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Pizzas would originate from Naples, Italy. But, Is Pizza that bad for you? Well. It is baked bread with topping according to what you want on it. You can have vegetables, tomato sauce, cheese, meats. But, pizzas are present in any junk food list.

However, since the concept of pizza, it has become immensely popular all over the world and among every age group. Whether it is or it is not, it does not seem to stop people from eating it.

The idea of pizza is from 997 A.D. in the town of Gaeta, but just how true this is, is uncertain. You will eat pizzas like a piece or slice. It is a dish they bake it in the oven.

In October 1984, people started celebrating the month of October as “NATIONAL PIZZA MONTH.”

Is Pizza Really That Bad For You? Surely Not. We Find Out In This Post.


The common belief that pizza is the invention of Italy, but in ancient times it was the Middle-East and Greeks who also used to make pizzas as they would cook flatbread, they would use mud ovens, and they also use the toppings such as olive oils and spices.

The first simple pizza with just the placement of tomatoes on their yeast dough, This was first thought of in 1522. When Europeans brought the plants from Peru, at that time, people of Naples started using tomatoes a lot too.

We all say now that Italy is the home of PIZZA. In ancient times, the city of Naples was impoverished. Some poor workers had small houses, tiny ones, and for their meals, they wanted some not so expensive food.

Then, the street vendors started selling baked bread with different toppings on them. Raffaele Esposito was the first person to make a pizza.

In Italy, the first pizza shop named Port Alba is there in Naples still today.

In the late 19th century, Rafaelle Esposito was called by Queen Margherita to have testing of Pizza, and she liked that Pizza with toppings of tomato, mozzarella, and basil that she named it ‘Pizza Margherita.’

Soon after that, pizza became a household name worldwide. Two dishes are favorite in Italy pasta and pizza. Although, both of these two dishes are very popular all around the world.

Though, there are endless combinations of PIZZAS. It has risks too. It is not a healthy food choice. Let us go through what is the other side of Pizza. Eating pizzas can be dangerous to your health. Let us have a look at how your brain reacts when you eat Pizza. What effects it will have on your system overall.

The Effects On Your Body

When you have the first bite of Pizza in your mouth, it will activate the pleasure center of your brain in the first TEN MINUTES. If you ate it fast, for example,n 15 minutes or less. Then you could develop BELLY BLOATING. In the next 15-20 minutes, your levels of leptin could increase.

Leptines are the levels of hormones which indicates to you to stop eating. If you continue to eat, your liver can turn it (the food) into fat; In 30 MINUTES, as you will digest fats in the cheese, you will feel ‘INACTIVE OR SLUGGISH.’ In 40-60 minutes your Blood Pressure could rise which may lead to heart disease.

Now let us take a look at what are the risks are:

Is Pizza That Bad For You?

These are some of the most critical risks of consuming pizza. Read these carefully, and remember, they are no good for you especially if you are trying to lose the weight naturally.

Is Pizza That Bad For You? Here Are Some Of The Risks Of Eating It

Fat Content

Well Are Pizzas Bad For You - Yes They Are. Nevermind How Delicious This One Looks

While eating the delicious pizza have you ever noticed how much-saturated fat there is in the cheese on the pizza? The cheese can increase the risk of heart disease and of elevating your cholesterol. One slice of Pizza contains 35 grams of total fat, and it has a total of 311 calories, 14 mg of cholesterol, 701 mg of sodium and 1.75 grams of Fibre. So in short, lots of rubbish and very little fiber.

Bad For Children

This junk food is trendy in America and, most American kids love it. Children will eat more fat while eating pizza than anything else. Obesity is very much growing in number among kids. So while eating pizza, you have to take care of the calories and how many your kids are consuming.

Obesity can lead to many heart disease. There should be changes in the diet of kids so that our future generation becomes healthier and more active.

Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)

The central crust of Pizza contains saturated fats and that after eating can block your arteries and can cause severe problems like MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION. That is a heart attack. And we do not want to suffer one of those.

High Glycemic Index (You Contain Too Much Sugar)

The high glycemic index can affect blood glucose levels. Also, the high salt content in pizza can raise your Blood Pressure too.

Visceral Abdominal Fat (Stomach/Belly Fat)

According to the study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, they refine the grains in pizza. It could develop the risk of belly fat called visceral abdominal fat. It will also contribute to the increased risk of type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, and heart disease.

Is Pizza That Bad For You? Here Is The Research

There has been much research on this food (1) and what they have found out is that the more cheese is on your Pizza, the more crust you will have in your arteries. Eating pizza with a salad would be more beneficial rather than eating beef or sausages.

According to the report, including children and Teenagers, the population of America consummation of Pizza went from 13% to 22%. Researchers say that you should have it once in a week or two weeks. But, not more than that, and also do not eat at it nighttime

Frequently eating pizza can lead to cardiovascular disease and digestive tract cancers. That was due to an increase in the calories that are present in pizza. A direct this is now an obesity epidemic concern.

Author. Ms. Lisa Powell, who is a Professor of health policy and administration at UIC School of  Public Health says that children and adults who take pizza as their meals would eat other healthy foods less.A Thin Crust Pizza


Is Pizza That Bad For You? YESThey Are Junk Foods

After reading these truths about pizzas, I hope you will be aware that they are junk foods. There have been many studies. And over a  long period. They say that children are having lots of ill-dietary habits because of eating pizzas between meals. Their great taste could be bad for their/our health.

For adolescents and children, it has become a paramount concern to stop their junk foods .aAd start having to rely on the habit of healthy eating. Better, healthier eating habits will make future generations more robust and much safer from any related problems.

So I guess the answer to is pizza that bad for you and your weight is YES.

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  1. Hello Simon
    Thanks for a very informative and well written post on are chips bad for you! It`s a really eye opener.Many people eat Pizzas minimum 4 times a month without knowing the fat it contains and other not so good stuff inside.Not only that, so many mums feed pizzas to their kids.Will forward this post to friends so they know what they are putting into their mouths.Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Well firstly may I thank you for your approving comment. And, yes pizzas may be a great food to munch but there is no doubting that they are bad for you indeed.

  2. It is very good that I read this article. Sometimes I survive off of pizza rolls and pizzas. I think I have had pizza 3 times this week! But I should know better, I should know they are bad for you. Thank you for the info!

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