22 Good Fats And Bad Fats: Examples Of Healthy Fats To Eat

Bad Fats And Good Fats. A Graphic Saying "Healthy Food"

These good fats and bad fats are confusing to most people. And bad fats are, amongst other factors,  more or less responsible for us piling on the pounds.

You should carefully watch these when doing your chosen diet. There are, of course, many foods that contain this kind of fat. But you should not confuse it with good fats. (Unsaturated fats)

List Of Good Fats And Bad Fats

Following is a list of foods, a list of good fats, and bad fats that you should either avoid or watch how much you eat. That is because eating many bad fats can lead to all kinds of possible diseases for overweight people.

Bad Fats

1) Ordinary (High fat) Beef

2) Lard (in cooking)

3) Bacon

4) Sausages (In general)

5) Cheese (most)

Good Fats And Bad Fats, this cheese burger is bad fat Like This One With A No Go Red Circle Around It With A Line Through It.

6) Full- fat milk ( Always go for semi or thoroughly skimmed.) It may not be as rich in flavor, but just as I did, you will soon begin to like it.

7) Also, crackling or other skin such as that found on chickens is profoundly wrong for your weight and hence diet.

8) All fried foods (Unless they cook them in healthy oils like Fry lite and such like)

9) Chocolate and snack bars in general. These are high in trans-fats, which are another no-no for anyone who is trying to lose weight.

10) Some cooked food (Read the label) is high in something called trans-fats. These are a particular kind of fat that should we should not eat at all costs. DEFINITELY.

11) Biscuits and crackers are very high in trans-fats.

12) Coffee is as most people will not be aware of another top source of this fat.

13) Most cakes and pies, too, are another form of food that is high in trans-fats. Ever heard the saying ” Who ate all the pies” When someone is referring to a more significant person, you must have?

Good Fats

1) We need to keep our eyes open at all times on the fats that we readily ingest. Unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats are good fats for us humans. Although as in with the full kind of fats, you should eat them in moderation.

These are in the oils sunflower and olive. Olive oil is of nearly three -quarters of this fat so, it is very healthy indeed. Mono-unsaturated fat is what we should choose to eat.

2) Nuts and seeds will be great food. They are perfect for monounsaturated fat.

3) Fish contains healthy fats. Also and they are also rich in omega 3 and six oils that the body requires. These can are in particular, the salmon and mackerel.

Read The Article All Of The Way

Please read this article for some fantastic foods to help you to lose that stubborn weight. All brand

These are some of the foodstuffs that contain good fats and bad fats. And remember to replace your cooking oils with one or more of those.

That is crucial to avoid taking on any of the unhealthy fats. Better yet, you should invest in some none -stick saucepans to prevent their use entirely.

Good fats are beneficial towards you and your diets as they aid the meals in taking longer to digest, thus leaving you feeling fuller for a lot longer and decreasing that dreaded feeling of hunger that we all so often get.

Reduce The Chance Of Heart Disease

Another good member of the team is polyunsaturated fat. That is because it can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, arthritis, cancer. And is it even useful for lowering your cholesterol?

That can only be fantastic when undergoing a healthy diet plan. This polyunsaturated does just that because it is in foods such as:


Whole grain wheat


Peanut butter

Your low -fat spreads

And Olive and Sunflower oils.

What’s The Difference Between Good Fats And Bad Fats

Therefore, please learn the difference between them. That is very important, as not all fat is bad. As I say, your body needs some fat. Just be sure to have some of the good fats.

You see, once you have got your diet under control. All that you need to have is the other half of the equation. This way, your weight loss attempt to be a success. What am I talking about The exercise, of course?


  1. So for cheese….it says most of them are bad. What are some okay cheese that you can still consume that won’t affect you so much?

    And also for chocolates. Are there some chocolates that does not contain so much trans-fats and is still okay with moderation?

    I eat pretty healthy being an ovo lacto vegetarians. But I still enjoy chocolates and cheese from time to time.

