Is Beef Good For You? Find Out Here

By | January 26, 2018

You are quite right in asking yourself is beef good for you? For this you really do need to read on as I will be listing some very important facts about it.

First off let me start by saying this, if our ancestors had not eaten red meats then our brains would only be a quarter of the size that they are now at this stage of our evolution. Recent studies have proved/Shown this to be true.

1 Of A Heard Of Highland Beef Cattle

Beef contains a lot of protein in it which is a great building block when it comes to the body making very healthy hormones which in turn leads us to possess strong and lean muscle.

Compared to wheat and grains the minerals that the beef contains are much more easily absorbed by the body than them. This is a fact.

Beef is also packed with B vitamins and this along with its easily absorbed minerals go towards a very healthy body indeed.

There Are Some Negatives However

This said however, there are some negatives to eating beef and really is beef good for you, well I feel that I must mention some points about it!

About 60 or so years ago farmers began feeding there livestock (In this case cattle) with antibiotics. This was done to make the cattle grow that much bigger, and we all know what that means right, yes, some of you readers will have guessed that it means a bigger profit. (you see it is always about the money unfortunately.)

A Rack Of Beef

Human Antibiotics Caused This

Now since some 60 or so years ago the use of these human antibiotics has become very popular and much more widespread, giving rise to larger animal sure, but, this helped to produce bacteria in the cows which obviously became resistant to human antibiotics. So in short if you do get sick eating beef then it is very hard to treat on account of this.

I am certainly not saying that you will become sick from eating beef, it is just something to note if you should do!

So I guess you would be correct in thinking that if eating beef and other red meats is potentially very unhealthy for us then how come total meat eating animals do not have that problem. Well, let me explain this to you.

It is all about the sugar NEU5gc. This is a naturally occurring sugar found in all carnivores. This sugar however is as studies have shown, not present in the human body.

Is Beef Good For You, We'll Start By Trying This Good Sized Cut Of It!

What This Means

Well, this is what this means for us humans. The body reacts to this “foreign” sugar in red meats as if it is a harmful invader and as it tries to “fight” it so the immune system weakens and hence becomes more susceptible to viruses and other harmful bacteria.

Listed here is one other major concern to eating beef. The WHO (World Health Organisation)  has categorized beef as being potentially as harmful as smoking and asbestos exposure. It can lead to certain cancers as some of the meat is processed. We all know that processed foods are a no go food choice for anyone on a diet right?

But surely then this will beg the question what about unprocessed meats like steaks for example. Well, this is in the category of “probably carcinogenic” so I guess in truth it is not proven either way whether is can lead to potential cancers or not. This is mind you something that you should also be made aware of!

Type ii Diabetes

The eating of red meats may lead to the onset of type ii diabetes. Although sufferers of this disease are for the most part fine (providing it is monitored on a regular basis) it is thought by healthcare professionals to sometimes be brought about by the consumption of red meats including beef.

Can You Get Fat From Eating Beef?

The short answer to this question would be YES you certainly can although it greatly depends on the cut of the beef which you purchase.

A great example of this is if you had an X sized piece of steak and an X sized piece of chicken. Well, the steak contains a very big 30% more calories than the chicken. Which as I’m sure you would agree is worrying if you are wishing to lose weight fast.

Some may use the word surprisingly, and I do, a study showed that overweight people who chose not to eat any meat for six months lost on average 16.4 lbs which I found amazing but you should read this if you are thinking that vegetarianism is the way forward. Then make your mind up after the important fact in this post here!

" Berf Burgers With Salad In A Bun

So in summary beef may not be the healthy choice that many of us people had assumed that it was. Sure there are positives to it but there are also some very heavy negatives to it. Ultimately though it is you who must decide on whether you wish to carry on eating it?

Top Tip

My top tip is really rather more of a quick hint. Unless it is 100% beef then these burgers you keep buying really are no good for or YOU your diet, FACT

You see, once you have got your diet under control all that you need to have is the other half of the equation in order for your weight loss attempt to be a success. To what am I referring? Exercise of course. Check out the reviews at the top of this page and also check out the “equipment and aids” Located under the equipment tab, I am certain you will find something that is suitable for your budget, and more importantly, you.

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2 thoughts on “Is Beef Good For You? Find Out Here

  1. Maura

    Hi. So – I am a carnivore. I made a bet with my husband a bit ago that it would be easy for me to go vegetarian for 6 weeks and within 2 weeks, I was horribly sick and weighed more. So, for my health, I actually DO need to eat meat. But what I do not do is eat processed meat – no sausage, no pre-packaged meals, nothing of that sort. The biggest danger in eating red meat is not in the cholesterol, but like you said in the antibiotics and growth hormones that have been given to all commercial livestock (including chicken, pork and turkey) over the past few decades. Great content… keep it up!

    1. Simon Watson Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment and I know a few people that for there own reasons have attempted to go down the vegetarian route but failed miserably. Yes you are quite right in not eating ANY processed meats. They are 1) bad for your weight and 2) bad for your health in general.


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