Healthy Drinks Other Than Water Can Be Drank

|Some great healthy drinks other than water
With this juicing and blending, you can choose many healthy drinks other than water. You can have them sweet or dry dependant on your taste preference. There is no better way to ingest all of the bodies required vitamins and minerals. They are fantastic, and they are straightforward to prepare.

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Juicing/blending is on the increase in the society of today as we are slowly becoming more aware of the health benefits. They can aid in the prevention of certain illnesses. Such as cancers, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure, and the list goes on.

Green juices, for example, are a great drink with the help of weight loss. (Dependant on the time they are drunk) They can provide a whole day’s worth of vitamins and minerals in just one juice. (meeting your recommended daily allowance.  Or RDA for short.)

We will enter into further detail as you go more into the site. We use green juices for example only. As there is a lot of flavors and fruits and vegetables, you can have to drink.

Are These Healthy Drinks Other Than Water Bad?

It is often said by those people who do it, as they feel much better as a result, that juices do lift “one’s mood” and they feel much healthier. However, there are those among us who would do juicing a wrong turn. By claiming it is “no good for us.” That is an incorrect statement to make when we know what goodness each of the ingredients it has in it.


Sadly we fear the people who say this, will not have any experience or knowledge of juicing as all of my research says the opposite. If then, these people took some time to research the subject. Then they, as I have, will find just how incredibly healthy it is to our bodies.

 Sadly they have probably been misinformed about the drinking method as well by other people who guess.

A Lot Of Mixes

Throughout this site, you are going to find recipes for amazing juices that you can readily have. As I say, there are a lot of mixes you can “throw” together.

So we think it is just a case of trial and error. That is until you find one that you like. Although, it may take a while because of the high number of choices available to us.


Nowhere on this planet can you possibly find all of these vitamins and minerals in just one item of foodstuff (drink) unless that is you take supplements or indeed pills for weight loss?

 The last things I say I definitely would not recommend. Because a lot of them still need approval. And, they will not get it. This healthy “alternative” would be much better than swallowing any pill.

Another common misconception is at mealtimes we should drink lots and lots of fluid. While a little aid in our digestion yes, too much has an adverse effect!

For example, drinking cold water does speed up your metabolism as your body needs to expend energy warming it up to body temperature plus the fact that there are no calories or fats and sugars in would think that it is all great.

However, recent studies have shown that you cannot lose weight by drinking water with meals as the energy the body uses up trying to bring the water to the correct body temperature means that spending it on the digestion process will not be happening.

That, in turn, means that it does not rid the body of all of the bad things about the food and they will go on to get stored. In short, drinking fluid is fabulous for digestion but not it would appear is drinking too much cold water.

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Please leave any comments or queries regarding weight loss below, and I will reply to you within 24 hours.

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Secondly please be aware. The rate at which the weight will decrease will all depend on the individual’s metabolic rate.

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4 thoughts on “Healthy Drinks Other Than Water Can Be Drank”

  1. Hey Simon!
    So, when is the best time to juice, if it’s for weight loss? I’m sure I shouldn’t do that at night, but I’m usually gone during the day and too busy getting ready for work in the mornings. If I’m not going to my daughter’s gymnastics practice right away (after work), then I could probably juice after I get home, before I start on Supper.
    I don’t know who started that rumor that certain fruits were bad for you. People are just ignorant to the facts.
    Thanks for the info,
    ~ Melinda

    1. Well Mel, It has been reported through several studies that drinking a juice in the morning on an empty stomach is the preferred way and it is most beneficial to us when consumed/ingested then. Why not make one up the night before and fridge it for the morning and that way you’ll be off to a flyer 🙂 hope this helps ya 🙂

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