How Healthy Is Banana? The Answer Is Very, But You Decide!

What are the benefits of bananas



Well, there is a lot to say about this fruit. But, how healthy is banana in general? Well, they are 4th largest fruit crop in the world. We all know what a banana looks like but probably didn’t know the technical term herbaceous perennial.

Just how healthy is banana? Like the ones which are shown here.

Not only are they an excellent foodstuff for us. But the banana is a kind of symbol of warm tropical countries where they grow most readily due to this kind of climate. It is an excellent flowering plant whose fruits we to enjoy eating.

The Banana Tree

The fruits themselves develop parthenocarpically. That means that the plant does not require pollination, and thus, where there is a banana tree/plant, you will nearly always find the fruits. Bananas.

When cross-pollination does occur, it is with the wild types, and this results in seeded varieties of the banana. Just imagine a seeded banana? The banana will grow in most soils as long as it has good drainage.

With this said, what does it mean for you? I hear you wonder?four juicy ripe bananas ready to be eaten.

Now I’m sure that most of us assume that because it is a fruit. Then it has to be good for us, right? Most people think up until that point. But I am going to say to you its many benefits. If you do not eat bananas regularly? Then I aim to steer you towards the eating of these delicious fruits.

How Healthy Is Banana? The Benefits

  •  For number one – They are by far and away from the most natural way without taking supplements to get the mineral potassium inside you. Now, within the medical community, they believe that potassium is an excellent reliever of high blood pressure. That is something that is in  this book


A big bunch of bananas

  • Another benefit of the potassium in these bananas is that they slow down the excretion of calcium in our urine. Calcium is what most forms the harrowing feature of kidney stones. So what do we take from this? That’s right eating bananas helps to fend these irritations (all be it painful ones) off.


  • Take a moment to think, have you ever seen athletes or sports stars eating a banana or two before their performance? Of course, you have! Unless it has something to do with their sponsors, they choose to eat these over those often unhealthy “Sports drinks” and “sports nutrition” bars as these are full of harmful ingredients in fact.

How Healthy Is Banana, More Benefits

  • An excellent benefit for weight loss is the fact that they are only around 100 calories, which are nothing for the energy that they WILL provide to you. They are just sweet enough to to be able to satisfy a person’s often occurring sweet tooth.


  • So there is one major positive to eating bananas. Just replace all your “junk ” foods and bad snack foods with a banana or two. They will curb your hunger pangs as well as provide you with much-needed energy. The energy that you probably weren’t aware you lacked in until you eat these fruits. And then you realize your bodies full potential when it has power. Surely getting rid of all of these “junk” foods is suitable for your weight. Well, let me categorically tell you it is!.


  • As well as potassium they contain, they also have a considerable amount of vitamin B6, manganese, and magnesium.

How Healthy Is Banana? More Benefits


  • They are fantastic for enhancing your mood for the better, and they also help to reduce stress levels. There’s an essential, essential amino acid that is Tryptophan. You can only have it in the body from the foodstuffs that we eat.


  • Although bananas are not a massive deliverer of this amino acid, they do contain some so you will be boosting your level of this every time you consume one. Tryptophan, as I said previously, helps to regulate your stress levels.


  • There is currently some speculation taking place about the bananas cancer-fighting properties. They have links to us producing TNF-a ( tumor necrosis factor) Now, experts say this compound encourages and even helps in the production of white blood cells. Thus a better immune system.

How Healthy Is Banana, Well, You Don’t Have Alone As Well

Please let me remind you that you don’t have them on their own as well. Not if you don’t want to. They are brilliant for cutting up and putting on your cereal, for example, and as for weight loss. Well like I said replace ALL of your “junk” snacks and get all of the health benefits of bananas4

Remember if your desire is true to lose your excess weight, then you will make this small but perfect change in your diet. It may be a small change but the, but it will have a significant effect. The large person (that is you) which you see is something that you will see becoming smaller if you do as I suggest.


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8 thoughts on “How Healthy Is Banana? The Answer Is Very, But You Decide!”

  1. Bananas taste so sweet; if I have them in my house I tend to choose them over other easy access junk foods because I do notice that they affect my mood in a positive way unlike the other garbage that I eat from time to time like chips or drinks like sodas and other juices with high sugar content. I think potassium also helps me out because it makes me have more endurance during excercise and I notice that I feel better when I start to fall asleep afterwards. sometimes when I sleep I will move around frequently and I know part of that is due to the stress but when I eat bananas they make me feel more comfortable.

    Great article!


    1. good Chris good, keep utilizing them. I eat 2 a day every day AND as the article states they are slow release energy so you consistently feel more energetic! Thank you sir for your kind remark.

  2. Hi Simon,
    thanks for the great article on the benefits of bananas. They are probably one of my favourite fruits but i didn’t know there were so many benefits from eating them. is it possible for bananas to have any negative affects on you if you eat to many? I’ve heard that from some people before.

    1. thank you very much and yes bananas are a great great alternative to munching on a packet of crisps or chocolate bar AND they are very healthy for u as u have read. Slow release carbohydrate, great for a level flow of energy. 🙂

  3. Nice write up on Banana’s, they’ve been a staple at my house for forever, it’s generally one of the first things my 2 year old yells when we go to the store. I’ve always known that they were good for me, but I’ve never really read the details of how, so thanks for enlightening me.

    1. you are most welcome Devin and its great to hear that you are already having then so I don’t need to work on you to convert then lol.

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