Lifespan Folding Treadmill TR1200i

By | June 29, 2017

The lifespan folding treadmill TR1200i is a fantastic treadmill. In this post, we will discuss all of its pros and cons. We write this in an attempt to make you more aware of the treadmill before you purchase it.

A Photograph Of The Lifespan Folding Treadmill TR1200i

Some Key Features

  • 20*56 inches of running space constructed with 2.5 HP motor for high-level performance.
  • Efficient deck suspension system to bare up to 300 pounds.
  • Monitors your speed, time, calories, distance, and more with an interactive multicolored LCD console.
  • 21 different pre-built exercise programs to target healthy living, weight loss, sports training, etc.
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and frame of the treadmill.

Features (Hardware) Of The Lifespan Folding Treadmill TR1200i

Finest Quality Motor

A flawless composite of performance and durability. This treadmill has the TR1200i’s 2.5HP continuous duty motor. It will last for years and makes your workout worthwhile from the first step. Right through to those long endurance tests. We guarantee that you get strongest, most durable machinery.


These treadmills are pure precision. Robotically welded to imitate real life conditions that last even after years of years of use. 20*56 inches of the running area makes it compatible with every style of exercise, be it walking, jogging or running. The ultimate shock absorbing feature makes your routine even more comfortable. The treadmill is safe for your knees, back, and your other joints.

A Photograph Of The Folding Treadmill

Enfold technology

Effortless to lift and painless to lower. Our TR1200i’s Enfold technology uses a hydraulic shock to help you in folding and unfolding of the treadmill. This feature allows you to completely clear away your treadmill to save space. And then, you just drop it down easily with zero efforts, for your next use.

Features (Software)

Limitless Programming

Built with amazing features that boost up your exercise routine either to burn fat or just to maintain fitness. The special programs help you to select an exercise routine. One that allows you to focus on your particular routine for a particular area of your body. These 21 easy-to-use one touch exercise programs have a design that is by physiologists. So that assure that your exercise is never going to fail.

Analyze your Workouts

In the modern age, data canalization [Plays and important role and we understand that better. Hence, this treadmill is has a USB port that you can plug into a console. And after every 20-seconds, it records your activity. And once you finish your exercise you can simply re-insert this pen drive into a computer. Then analyze all the distance you have run. Also the calories you burnt, minutes you run, your heart rate and even step count. This will make your exercise routines even more effective.

Great Capabilities Of The Lifespan Folding Treadmill TR1200i

Better control navigation, exceptional safety features. And there is also a patent on the step-counting feature. This treadmill, the TR1200i’s a machinery to compute with. The treadmill has intellect-step, the most precise step-counting technology available. This records every step you take and help you complete your goal-oriented routines effectively and efficiently. Since your safety will also a major concern for us, we have the Intel-Guard. This is another patented Lifespan quality. That automatically pauses the belt after motion 20 seconds of you being away from the treadmill deck.

A Photograph Of The TR1200i's Computer Console



  • There is a patent on the security of the treadmill.
  • Interactive and manageable LCD display so that you can track your exercise properly.
  • A wide running area so that you can concentrate only on your exercise.
  • Special hydraulics that makes easy to lift and drag down.
  • A suspension system that assures that your joints don’t suffer extra tension.
  • USB port to track and record your daily results.
  • As a matter of fact, we think the lifetime guarantee for motor and frame is great.


  • Hydraulic folding system, other higher variants have an electrical folding technology.
  • It only supports up to 300lbs user weight. However, most more expensive treadmills support up to 350lbs
    only 11MPH of maximum speed

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