How to Lose Weight For A Wedding: Here Is How You Do It For Certain

By | July 18, 2015

When wondering how to lose weight for a wedding there are a number of ways that this can be answered. You can slim by using these so-called miracle cure diet pills. Or you can attempt it the good old fashioned way, and that is a natural way.

The natural way is the way forward as let us face it, when have you ever seen drawings or illustrations of an overweight cave man? Never right?

And don’t forget all they had at their disposal was natural produce not like in a hurried world of processed and “fast” food that we happily consume today.


Back in prehistoric times they simply had to rely on the produce that nature provided for them. Well, why is it then they were much physically healthier than us as a whole? This OF COURSE was due in part to their natural diet.

That coupled with a frequent activity of sorts was a guaranteed way to remain slim and athletic, This is something that has long since been overlooked by the modern society of today.

A Photograaph Of A Bride Looking Out Of The Window, Is She Wondering How To Lose Weight For A Wedding?

Fuller Than The Average Face?

So you really want to know how to lose weight for a wedding. Have you obviously got a fuller than average face then? Or does it appear to you to be much rounder than it has previously been?

Maybe you have those telltale signs, bulges in rather obvious places that are preventing you from wearing that beloved dress or even suit.

Whatever the reason may be, it is rarely too late to achieve the desired weight loss in order for you to comfortably fit in your chosen piece of attire.

Calm Yourself Down

You just need to calm yourself. Let the mild panic subside and continue to read on as I will explain the steps that you need to take in order for you to slim down without question.

Now I say in other posts, you preferably need to take the all natural way to lose the weight. Now the next step will not be a simple thing to do but you must do this, alleviate any “junk” foods from your diet.

This in itself will not be the easiest of tasks. As a lot of these “junk” foods will happen to be either food that you were completely unaware were “junk” foods. And/or you will like the taste of them.

So much so, you will find it disconcerting that you have to leave them well alone. Whichever the case maybe  YOU  HAVE TO STOP EATING THEM as unless you do you will never slim down in time for that special day.

Your Good Foods May Actually Be Bad For You

You must simply remember this. It  (the “junk” food) is only processed foods which are bad for you anyway and they will be full, absolutely packed with sugar to make taste so delicious and we should by now realize what a detrimental effect sugar has for our weight in any case.

Eliminating this source of BAD food intake from our diets is a very important step to take. You will be sure to drop a dress size or two simply by leaving this rubbish well alone and guys!

You really must curb your pint swilling as well as these are just empty calories. Sorry to say this as most of us men like a pint. But, we must know that if something is really important to us then you will have to sacrifice this.

What I mean by this the words empty calories is that beer is extremely calorific. Although, it provides little in the way of nutrients and vitamins for our body. So you increase your weight whilst gaining nothing else physical at all in this process.  LEAVE WELL ALONE PLEASE.

So, How To Lose Weight For A Wedding Then?

In eating healthy you will not only improve your so desired physical appearance but you internally will start to gain much more in the way of health as a healthy diet menu must be followed in order for you to achieve that goal of wearing your chosen garment.

It is perfectly reasonable to expect to lose a lot of weight. But you should measure this realistically by the time you have left before the big day.

If you have a couple of months then the odd half a stone here or there is not an unrealistic amount of time provided you do FOLLOW the advice given thus far.

It goes without saying that more than this will require more time, but it can definitely be achieved given that the diet is firmly in place and you possess the motivation with which to achieve your crowning moment.

Then comes what some may see as be the harder of the two main things. These will for sure allow you to look your best for the big day. This is the dreaded E word. EXERCISE.Again A Workout For Getting Your Arms Trim And In Shape And Also It Improves Your Overall Fitness By Doing 10 Arm Swings, 10 Press Ups, 5 Chair Dips, 3 Burpees, 10 Wall Push Ups, 10 Arm Swings, 15 Second Plank

Find An Exercise You Enjoy

Firstly, you should find one not only are you happy with. But, realistically one that you think you could possibly enjoy too. There is little or no point in choosing to perform  an exercise that before you even attempt it you already loathe it with a passion.

This will just turn into a reason to avoid ever doing it. Because you already hate it so much.

When you have found one that you will be happy to do on a regular basis you must stick with it no matter what.

You see, once you have got your diet under control. Then, you will be aware that how to lose weight for a wedding. Ha, it will not be a question that you need to ask yourself again. All that you need to have is the other half of the equation. In order for your weight loss attempt to be a success. To what am I referring? The exercise of course.

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4 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight For A Wedding: Here Is How You Do It For Certain

  1. Dieter

    It is good on this how to lose weight for a wedding post. As we must start far ahead, which means I need to plan my next wedding a little earlier. The yo-yo effect is the one which is hitting us hard since we do it only for looking good on the pictures we get it up faster than down.

    1. Simon Watson Post author

      Thank you Dieter, yes my post is to help your bride lose the weight in plenty of time for their wedding. But however, it is not only to look good? It should be for your overall and continuous health aswell. Don’t you agree?

  2. steven

    This is a really good article as I am getting married next year and need to lose about a stone I have a year to do it but no doubt I will leave it to late to get in shape, do you have any tips for motivation


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