Healthy Foods For Lunch, Try Some Of This Delicious Food

By | November 7, 2015

What Foods Do I Eat

Most of us want to eat the right stuff during the day, but don’t know what? You should try these healthy foods for lunch.”What foods do I eat?” Hmm well, in this article I shall list some fantastic foods that you CAN eat which are extremely helpful towards getting or keeping yourself really healthy.

You see the problem with the “Do It Yourself” diet generally is this lack of knowledge as to what foods will aid us in our quest and it allows us to consume foods which although may taste great, supply us with no health benefits whatsoever.

Try These Healthy Food For Lunch, Tomatoes, Chicken ans Lettuce With Some Sprouts.

Now we really should research foodstuffs. That has to be the initial starting point to eating healthily. I presume that you have heard of the saying “knowledge is power” right?

Well, this applies to any weight loss attempt you are going to make. I fail to see the point of participating in any dietary plan if you don’t know exactly what benefits you get from eating that particular food.

It surely is not good enough just to know that it is meant to be good for you. Then you must apply that knowledge you have learned so you can go off and find other foods that contain those vitamins and minerals as well and immediately you have expanded on the choices of foods available to you. Research is your friend my dear.


Photograpgh of A Prawn Salad

Right, I am now going to list some foods that are very healthy for you to save you a little research. These foods not only curb your hunger but will contain a lot of vitamins and minerals too.

However the best thing you can do is research this food that I am mentioning, locate the really healthy benefits that I will highlight and as previously alluded to use some of your new found knowledge and go out on your own and find different foodstuffs that contain the same ingredient.

These are often included in some of the best diets to lose weight fast and for good reason.

However, prior to choosing the food, there is simply one thing you must be made aware of. Make sure it contains no saturated or trans fats and that the sugar content is low. (5 grams or less) If you eat foods that contain a high amount of these ingredients then they will fail you in your weight loss attempt it is a foregone conclusion

Though it must be said now though that before I was made aware of the help you can receive from outside parties, I was never able to shift my excess weight, It was only when I opened my eyes to the possibilities of help from these outside parties can offer that my confidence and vigour started to return.

I did spend some money on products that I needed and slowly but surely my weight began to shed. Nowadays I reflect back to when I was borderline obese and to think I would still be there had I tried to do this all alone on my own.

With the help that I received through my purchases, I finally lost the weight I had been rebelling against and am now more proud of myself than I have ever been.

Some Healthy Foods For Lunch

What are healthy foods for lunch then, well, listed below are some great weight loss foods you can eat with absolutely zero guilt. In fact, there should be 100% happiness as they will be incredibly beneficial to you instead.

#1 Bananas

Bananas are healthy foods for lunch, A Bunch Of 4.

These delicious fruits are perfect for a go-to snack if you do not feel particularly hungry. They are full of potassium and slow release carbohydrates which give us energy. Potassium may lead to a decreased risk of heart failure and heart disease in general so it is always good to have inside you.

#2 Eggs


Eggs Are Healthy Foods Like All Of The Eggs With A With A Sprig Of Thyme.

Eggs are a fantastic provider of protein which I am sure many of you have heard of. Protein is a really important mineral for weight loss as it helps you to feel fuller for that much longer. Thus you will not need to fill up on any “junk” or empty calorie food and drinks.Try making an omelet or similar as they are very easy to make and will keep you going for hours.

#3 Mackerel

Mackerel is good for lunch like this fish here.

Also known as Maccarello this slender fish is held in high regard as a healthy food stuff. The mackerel contains many essential vitamins and minerals, not least omega 3 oil. It contains vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, K.

#4 Salads

Salads are really healthy foods like this chopped one here

These are an absolute breeze to prepare. They are so easy maybe even your son or daughter could lend a hand in the preparation and you could rouse an interest within them about foods? Especially these healthy ones.

To make them a little more interesting you could add green and red peppers and cooked meats although please ensure that if there is any visible fat, it is removed. When it comes to dressing it use a low-fat dressing or better yet none at all.

