kettle bell weigh loss

Kettlebell Weight Loss

In case you’ve been living under a rock, kettlebell weight loss has been very popular in the fitness industry. It’s been popping up in every gym, every boot camp class. And it even has it’s own certifications for personal trainers. But what’s the truth?

The truth is, they rock, but they only rock if one puts enough effort into them, and uses them right. None of these pink, 4kg kettlebells either. If you want kettlebell weight loss, our best advice is to start with a 12kg to get the form right. With two of the best exercises we will say that is best for fat loss. If you think you’re on the weaker side of things, and a 16kg-20kg if you’ve strength trained before. But haven’t used a kettlebell.

The Best Exercises For Kettlebell Weight Loss #1: The Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell weight loss swings

The kettlebell swing will work your lungs, heart, and almost every muscle in your body, but namely your hips and glutes. So, for the girls that want nicely shape buttocks and hips, this should be one of your staples. You can use this exercise as part of a circuit, or a workout entirely in itself. The swing helps with many of the athletic sporting activities such as kicking, and is one of the BEST cardio exercises you do.

Key points for the kettlebell swings


  • DO NOT raise the kettlebell above your head for swings. This leaves your shoulders in a uncompromising position. A proper swing should be performed to chest or eye level, nothing more.
  • Think of a “thrusting” motion when swinging. It’s all from your hips and legs. Your arms are just hooks, they should be kept almost straight and not do most of the work.
  • A good cue, to keep your back straight when preparing to swing is “chest forward”.
  • An easier way to get the kettlebell up, instead of just using your arms for the initial swing. Then drag the kettlebell towards you from the ground and then generate momentum from there.

The Best Exercises For Kettlebell Weight Loss #2: The Kettlebell Front Squat/Goblet Squats

sometimes 2 kettle bells is better
Photo credits: MHankins

The picture featured above is front squat with two kettlebells, and a goblet squat refers to a squat with a single kettlebell with your hands holding the side of the handles. This is a fantastic exercise for not only every part of your lower body, but also every part of your upper body.

The act of holding the kettlebell in front is going to give your arms a workout, grip strength is obtained, and posture, along with back musculature is going to be worked too. Not only this, but many who have flexibility issues squatting will find, that since the kettlebell acts as a counter weight, they can squat much lower. This will enable the person to be more injury free, at home.

Key points for the kettlebell front squats/goblet squats


  • You should start with goblet squats before attempting front squats with two kettlebells. The hardest part for most people is bringing the kettlebell into position to squat. You should swing the kettlebell up and “catch” the kettlebell by the handles. It takes a little practice, you’ll get it straight away.
  • Always make sure you keep your heels on the ground as you are squatting
  • Thinking about your chest forward once again will enable you to actively keep your back straight.
  • It goes without saying, but you should definitely squeeze the handles tight so it doesn’t slip out of your hands. This is every bit as much of a upper body workout as it is a lower body workout!

Are there only two exercises for kettlebells?

No, there is plenty more. The reason I like the two above is because they don’t require much technique, anyone can do them, and they’re definitely among the best there is when it comes to you using your kettlebell for weight loss. Other great exercises are kettlebell lunges, kettlebell snatches (but this requires a great deal of practice and technique.)

Especially not to smash your wrist. Another way to get kettlebell weight loss is to do overhead presses (I left this one out above because it usually requires two kettlebells. You can do it with one kettlebell too however), Turkish get ups (and this one requires the most amount of learning, but fun to do) and the list goes on.

2 Awesome Routine “Types” To Get You Started On Your Kettlebell Weight Loss Domination

Of course, adjust these routines to match your fitness level, these are just some which you can build upon.

Routines 1: Super fat loss and conditioning: Bodyweight combined with kettlebells

5 – Burpees.

5 – kettlebell swings.

Repeat for 15 minutes.

Another one:

Jump rope 100 times, 25 pushups, 15 swings 5-10 rounds.

And one more with bodyweight: 30 seconds goblet squats, 30 seconds mountain climbers repeat for 10-20 minutes.

Routines 2: Super fat loss and conditioning: Kettlebell only workouts

Swings for 10-15 minutes without putting the kettlebell down on the ground, the only way to “rest” is to hold it in your hands standing. Another alternative can be the goblet squats. Trust me, after this, you’ll know you’ve worked to your limit!

Another great routine? Sure! 10 Goblet squats, 10 swings, repeat 10 minutes

One more? Mark off 5 meters. Kettlebell lunge 5 meters, and do 10 goblet squats. Repeat until you’ve covered 100 meters. You aren’t allowed to put the kettlebell down. This might seem like a leg intensive workout, but after awhile, you’ll find everything is thoroughly worked!

So in conclusion, as you can see, kettlebells rock, but just like with anything else, you’re going to have to put in your best effort if you want the best results. There’s no secret, and there certainly isn’t anything mythical about the equipment you use. A kettlebell will do great for someone who wants to train at home also, and doesn’t have much space to train in.

And if they are on the road and want to mix up bodyweight training along with some weights. Mix your workouts up with kettlebells, and put the best effort into them. Get ripped, get awesome, get your kettlebell weight loss happening today!


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