and you should monitor it when you are studying as well. All universities have a variety of sports facilities and clubs. So join a club in which you have an interest. Or, use their facilities as a way of burning those excess calories away. This way you are at your best.

You can better your physical peak as well as mental also. You must concentrate on the slimming aspect of your life. Do this whenever you have had a massive weekend, even a week, as these you will find will happen. Take it from an experienced voice.

That aside, You need to go there to enjoy yourself by all means.

Most people and I will include myself, have the time of their lives while taking their first taste of independence. You will find that you will have by comparison total freedom, girls or boys, because you will have more money than you have had to handle before in your, up until now, sheltered lives.

And then, when the summer arrives. We all desperately want to get that summer body. But often we never do!

A Smiling Sunflower


Just remember with all of this will come with a responsibility. A big responsibility and that is to your body. For not only will these years prepare you for your career choice. They will also shape your appearance for the years to come.

Therefore, it is vital that you leave the university in a similar state to that which you arrived. Only a little older. So please watch your weight if you wish to get that summer body. It is straightforward to forget about it and then boom. It has become a worry of yours. You will have to focus a lot of time and energy on fixing it. Remember!

If you see the scales creeping up, then try slimming down using some of my food suggestions. They can only be a positive step to making you a healthy all-rounder.

These statements also apply if you are older in years. Keep a strict eye on your scales and if you don’t have any then maybe you should consider investing in some scales.

Therefore, once you have your diet under control, all you need to have is the other part of it. You need these for your weight loss to work.

I am, of course, talking about the exercise. Go to this link “Home gym fitness equipment” to see some chosen items. They will take you to success with your weight loss goals.

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    Still, go to the Y thrice a week. The biggest challenge now, however, is cutting back on carbs. They’re everywhere! Also, I’m desperately trying to move towards a summer body for sure but spot-weight reduction seems so impossible! Any tips?

    1. At the risk of sounding repetitive it is in your diet as this accounts for the majority of your weight. Eat healthy and go through my healthy diet menu for some ideas. Thank you.

  2. Great Motivation, its cold in london at this time of year. we need to remember to start getting ready for getting that summer body in order.
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