#5 Chicken And Couscous

great lunch food is couscous with this chicken and mushroom one here shown.

Here is a fantastic idea for a lunch. It is both relatively cheap and very easy to prepare. Why not buy some chicken breasts and some couscous and cook some.

It really will fill you up and there is no sugar and hardly any bad fat in the chicken. If you want to spice it up a little then add a little of your spices, chili etc and/or peas, sweetcorn as some examples.

#6 Tuna Wraps

Lovely tuna wraps for lunch

These healthy foods for lunch are even easier than the chicken and couscous to do. And you can do them really quickly if you do not have a lot of time. Go for the tuna that is in spring water.

This contains way less bad fat. In order to add a delicious extra taste to it, you can add a boiled egg chopped into four along with some salad and a touch of mayonnaise. Make sure though that it is mayonnaise light.

Then you will be receiving a great amount of protein, vitamins and minerals, omega 3 and all in one item with little fat a few calories.

What you will Need

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If eating these healthy foods for lunch just isn’t enough for you. Then our recommendation would be to go for the number 1 dieting company out there at the moment. Read the review about right here.

Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll reply within 24 hours.



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10 thoughts on “Healthy Foods For Lunch, Try Some Of This Delicious Food

  1. ArtByHeart

    Salads, bananas, eggs and fatty fish such as mackerels are some of my favourite foods! Bananas are a post-workout meal, which I simply love, so much better than shakes! Eggs and fish are my healthy proteins of choice, as I don’t eat meat. And Salads…oh yeah, I eat one every day that I am not fasting. It’s my beloved lunch, I love to make one with avocados, rocket salad, raw spinach, tomatoes, ramiro peppers and radish shoots. Add eggs, feta cheese or fish. Drizzle with some lemon juice, pumpkin seed and spicy olive oil!

    1. Simon Watson Post author

      Well now, YOU ARE EXCEEDINGLY HEALTHY aren’t you lol. You put even me to shame, you must are so unfortunate to have any medical issues with a diet that consists of that. Have you looked up the Johanna Budwig diet, that could be extremely helpful to you and you present ailment, seriously, read about here mate.

  2. Gesit Ramadyan

    Hi Simon, In fact, I love all of the six food items on your list, but I never eat those foods for lunch 🙂 I was thinking a simple dish like eggs or chicken would not help me on reducing my weight, seems to be a lot of fat in egg or chicken, but after reading your article, I see that categorized as healthy food, so I will consider it for my lunch menu 😀 as Asian, I eat a lot of rice, yep, I know that is a lot of sugar inside it. Do you know what kind of food for my rice replacement that taste good?

  3. Joon

    I’ve been trying to watch what I eat since my doctor declared I have a high cholesterol problem. Despite of being more active and not eating as much as over weight folks, I’m trying to watch what I eat so it may help me with my cholesterol problem. I’ve been eating most of the stuff listed here but haven’t tried tuna wrap. What would you suggest for the wrap? I know there are different types of wraps.

    1. simon

      Hi there and thank you for your comment. You could always opt for tuna and sweetcorn as they go well together and if you are feeling really adventurous you could add some cheese to the mix. Trust me that is flippin delicious it really is. Healthy plus it will definitely fill a gap up and deter you from snacking on rubbish to curb your hunger.

  4. Marsha

    Really great picks!! I feel great considering I had two bananas for dinner (wasn’t on purpose). Are you familiar with the banana diet where all they eat is nothing but bananas? I’m not sure if I could do that. It seems a little extreme, but it seems to bring results.

    1. simon

      Yes bananas are great for you with lots of nutrients and minerals and low in calories to. Please look at for lots more info’ if you’ve not already done so. And I to agree this stupid fad diet of eating nothing but then is absolutely ridiculous we need to eat a balanced diet with nutrients coming from different foodstuffs a lot which the banana doesn’t contain. Thank you for your comment.

  5. renelyn

    The healthy menu for lunch I love the garlic, you have any techniques in preparing garlic snacks? That to make it odorless. Looking forward to your DIY in garlic procedure and tips to make it preservative.


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