Is Losing Weight Easy To Do, No, But YES It Is Possible

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We all know when we have gotten too big. Why? Simple. There is too much weight on us. This then leads us into thinking about a weight loss attempt. But is losing weight easy? Well let me tell you, losing weight is certainly not easy. By no stretch of your imagination. If you go into it thinking it will be then you are going to be in for a big disappointment. It will be one if not the hardest challenges of your life.

So, Is Losing Weight Easy, No. That's Why A Fat Person Is Exercising Hard In This Cartoon

You see that is what it is, a challenge. There is truly no easy way to say this but you will find it to be exceptionally tough, but, the reward at the end of your weight loss quest will definitely be worth all of the sacrifices and hard work that you put into it. I know from experience just how hard it is and I am disabled, I did it so, if you are able bodied you really do have no excuse at all to naturally lose the weight.

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Is Losing Weight Easy, No, But It Is Safe When Done Right

In actual fact, the journey that you are about to undergo is very rewarding. But is losing weight easy, no, but it is extremely safe providing you leave the pills well alone and do opt for the natural way. You will need a massive dietary adjustment and an exercise regime/Program in place if you are to be serious about your weight loss. You will without question have to sit down and work out what not to eat. The foodstuffs that you used to eat or snack on will have to go if you want the best weight loss diet.

Do not worry though as the term “rabbit food” need not be in any way applied to healthy foods these days as there are a lot of products on offer to us and every day as science evolves we are finding ever more benefits to our bodies from different foodstuffs so….. We really do have plenty of choices to lose weight quick and safe and easy.

No! You will only be able to eat healthy foods that provide great nutrients which, if you are looking at this page then I am to assume you have not been eating healthily prior to this decision to lose your excess weight that you have gained.

A Person Scratching His Head Next To A Calculator

No Calorie Counting

The term calorie counting is one that is used a lot these days in various paid for diets but I truly believe that it does not have to descend to the level of counting every calorie. If we eat only healthy foods then we will know they contain very few calories to begin with. So instead of crunching the numbers we are free to concentrate on the next vital task. Exercise.

As I have said else where on this site it is crucial that we find an exercise which we enjoy. Even if you have never exercised before, think of something you may enjoy. You will never ever know unless you give it a go as putting your plan into action is the only way you will ever succeed at you weight loss campaign. Procrastinating (putting things off) will lead to definitive failure. All we need to do is reduce fat in diet and take it from there.

A Map To Reach Your Goal


Set Yourself A Goal

You should really set yourself a goal but, be realistic, there is no point in setting an unachievable target which you have no hope in hitting/getting. Instead do it in little bits. After all, is losing weight easy to do, no, and I never said that it would be. Then you can keep a record in a journal of your ongoing progress. You  will soon become accustomed to how much your body will allow you to lose and in what amount of time if you go ahead and do this. A simple yet highly effective method to use.

Future Or Past On Two Boards - Your Choics?

You Do Not Need To Be Joining A Gym

There are three common methods to losing weight. Especially if you do not plan on joining a gym. Is losing weight easy? No, but, I know that you may not have a lot of disposable income (Spare money) To spend on the membership. So why not try working out in the comfort of your own home with some home exercise equipment

All three of these pieces of apparatus are an excellent way to burn off/away some of the unwanted calories that you have consumed. Let there be no doubt that using these can make an overall  big difference to your weight loss campaign. They really can.

If you have properly read all of the above, then it should open your eyes at least a little to how difficult losing weight really is. For there can be no doubt about it. It is very hard. Once you have the motivation, stemming from the desire to succeed and see that slimmer you out and about, you will be so happy that you chose to do this.

Health Benefits

Another thing to be aware of is the health benefits which you will surely gain. From having a weight loss campaign. This will not only mean you will look far better than before. You will actually feel much better than you do at this moment in time. So is losing weight easy? No, but you can do it. Just follow the advice in this site.

You will certainly feel less lethargic and full of energy which will be bursting out at every chance it gets. You may not realize this right now, but it will happen. And it will hit you hard, just what a benefit your challenge has been to you.

A Big Amount Of Positives

Tell others too about your quest and explain to them the big amount of positives. The different ways that you have had physical and mental improvements. That is, your lethargy has gone and you are able to concentrate for far longer periods of time. It  is AMAZING what a dietary adjustment and some exercise can actually do for us. You will wish you acted on this before now.

Especially when the toxins which have built up over months .Maybe even years of eating all of the wrong “junk” foods are leaving your body.  Therefore, you will never EVER wish to return to that super relaxed and let us face it. Poor way of looking after ourselves ever again. FACT! So get down to it and start the best home workouts and with the help you can do it..

You see, once you have got your diet under control . Then, all that you need to have is the other half of the equation. In order for your weight loss attempt to be a success. What am I talking about?? Exercise of course.

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2 thoughts on “Is Losing Weight Easy To Do, No, But YES It Is Possible”

  1. Hello Simon

    Thanks for an honest post.After on/off struggle with my weight,no one can tell me it`s easy to loose weight so thanks for being honest and letting me know it`s not easy to loose weight.
    l`ve never been one to count calories and l dont plan to but l have a new year resolution again………… to loose weight
    Cheers Roamy

    1. thank you so very much for your kind words Roamy. Much appreciated and yes is losing weight easy set out to be my honest take on the whole issue of weight loss, like when slim people say just lose the weight. lol they have no idea how difficult it really is do they?

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