Is Peanut Butter Fattening, Or Is It Ok In Moderation?

A Dollop Of Peanut Butter On A Spoon

LWell, you are obviously wondering is peanut butter fattening or fine for a diet you may be on? In this post, I am going to answer your question as thoroughly as possible and I will be listing some of the ingredients and what they mean to your diet.

One thing before I start though. I feel I must mention that the cheaper the product, then, the lower the actual peanut content will be. Hence, the higher the number of additives. Such as things to make it taste better and such like will also be.

Is Peanut Butter Fattening, A Deliccious Jar Of It
A Delicious Jar Of Peanut Butter


Is Peanut Butter Fattening Or Fine For A Diet?

So, hopefully by now you will have looked at possible food suggestions or maybe have even gone out and bought some of these foods to prepare healthy recipes for breakfast and maybe you have even gone as far as getting some healthy foods for lunch too?


Failing this, you may still just be in the research stage which is absolutely fine. And I am very happy in this case that you are indeed trying to find this information out for yourself.

As I will say in other posts, research is your friend. And I have also quoted Winston Churchill as saying “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” This ex-British prime minister could not have been more accurate. Especially, when it comes down to reading all about what to eat and lose weight.

The Most Common Ingredient Of Peanut Butter

The Ingredients vary tremendously in peanut butter, so much so you really need to be aware of what you are actually buying to put into your precious engine, your body. From this comes everything we do, like an engine, it needs servicing and a regular refuel. So treat it with respect and put the best “fuel” (foods) in it that you can.

For starters, good peanut butter certainly should not contain any salt whatsoever. So if it does (If you READ the label)  then you know right from the get-go that it is definitely a bad product so put it back on the shelf and steer well clear of it

 100 Gram Jar Of 1 Good Peanut Butter Item

 Energy In Peanut Butter

A 100-gram jar of peanut butter contains just under 2465 kilojoules which just under a fifth of what the average 18+-year-old need energy wise per day to consume. So I would have to say this is quite a lot of energy.

To put it simply for you, a kilojoule is the amount of energy. When you apply a force of 1 newton through the distance of 1 meter. If you would like to read more on kilojoules then please go here for further reading.

Protein In Peanut Butter

It has around 25 grams of protein in it which will mean that a quarter of the peanut butter is protein and this is great. Please know this, protein is an essential part of absolutely any diet. Whether you are trying to lose weight or just eat healthily. It is a must.

You must also remember this fact, protein-rich foods (such as eggs) really do fill you up thus when you are feeling full it will keep you away from finding other sources of foods which will usually tend to be junk food anyway. So, staying off/away from these means that you will gain no extra weight at all.

Also, if it is that you do work out a little or a lot. Then protein also helps to build and repair the muscles.

Vitamins In Peanut Butter

Peanut butter contains several of the vitamin B’s and in particular Niacin. It also contains some vitamin E. There have been many reports of niacin actually helping to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. As well as motion sickness, insomnia, high cholesterol, memory loss and senility. Yes, it really can help all of these things.

Mineral In Peanut Butter

The none salted variety should contain 0 mg of sodium. (salt) As I have previously alluded to if it contains so do NOT eat it. Peanut butter also contains –

  • Potassium Peanut Butter On Toast
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous
  • Water

Well although is peanut butter fattening? As a matter of fact, peanut butter does have its percentage of saturated fats. and is also high in unsaturated fats too. This actually ensures its place as being healthy food for the heart believe it or not!

Although peanut butter does bring a high number of calories. The main reason that that peanut butter spreads worry for many people. Well, it is the quantity of saturated fat it contains. Saturated fat as we may have previously heard/read was the evil stuff responsible for heart disease. But in truth, is peanut butter fattening?

Well, I will say this. It is nowhere near as bad as first thought now that research continues, using more techniques.

Are Monounsaturated Fats Bad For You?

Peanut butter actually contains a high amount of goods fats, these being mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. We are also aware of these fat’s having the capacity to lower cholesterol. As well as having anti-inflammatory properties to them.

So when it comes down to it, please be wary of going for the low-fat variety of this product. As often what takes the place of the fats are sugars. This is to sweeten it and harmful partially hydrogenated fats.

In times gone by our parents and schools did think that they were doing the correct thing by giving the taste of peanut butter but in a low fat for. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. So, is peanut butter fattening? Hmm.

However, please learn from this lesson and eat “normal” peanut butter. It is not as bad for you as one may think. Although, like all things, you must eat wisely. Eat it in moderation.

Please leave any comments or questions below?

2 thoughts on “Is Peanut Butter Fattening, Or Is It Ok In Moderation?”

  1. Thank you for this informative article on peanut butter and its place in my diet. Like you said, pretty much anything in moderation will fit in your diet. That’s where I have a problem with peanut butter, I can’t just eat a small amount, once I start I can’t stop. It’s good to read that it’s not as bad for my diet as I had originally thought.

    Where is a good place to buy quality peanut butter (without salt)? At all the grocery stores that I frequent, all the peanut butter contains salt.

    Thanks again for your wonderful article.

    All the best, Kevin

    1. No thank you for taking your time out to leave a comment sir, it is very much appreciated. And no peanut butter is not as fattening and was first thought as with the advancement of science this has actually been proved so…… But as for the salt free peanut butter question, well here in the UK we have something called supermarkets and they do sell unsalted which is BY FAR THE BETTER OPTION. I am assuming that you are US by the use of your words grocery store so on this matter I am afraid I can be of no assistance. Maybe try a health food store is my only suggestion as they will know salt is unhealthy so might hold some stock of it, I am not sure though. Best of luck to you and I am sure you purchase it somewhere 🙂

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