    • Well haha If you only eat them from time to time you have nothing to worry about mate 😉

      However, when it comes to chocolate, your best bet is to choose dark chocolate. That is because it is difficult to overeat it. You will be sick of its taste before you do.

  2. Simon, I came on the site before, but now everything is so much easier to find, its become my go-to site.

    I had surgery this year and left hospital weighing 49KG. Now I am finally starting to regain some weight, but its a little too much. Your site has helped me choose foods and exercise plan. Thanks.

    • Thank you for your kind words Michael I am so happy that the site helped you and yes all of the information is accurate it was taken and compiled from hours of research that I did. Thanks again matey 🙂

  3. Hi! Very nice article! I totally agree with you. I am vegan so I do follow most of your instructions here, but it happens pretty frequently that I hear about fish oil. Do you have any information of what could be good replacement for beneficial elements in fish?
    Thank you!

    • in that case walnut burgers tempah and tofu replace the omega 3 fatty acids and protein lost through not eating fish and sorry it took a day to reply I’ve been out a lot 😉

      • It’s fine. I will do some research on these. Thank you so much for info!

    • Its fine research away you will find that they are all an excellent substitute for fish no doubts.

  4. Thanks mate for your positive comment. I am trying to construct a helpful site for all of us with an issue or two about our weight. The bad fats and good fats is trying to educate people that not all fats ARE BAD and that the body actually REQUIRES some of these good fats in order to function correctly.

  5. I’ve been hearing a lot about these different types of fats these days mainly from my mother ( she’s always dieting ! )
    She believes that certain fats can even aid your weight loss efforts. Is this true?
    If it is what fats would you recommend for this type of effect?

    • I would recommend any mono unsaturated fats or failing that then polyunsaturated fats. Stay away from trans fats and saturated fats DEFINITELY MATEY.

  6. Hey Simon,
    Read your article with much interest and gained a lot of information from it.
    One question though : The foods listed as being bad for us, would the opposite be true for people trying to gain weight ?
    I know of someone who is desperate to gain a bit of weight, and was wondering if this was a way to go.
    Just curious to know.

    • Well in short the answer would be a resounding yes BUT HOWEVER to eat the opposite would be deemed as crazy because of all of the added risk and health negatives/implications that goes along with it so no I personally do not think it is worth the risk just for physical satisfaction. It is nothing short of a quick fix to a metabolic situation.

  7. Great, informative post. I have a little bit of background on the different types of fats but it is always good to get a refresher on what fats to avoid and what fats to include in your diet! The most important thing people forget is that fats are a necessary part of your healthy diet! You just need to try to limit the bad fats and focus more on the good ones!

    Thanks for the post!

    • As I have previously stipulated not all fats can or should be associated with weight gain as mono and poly unsaturated fats are actually good for us and are a requirement for the human body.

  8. Great, informative post. I have a little bit of background on the different types of fats but it is always good to get a refresher on what fats to avoid and what fats to include in your diet! The most important thing people forget is that fats are a necessary part of your healthy diet! You just need to try to limit the bad fats and focus more on the good ones!

    Thanks for the post!

    • Yes that is exactly right my friend. You see some people think of the word fat and associate it with weight gain but as you are aware yourself, you need certain polyunsaturated and mono unsaturated fats contained in your diet.

  9. Great sources. No doubt, you’re an authority in the industry.

    • Well I don’t know about an authority but I do have a wealth of personal experience which was gained be being 5 stone (70lbs) over weight lol.

    • I am trying to be yes but it is so very hard on account of it being oh so competitive. But alas with a lot of these sites giving out incorrect advice I hope to one day be THE authority on the subject lol.

  10. This post is filled with great information that people who are looking to lose weight need to see. There can be alot misconceptions about fats and most people think all fats are bad which in fact isn’t true.

    • This is Very very true the body requires fat to function properly.

  11. Great Information – Nice site. Easy to navigate clean, precise, to the point.

    • Thank you sorry I overlooked your kind remark I wasn’t aware of it.


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