Cottage cheese is a great alternative to traditional cheese but then you ask is cottage cheese fattening? Learn it here. Then, other than the fact it cannot be grilled very well, it is an excellent sandwich filler indeed.

Now, Is Cottage Cheese Fattening? Learn It Here

I actually have a couple of pots of cottage cheese in my fridge at the moment. Because I was overweight and needed to lose weight naturally. So, I got into the great habit of eating it.

We like the foodstuff. And quite simply, We have got into the swing of eating it so now so I continue to do so.

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Obviously, I buy the fat-free variety. But, beware of this. A lot of the cottage cheese you get replaces the fat by adding big amounts of one or more ingredients.

In my particular case, although it has less than 0.1 grams of fat in, it does contain 5% salt. And in case you did not know then, yes, the salt is bad for you. And, it is especially bad for anyone who may be “on a diet”.

This Is What A Standard LOW FAT Cottage Cheese Contains

Fat – < 0.1 grams – <1%
Saturated fats – <0.1 g – 1%
Energy – 1464 kj/ 38kcal – 2 %
Sugars -2.8 g – 3%
SALT 0.3 g – 5%


As you can see from the ingredients list, just how much of a % is made up of salt. And all that and only 0.3 grams.

Photograph Of A Fantastic Tasting Bowl Of Cottage Cheese

Eating to much salt can throw any diet into turmoil it certainly can. Salt, sugar, and of course fat, are the three main causes of weight gain, to be aware of. Especially when either just watching your weight, or if you are trying to diet.

Not All Fats Are Bad For You

Please, know this, though. Not all fats are bad for you, so it is definitely better to know the differences between the good fats and bad fats.

Read the post on the last link you are in this post you are reading to learn a little more. The body does need some fat to operate at an efficient level.

Obviously, in this post, We only spoke of low-fat cottage cheese. The strongest advice and you must listen to this. Read the ingredients on anything which says it is low fat.

You just never know where manufacturers may have MADE UP for it having “LOW” fat.

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