There is no doubt that we need high fiber foods for weight loss. Losing weight is a challenge for many. But with a little focus, determination and of course the proper diet, you can do it too.

Do We Need A High Fiber Diet?

Some believe that going through a diet session is having boring foods. Foods with barely any taste at all. However, we say that you need to update your thinking.

Going through a diet doesn’t mean skipping all your favorites. Instead, the definition of dieting has changed a lot, yes, with being aware of fiber and its importance.

Fiber And Its Importance

Surely you must have heard about it in your biology lesson? Although now, it’s time to learn about the ingredient. And especially, the use of it in weight loss.

These Pineapples Are High Fiber Foods For Weight Loss

So let’s take a look at the definition of it

Fiber or dietary fiber indicates the edible plants’ parts or carbohydrates that you can’t efficiently digest. Every plant contains nutritional fibers and some food where you can find it is –

However, it is not only plants, but it is also in some forms like in the shells of shrimp, crab, and lobster, etc

Insoluble Fiber Foods

Are you wondering how these insoluble fiber foods help in our weight loss? Well, dietary fibers keep you feeling full. Because of that, we have the feeling of a fuller stomach after having only a little of your regular food.

With a small quantity intake, you certainly eat fewer calories, and thus, lose weight quickly.

We are all aware of the helpful bacteria that are present in our body. Fiber helps in feeding the bacteria that make their nest in our guts. Keeping them active in the GI tract, it ensures that we experience healthy living.

Some health issues where fiber will become helpful –

  • Fulfills your appetite
  • Helps with weight loss
  • It will look after your cardiovascular health
  • Assists in maintaining the perfect level of blood sugar

A List Of Food With Photographs Of The Foods High In Fiber. Including Plenty Of Nuts

Is Eating Fibre Good For You?

If you are looking for an adequate and quick fix for weight loss, then dietary fibers are the only way. It not only helps you to have a slim look. It will also assist your cardiovascular system.

We are always learning that too much of anything is not good. And same is the case with the dietary fibers. You should maintain your limit of this nutritional foodstuff. And, you should ensure that your body is getting all the benefits, not the disadvantages.

Indeed, too much dietary fiber can affect the human body. It is unlikely, but the ingredient can cause;


  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea or loose stools
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Flatulence
  • Weight gain
  • Intestinal blockage
  • Take blood sugar level to the minimum

Therefore, you will need to have a check on how much you are having. Because high fiber foods for weight loss will not help you by itself. Although in some cases, it can increase your weight for a short time. BEWARE.

How Much Fiber Do You Need In A Day?

Levels of fiber intake for an adult male

  • Age of 50 or less – 38g
  • Age more than 50 – 30g

Levels of fibers intake for adult women

  • Age of 50 or less – 25g
  • Age more than 50 – 21g

What you should eat as children

Age group:

  • 1 to 3: 19g
  • 1 to 8: 25g
  • 9 to 13: 26g for female and 31g for male
  • 14 to 18: 26g for a girl and 38g for a man

High Fiber Foods For Weight Loss

Well, you can consider many meals with it for weight loss.  Including them in the right proportion in your diet, you will feel the beneficial effect.

We have come along with four high fiber dietary food. Although, you can count on it for weight loss and health management. Let’s take a look –


Do you have the habit of chewing every time, or do you feel hungry more often than you should? Then start your day with an oatmeal breakfast. That is the high fiber food for weight loss that helps you to stay full until lunchtime.

Instead, look it as standard, with fat-free milk and water, with a serving of fruit toppings. You will have a massive surprise at the result.


Whoever on the earth doesn’t like soup? But undoubtedly, when you are looking for high fiber foods for weight loss, you will need to eat some of it. Because you are not only getting the benefit of fiber, but also protein in the legumes.

Moreover, there are soups made with potatoes and butternut squash. That is undoubtedly one of the more wholesome meals that your body requires.


How often do you eat kidney beans, black beans, and garbanzo beans? If not in recent times, then start including that.

