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Butter vs Margarine, Nutritional Values Listed Here

Butter Vs Margarine, Nutritional Values Listed Here. A Photo Of Some Margerine Being Spread On Some Bread.

Well now, butter vs margarine, nutritional values listed here for your reading pleasure. Most people have heard about butter and how it is meant to be very fattening for you. And that you should indeed swap over to margarine. Well,  this “advice” came out some twenty odd years ago. Since then, there has been a […]

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Is Fresh Fruit Fattening, Are You Seriously Asking This?

Photograph Of A Bowl Of Fresh Fruit, Oranges, Bananas, Black (Purple) And White (Green) grapes.

Well come on now, is fresh fruit fattening, are you seriously asking this? Don’t be silly. There are very few foods as beneficial for you as fruits are. Not only are they delicious, but they are also jam-packed full of great vitamins and minerals which are needed by the body. Plus, eating fresh fruit should […]

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Are Crumpets Fattening? Tasty, Delicious Yet Fat Conscious

They Look Stunning But Are Crumpets Fattening?

Now, no-one knows more than I, the taste of melted butter on your freshly made crumpet is awesome. But are crumpets fattening you are quite rightly wondering? In the post that follows, I shall reveal all there is to know about the humble crumpet. And also, its impact on your health. We will strip back […]

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Is Cake Fattening? Well Of Course It Is

Photograph Of A Two Tiered Cake. But Is Cake Fattening, Well Of Course It Is

The very simple answer to is cake fattening is, yes, it most definitely is. Although its taste can take you away on a delightful journey, it has a lot of awful ingredients for us. Why,? That is so typical I know, of something that tastes so delicious but, is so bad for us and our diets! […]

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