How To Effectively Lose Weight - Calories: 1 Terrible Pain
How To Effectively Lose Weight, Not By Eating Foods Like This Piece Of Cake

How To Effectively Lose Weight – Calories: 1 Terrible Pain

We all need to know how to effectively lose weight. Well, let’s start with a calorie, which is a unit of energy. But what effect does a calorie have on our weight?

Before I continue, I need you to be aware of something upfront. I am what they call an affiliate. I will receive a small amount of money from anything that you buy from this website.

People were first writing about them way back in the 1800s. We are now fully aware these little units can be a real pain and the nightmare of anyone’s size.

Don’t Count Every Calorie

You do NOT need to count these calories. No, keep a general idea of how many you have eaten. It is much easier this way.

When the body has foods, the nutrients in it will go into the bloodstream. It is there that it changes to glucose or what is known as blood sugar. That is what gives us energy.

What we do not need right now, the will body store for a later date as body fat. It doesn’t matter which food it was from, as long as you’re aware when learning how to effectively lose weight.

Be effective when you want to lose weight
The batter it is fried in is high in calories

How To Effectively Lose Weight

That means that you’ll be aware of how to effectively lose weight if you burn more calories than you eat.

I am not saying that you should never treat yourself to the odd cake, etc. But, make sure you do a little extra exercise to burn off any excess calories.

It is that simple. That is one sure way of how to effectively lose weight.

Although there are ways to eat your favorite foods and still drink your favorite juice. Be sure to cut the amount you are having, down, or drink less of the liquid. (Unless it is water.)

Eating these will not effectively help you to lose weight
There is a vast amount of calories in only one pizza

Maintain, Gain Or Lose Weight

As a very general rule, the average male requires 2500, and the average female needs 2000 calories. That is to keep their body weight the same.

However, someone with a very active lifestyle (i.e., an athlete) will require more calories as they will use a lot of them.

They must eat more to keep their body weight the same. Not like someone who leads a lifestyle where the person does not do much. (Like someone who works behind a desk all day).

You Will Gain Weight If You Are Not Active

If the person eats the average 2500, they will start to get bigger. That is because they are burning none of the calories they are taking on board.

It is why, to some extent, we could all do with knowing how to effectively lose weight. You may find this post BENEFICIAL to you.

certainly not effective when it comes to weight loss. Chocolate is full of calories
Chocolate is full of them too.

In either case, the key to losing weight along with your diet is activity. There’s no point in eating that cake if you’re not going to burn off any calories that are in it.

Weight will be put on, and there are no two ways about it.

Weight Control

I hope that this shows you some of the basic things about weight control. It is the usual thing upon which all of the natural diets begin. Now, of course, you can “Trick” your body into losing weight by using slimming pills/”Aids.”

Some of which may have some work. Although why would you want to cheat and risk harm. Surely not? When you have simple facts and a simple solution in front of you. When I talk of pills, I am not talking about health supplements, by the way.

Eat More Calories Than You Use = Weight Gain

So it would make sense to be aware of this fact. When learning how to effectively lose weight, you should think about this. If we eat more calories than we use, then we must put on weight. It is an absolute fact.

So the sayings spring to mind ” counting the calories” and “you are what you eat.”

You do not have to count your calories. Instead, keep in your memory how many you have roughly had. Also, what activity you do that day.

Doing that is a fantastic way of learning how to effectively lose weight.

Here is a table of what exercises burn off what calories.

Natural Weight Loss Help

As I am saying, I am here to give you more natural weight loss help.

The second saying rings true indeed. Eat too many calories, and you will gain weight. Under eat the RDA ( Recommended daily allowance), and you will see your weight start to decrease.

Remember 2000 calories for females and 2500 for males.

Please, get your diet under control, then, all that you need to have is the other half of the fix. It will show you that you are learning how to effectively lose weight, the right way, very well.

The Exercise Is Good For You

I am, of course, talking about the exercise. Go to this link, “Home gym fitness equipment.” There, you’ll see some items which will take you quickly to be a winner. Your weight loss will be a lot easier.

You will need these along the way of learning how to effectively lose weight.

8 thoughts on “How To Effectively Lose Weight – Calories: 1 Terrible Pain”

  1. Hello,

    I just accidently discovered your blog, and I really like it. It seems that you really want to help people, and I appreciate it!

    I personally like counting calories. I weight my meals every time because I’m trying to maintain a certain percentage of my body fat.

    Keep up the good work man!

  2. Hey Simon, very well explained. Weight loss requires less consumption of calories & less of the sugary stuff. I agree about trying not to cheat with slimming aids plus I’ve heard too many horror stories.

    I’m having the same problem as Roamy i.e. my weight loss has started to slow down as I’m getting older and my desk job doesn’t really help either.

    I’m now trying to eat a lot healthier-less fatty meats, takeaways, chocolate. I purchased a blender to make my own soups and smoothies and go to the gym before work.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Jay and I;m glad you enjoyed more natural weight loss help. So you do the gym thing BEFORE work eh! All power to u then good job mate 😉

  3. Hello
    As l get older and less mobile,the weight just seem to pile up on it`s own.
    While looking for ways to lose weight naturaly i found your post.You have explained everything down to the T and must say l feel confident l can manage to loose weight if l follow your post.
    l realize i take in too many calories,im seated the whole day at work and when l get home,lm too tired and lazy for excercise.
    But im going to improve on that and check what i eat to try and reduce some weight.
    thanks for a very informative post.
    Cheers Roamy

    1. you are most welcome I am glad that it could inspire you to lose your excess as that was the intention of this site to GET PEOPLE TO LOSE THEIR WEIGHT not so as it is socially acceptable but is acceptable from a personal standpoint i.e you 🙂

      thanks for your comment


  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your site :). It has very helpful and informative information. You targeted your audience well and your layout seems to match your theme. All in all not bad at all. Keep up the content generation and you’ll be sure to attract loyal viewers.
    I will be back to see this page again for sure.

    If you could go to my website and leave a comment that would be greatly appreciated as well. (My site is relatively new.) If not then thanks again for the information.

    1. Thanks very much and yes I have tried to make the content a thoroughly interesting as possible. Thank you for your kind remarks

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