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Is Lamb Bad For You? Let’s Find Out…

When you ask is lamb bad for you I assume that you are on about it from a weight point of view.

Maybe you are curious about any health risks?

What you are asking is “Will I put weight on eating lamb?”. Am I correct?

Well, in this post I will cover the pros and cons of eating lamb on a regular basis.

It is foods like this which may or not be helpful.  YOU MUST CHOOSE.

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So, Is Lamb Bad For you, Here We Go

Lamb, well, it is a fact, that the more time the animal has spent alive, then the darker/deeper the color the meat is. This also will depend on the breed, of course.

If you hang it for the correct length of time, which is around eight days, then, it will be lovely and tender. That said, is lamb bad for you though. Well, read on.

Is Lamb Bad For You? A Photo Of A Solitary Lamb

  • How the lamb has been brought up, and, the journey time to the slaughterhouse, are also factors.


  • They give you clues as to how tender the meat will be.


  • You will want to find this out.


  • So always purchase your lamb from a reputable place


  • Such as a butcher or a supermarket as these places will be able to inform you best of the lamb’s history.


  • If you do not ask you will not know!


  • It, itself is an excellent provider of the much-required B vitamins for us humans.


  • One serving of lamb can contain as much as 100% of your RDA (Recommended daily allowance) of the vitamin B 12.


  • The Lamb meat also gives us with around 45% of the mineral zinc.


  • The body finds it very easy to absorb zinc in this form. Much more so than the zinc that is found in other sources.


  • Also, it is a fact, that just over half of the fat in lamb meat is a healthy fat. Obviously, this is a very good fat for the human body.


  • With complete backup from the industry itself, I can confidently say…


  • that due to improvements in breeding, butchering methods and feeding practices there is not a lot of fat on lamb these days.

Some Tender Cuts Of Lamb

Those Are Some Positives, Now For A Big Negative

A red meat such as lamb is known to be on a par with premature death in some people.

Recent studies show that replacing the red meats you eat helps to reduce this premature death.

This study was actually by a reputable group of Harvard researchers. And they came to the conclusion that from all of the people that gave answers to the questionnaires (nearly 130000 people.)…

That there is no safe amount of red meat to eat.

The survey then furthers, to advise people to only consume 2-3 portions of red meat per week.

So, in ordinary terms, the data is saying, the less red meat that you eat then the greater your chances of living a long a healthy life.

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Now, I might be one on my own here but I doubt it. I happen to find this new information very revealing and just maybe you can consider it carefully.

As well as it, to all intent and purposes, could potentially be a big issue when asking the question, is lamb bad for you?

This may be the case if you are trying to replace all of your junk foods with red meat in an attempt to lose weight quickly and safely.

A Flame Grilled Piece Of Lamb


If You Do Not Eat A lot Or Do Not Like Lamb You Can Always Supplement Its Positive Points

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