I Am Fat I Know It: What You Need To Do About It

I Am Fat I Know It

Find A Mirror

Here’s something to try unless of course, you are body dysmorphic that is. Find a mirror and go and stand in front of it. Say out loud “I am fat I know it.” There you go it wasn’t so hard, was it.

You have just made a bold statement, and now you are left with two choices. Ignore what you just said and carry on with your life, or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

aaaaYou probably at present you are pretty fed up with your life. You are fed up with clothes not fitting right. Unhappy at people staring at you. I mean unhappy. And if you are young, then maybe you’re fed up with not being OK with it, or not even able to take part in your favorite sports/Activities.

Fear not though, as if you have read this site then you know this for a fact. There is a proverbial light at the end of what seems a very dark tunnel. The statement you have just made is the first step to take on a long journey towards losing the weight you so desire. And, if you feel that you have left it, then, slipping back into society.

Be True To Yourself

Now here’s a question for you and be true to yourself. Be honest about this. As this is going to be the brutal truth we are looking at here. HOW MUCH JUNK DO YOU EAT

I am not a betting man, but if I were to hazard a guess, then the answer would be a resounding “Far too much” You may not even know what bad foods you are eating.

If you like sweet things, you need to cut out/down on sugar intake for example. It is an absolute must do if you are to reclaim your slender frame.

AAAAAHere take a look at my healthy diet menu that is designed to improve your nutritional intake dramatically. To add further to your nutrition and mineral intake and you may well want to try these ten juicing recipes.

Well now, as a matter of fact, there is no getting around it. It all starts with the basics, diet. You see, you need to think of your body as an engine. Now if you put low-performance fuel in then, you will get low-performance out of it. And vice versa.

That can then further develop into other mechanical problems. It can also blow a plume of colored smoke out of the exhaust which means it is not “breathing” properly. It is much like the human (YOU) getting out of breath quickly.


I Am Fat I Know It

It can have a sluggish response when you press the accelerator. Saying I am fat I know it is not the be all and end all though. As this is much like you running up the stairs to fetch something from the bedroom. It is not because of your breathlessness.

It is because you have spent so long without exercise and a poor diet. Therefore, your muscles have to work extra hard to do the things you ask of them. It is a considerable effort. Again, there is a similarity to be drawn here. Do you see what I mean?


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Just remember that when you say, I am fat I know it then only YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And, as with any weight loss campaign, your results will differ significantly depending on your metabolism.


It will avoid any unpleasant side effects or chemicals out completely!

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  1. Obesity is one of the main epidemics of our time. There are some who would really benefit from taking your advice, but I worry for the people who have body dysmorphic disorders! The last thing they need is to go to the mirror and tell themselves that they’re fat.

    1. This is very true Lauren, and it is unfortunate I know, but I cannot help anyone who is body dysmorphic. They should seek professional medical help on this matter

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