They are delicious, and, it is useful for us. That is a rare combination that comes along in any dietary session. A half-cup of any of these beans will provide you 6gms of fiber. You surely can’t miss it.


Above all, do you need a dietary fiber? Does that count along with a lot of health benefits? Well, yes, plus, you can get it from seeds like the flax or the chia. These, you can include in your weight-loss regimes.

In a tablespoon, these seeds add 3 gm of fiber.

Take a look and get yourself slim and healthy with the benefits of high fiber foods for weight loss.


It is without question that eating one is a top way of getting some fiber into your diet. Yes, it is one of the best high fiber foods for weight loss.

Although I must say this, you need to eat them raw to be sure of getting the most fiber they offer. For example, when 2 cups, one containing fresh oranges, and one containing canned ones have a test. It will find that the canned fruit will have only half the amount of fiber — 50 % less.

Canned Pumpkin

You can say the opposite of canned pumpkin. If only one cup of canned pumpkin is measured, it is found to contain a high 7.1 g of fiber. However, one cup of boiled raw pumpkin contains only 2.2 g of fiber. So, eat it from a can if you want to eat one of the best fiber foods for weight loss.


Only one cup of sliced raw carrots will contain a large 3.2 g of fiber. Now, granted, the number is not as high as the canned pumpkin. However, it is still a super number of them. So get slicing and eating some carrots if that is the case.

Dried Figs

Dried figs are initially from the middle east. Unlike fresh figs that have a short shelf-life, dried figs will last a lot longer. They are sun-dried, and this process removes all of the water from them.

In terms of dietary fiber, the fruit has more than any other one. These have a large 10.9 g in one 260 g cup. The moral of that, eat more dried figs if you want high fiber foods for weight loss.


A 2/3 of a cup of the foodstuff will contain around 3 g of dietary fiber. However, a serving of bulgar that you cook will contain 4 g of fiber. So, in other words, this high fiber food for weight loss is better when it is raw in terms of fiber content.


Almonds are another tremendously high fiber food for weight loss. A single almond will have 1.3 grams of fiber. And that being just one. In 100g of them, 12 g is fiber. That is a considerable amount too. And along with the healthy fats they contain, they could be a perfect high fiber food for weight loss.


Eating apples have rapidly become the fifth most popular fruit to eat in the USA. And that is for a good reason. The small apple in around five ounces will contain 3.5 grams of fiber. That is excellent and is on top of all of the other health benefits of this fruit.

Whole Grain Pasta

A standard one-cup serving of spaghetti will deliver you 2.5 g of fiber. Now, I am aware that the amount is not as high as some of the others. It is, however, still an amount at which you should not sniff.

Bran Flakes

Now we come to my personal favorite, bran flakes. These are great relievers of constipation as well as maintaining a healthy GI tract. The fiber content will come in at this – Two tablespoons of raw wheat bran contain 4.6 grams of fiber. The bran flake certainly should be one of your high fiber foods for weight loss.


Now, this is where your fiber content spikes tremendously. That is because, in only one cup of the chopped foodstuff, it contains a massive 91 g. A five-inch spear of broccoli will also have a lot of fiber too. It will have a considerable 31 g.

Kidney Beans

Another very high fiber content food is the kidney bean.  In only one cup of this foodstuff, there are 184 g. Yes, it is another high fiber food for weight loss, which makes this list.

Pomegranate Seeds

Similar to some of the others, this high fiber food will have around 7 grams of fiber in one cupful. It does not contain the most. However, it is still worth considering.


Again, a massive amount of fiber is in these little things. There are 145 grams of it in only one cup. Now, their bittersweet taste may not be to everyone’s liking, but if you can stomach them, then they will be well worth it.

High Fiber Foods For Weight Loss Roundup

So, there you have it, 17 high fiber foods for weight loss. When you read it, re-read it and learn them all. Above all, try to include some of them in your diet, as they are all healthy and proper weight loss foods.

Therefore, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.