JLL RE 100 Home Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

By | November 17, 2015

Again, we find ourselves writing this review. After a lot of time looking closely at the product. We did look at all of the JLL RE 100 home recumbent exercise bike reviews.

The JLL RE 100 Home

Of course, if we put in the hours, then it will mean that you will not need to do it. Spending lots of time as well. You will get a thorough review of the exercise bike right here.

We are not here to over or under-praise this exercise bike. We are here just to give you, the reader, an honest opinion. From all of the data that we will get. When we travel around the internet with regards to this fitness equipment.

JLL Home Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

JLL Home RE 100 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

JLL RE 100 Home Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

 Who Is The JLL RE 100 Home Recumbent Exercise Bike For?

The target of the JLL RE 100 Home is anyone wishing to improve their standard of health. And therefore, their overall fitness by using this exercise bike.

It ideally suits those people who suffer from back, hip or even neck pain. That may sound rather obvious. But the fact that you are sat down in a chair-like fashion.recumbent does take the weight of your feet. You will be transferring this to your spine.


The Pros

  1.  It is good for people with limited mobility to keep fit. In other words. If you have a bad back or hips etc, then the reclining position is easier on your sore joints. Therefore, you will be putting less stress on them. Feeling much better.
  2.  There is a fully padded seat which makes the comfort of this bike even better. You will be much more relaxed than you would be on an upright bike. Of this, there can be no doubt.
  3. The design of this exercise bike means that it will suit the new rider right through to the more experienced rider You will find it very easy to use indeed. Just use a simple console and peddle. That is it. It really is so easy to use.
  4.  It is also suitable for the young or elderly to safely use to keep fit. Yes, no matter how old you are, this great exercise bike will suit any age at all.
  5.  In the seated position you correct the position also. This then means that you will want to keep on exercising for a longer time than you otherwise would do. This will mean more weight loss when you exercise more.


  •  The brakes are that of a magnetic system which is far quieter than its many others. E.g., direct contact brakes
  •  As we said earlier, it has a fully padded seat.
  •  The seat is in-line with the pedals. So a lower centre of gravity means the exercise bike is much more stable
  •  Display screen with calories burned, distance, time and speed on it.
  •  It also comes with the hand grip pulse monitor
  •  5 adjustable toes strap settings
  •  8 Resistance level for workouts of varying difficulty
  • It has a heavy 5 kg flywheel. Which not only makes it more of a challenge of the ride but makes the exercise bike more sturdy

Jll Home Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

The Cons

Well, in all honesty, we came up with nothing bad to say about this exercise bike. This was on account that there was no negative feedback to be found anywhere on the internet.

Just read some of the reviews posted on AMAZON for example. ( At the bottom of the page.) These are the general opinions of all the people who have purchased what is a fantastic buy.

Our Thoughts

And again, it would appear from every review that you look at, that this is a champion exercise bike. The JLL RE 100 home is also brilliant value for money as well.

There were no reports of anything sub-standard with this great exercise bike.Therefore, without it having ANY negative feedback. Well, of course, we would have to give this the best score possible. As it delivers on price, comfort and the ride experience.

Our verdict has to be a “YES, good piece of apparatus.”

Final Score A Perfect 10/10



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    Thanks a lot for sharing such kind of fantastic and necessary post. Please keep posting more update on your page. I will share your info with my friends.

    1. Simon Watson Post author

      You are welcome, Matthew. The JLL RE100 recumbent exercise bike was so easy to do a review of. Why? As much as I liked the look of it, I also love the price of it too.It offers superb value. And most things that I review are great for offering value.

      Check out the homepage to read more reviews of fitness equipment. I really think that you will like them. There are a couple more recumbent bikes on there too. Although, they are in $ and I am assuming that you are from the UK? As you commented on a UK product. No?

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    Nitty gritty portrayal is especially instructive that includes more an incentive in this article. All data about JLL RE 100 home supine bicycle is extremely well known now today’s market. i like this.

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      Thank you very much M. and yes I have tried to include all that a person would need to know. I am so happy that u liked it, I really am!

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    Detailed description is very much informative that adds more value in this article. All info about JLL RE 100 home recumbent bike is very popular now today’s market.

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