Is Fresh Fruit Fattening, Are You Seriously Asking This?

Photograph Of A Bowl Of Fresh Fruit, Oranges, Bananas, Black (Purple) And White (Green) grapes.

Well come on now, is fresh fruit fattening, are you seriously asking this? Don’t be silly. There are very few foods as beneficial for you as fruits are.

Not only are they delicious, but they are also jam-packed full of great vitamins and minerals which are needed by the body.

Plus, eating fresh fruit should keep you from reaching for those unhealthy snacks.

It also has the ability to allow us to feel much happier and content. Read the article in the link which follows on how fruit can put us in a happier mood!

When you eat whole fruit, then yes you are eating fructose too. (A type of sugar) But it is nearly impossible to consume enough fructose to cause any significant harm to us.

Is Fresh Fruit Fattening, Are You Seriously Asking This?

You also have to bear in mind; there are lots and lots of different types of fresh fruit to choose from too. So in other words, finding a lovely ripe variety will never be an issue.

You are bound to like more than one type, so if it comes to the time of year where one of the fruits you love is not in season, you simply eat one of your other favorite types.

Is Fresh Fruit Fattening, Well, No, Just Look At This Photograph Of Lots Of Different Kinds Of Berry Fruits, Read The Post.

Come now; we have ALL HEARD the saying “eat your FRUIT and vegetables” I’m sure? So why is this then, there is only one reason it can be. That is right, it is healthy FOR YOU, that is why.

Every medical professional, health coach, fitness instructor and so on will agree it is a brilliant source of nutrients.

We eat them since the dawn of time, even referenced in the Bible (Adam eating one in the garden of Eden.) and then there is the fact that you never really got massively obese people in the days long since passed.

Certainly not in any artwork and such like.

They Are All Natural Fast Food

One of the main reasons that fruit is a healthy, generally good eat, is the speed in which you can be ready to eat it.

Although some removal of the stones, outer skin or peeling is sometimes required ll natural fast food Convenient and quick to eat. What really can go wrong?

Well, there is very often one big concern with fruits of any kind. This is the amount of sugar in them. I have been asked by several people “Is fruits fattening because of the amount of sugar they contain?”

As was just alluded to in the previous post, added sugar is so very bad for you. The sugar which fruit contains is different.

It is called fructose and it is nearly impossible to consume too much of this type of sugar in all normality. Yes, it is even confirmed in this site by Healthline.

A Photograph Of Some Fresh Fruits Including Some Grapes And A Pineapple.

Fruit contains many-

  • Vitamins including a lot of vitamin C
  • They also contain different antioxidants. These are needed to fight the free radicals which are responsible for us contracting nasty diseases and from the aging process.

In all honesty, they appear to be the perfect healthy snack.

Now, something that you must be aware of is the fact that in general we as people are not made to digest the fructose. (Sugar). And the fruit will contain it. So, this can leave us feeling overly full if we overeat on fruit!

Also, fruits are basically a carrier of seeds, yes that is right, seeds, the little things that get in the way of taking large mouthfuls of the fruit. This, would, therefore, explain why the fructose plays negatively with your digestive process.

That is because the fruit has evolved in such a way that the seeds it carries are practically impossible to totally digest.

This would be for the fruit to reproduce and the only way for this to happen is if the seeds it contained were to survive the minor “inconveniences” of actions like being eaten in their short lifetime, in the hopes that they will eventually find some ground in which to sprout and grow into a new plant or even tree!

The disruption in the digestive system overeating fruit can, on occasion, lead to diarrhea. Again, only if you go and eat lots and lots of it/them.

There are varying amounts of sugar in different kinds of fruits. Some obviously have more than others.

I Am Definitely Not Saying “You Should Not Eat Fruit”

I a definitely not saying you should not eat fruit, not at all, just be careful which ones take your fancy. ALL WAYS check to see how much sugar they contain. You can use this link to check the amount of sugar your fruit has in it. And again I will answer, is fresh fruit fattening? Absolutely not.

So, Is Fresh Fruit Fattening Then?

So is fresh fruit fattening? Of course not, just stay away from the ones that are very high in sugar and you will be totally fine. As I have just written about, fructose is the lesser evil one of the two kinds of sugar that have been that I talk about.

So is fresh fruit fattening, well, the benefits of eating this fantastic and healthy food far outweigh its ONE negative? The sugar content.

Because of what I say, either keep eating them or start to eat them. Just be careful that like all foods, moderation is the key.

I must also say this. Try to put variety in your fruit ingestion as different fruits contain different nutrients, and so, health benefits.

If it pleases you, then why not look at these two posts? One leads to another. Here you will find YET MORE about foods and suggestions as to what you can and should eat. Not just when you are dieting. Try reading a list of healthy foods to lose weight. and even if you do not need to lose any. You will still benefit from looking and reading it!

Please leave any comments or questions below and I shall reply within 24 hours

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Is Fresh Fruit Fattening, Are You Seriously Asking This?



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    Thank you for this article. It is really informative and dispels a lot of misconceptions surrounding the comsumption of fruit on a weight loss journey. I think the trick is in knowing that everything must be eaten in moderation, even the healthiest of foods can’t be overeaten.

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