Halo Fryer Review: No One Wants To Give Up Their Favourite Foods

By | April 6, 2019

Here we have the superb Halo fryer review. Because we may need to slim down, we will need to get rid or stop eating any junk food. This is a must if you have to lose weight.

Well with this Halo fryer no-one wants to give up their favorite food, right? So, I aim to give tell you honestly about this item and all of its pros and some of its cons. If indeed there are any cons?


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Not only can you roast but you can saute and bake your foods as well. With this amazing fryer, you can take one of the foods that man people will eat. Chips.


And with this special piece of kit, it will cook and brown evenly a kilogram of these chips. And, with just half a tablespoon of oil. I am very aware that some of you won’t have replaced your “Normal” cooking. Especially with the likes of olive oil.

So you should still go ahead and do this!) If you do not make this modification chips are considered one of the foods on my what not to eat list of consumables.

Pros Of The Halo Fryer

  • There is a fan that assists the instant dual heat source. This will mean no long wait to start cooking your favorite meals. Including chips and wedges.
  •  Do not forget there it takes only half a tablespoon of (healthy) oil to do 1 kg of chips. That is over 99% less than your average 3-liter deep fat fryer.
  • Tilting cooking function and rotating non-stick bowl keeps food moving and cooking evenly.
  • There is also a grill function that proves ideal for bacon and fish. Plus there is a removable roasting rack that allows you to drain off excess oil for a healthier meal.
  • There are a dishwasher safe removable lid and bowls so it easy to wash.
  • This delightful apparatus has a very large 1.25-kilogram holding capacity. Enough easily to cook for a family of four.
  •  It works of 12.3 kws, and so it only costs 18 p an hour to use. Which I think is absolutely brilliant, so that you really can cook cheap meals. Please don’t forget to keep regularly checking your progress with some bathroom scales as you will need to track your improvements. Here is one set for my US cousins

 Cons Of The Halo Fryer

There were no cons at present. At the time of writing this article.

Once you have got your diet under control. Then, all that you need to have is the other half of the fix. This in order for your weight loss attempt to be a success. I am of course referring to the exercise. Got to this link “Home gym fitness equipment” to see some hand-chosen items which will take you to success with your weight loss.

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16 thoughts on “Halo Fryer Review: No One Wants To Give Up Their Favourite Foods

  1. Javier

    Wow , The Halo fryer is very curious and versatile too. Man, it fries, grills, bake, you have a portable kitchen here man. Didn’t see that coming from just a simple hat. MY god you really surprise me with this product. I just put a bookmark on this post. Very very impressive product you just review here. Great Job man

    1. simon

      thank you my friend and yes the Halo fryer really is a good option isn’t it. The unhealthy oil is practically gone and thank you for your kind words.

  2. Patrick

    Thanks for the information, Simon. I appreciate how thorough your review was on the Halo fryer. And that you have a rating /score as well as a link to the item on Amazon. I am aware that I, for one, am always looking for quick and easy ways to prepare healthy meals. Especially, for when I have to host a party!

    1. Simon

      Well sir kudos to you for eating healthily then. Dinner parties though are also a good time to introduce your guests to healthy food too as people are always swapping recipes so maybe? You could do that?

  3. The Fat Guy

    Hello Simon,
    I really like the Halo Fryer. The fact that it fries foods that won’t kill you is very appealing.
    The price is in pounds though, so it is over a $100 and that could be a bit spendy.
    You can roast with it? Bake with it?
    Have you tried to do these things with it yet?
    I look forward to hearing your answers because I am very interested in this product.

    The Fat Guy

    1. Simon

      Hi there I can send you one in $ if you like 🙂 yes you can do those too. As a matter of fact. It is an excellent item indeed.

  4. Yishan

    Hi Simon,
    The Halo Fryer is a great fryer which can save a lot of oil. Not only can roast but also can bake food. I am sure I can make the chicken nuggets with it, right? Looks very easy to use and clean. I think the oven can take a break for a while.

    1. simon

      🙂 Good, I am very glad that you can make good use of one. They are extremely healthy indeed. As far as fried foods go anyway lol.

  5. Igor


    I must admit, you got me interested. Half a tablespoon of oil to do 1 kg of chips? That is amazing!
    I don`t have fryer at home cause it uses big amounts of oil. This really looks like the solution for that. I think I`ll need to get one.

    Thanks for the info!

  6. Enid @BeginPreppingNow.com

    This is an amazing product!! I have been thinking about a fryer, but didn’t want the extra oil for cooking or storing. This is awesome! Thanks

    1. Simon

      Great thank you, I’m glad you like it. I spent hours researching various “Healthy” Fryers before I settled upon this one. But in all honesty, this seemed the best one that I came across. I know storing the oil is a pain isn’t it? And every time you reuse it there always seems to be a mess around it lol.

  7. Pet

    Hey Great site. I didn’t realize you could “fry” chips without a deep fryer and lots of oil. Will have to check this out. Thanks

    1. Simon

      Haha yeah, you most certainly can and it’s strange how we use new tech’ to cook old tried and tested foods these days. Always improving by not having loads of unhealthy oil.


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