Lose Belly Fat, What Is The Best Exercise: Try Doing These?

What is Weight Loss About? Well, What Is The Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat, Learn It Here

If you are asking what is the best exercise to lose belly fat, then I am assuming that your stomach is too big? Maybe you cannot even see your feet when you are standing?

Or even worse than that is the fact that you cannot see your knees when you are sitting. Well, fear not, as in this post I shall be addressing this issue. PLUS I will be showing you two resources to watch and then copy.

What Is The Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat, Find Out Below

Yes, for both of these cases you will need to do some exercises to lose belly fat I am afraid. Because otherwise, you will fail. But, it is not all bad news. There is hope. As if you do the exercises on a regular basis, there is no reason, none whatsoever, that you cannot lose weight naturally and reclaim that body of old before the nasty the belly overhang came along.

Yes, with time and some dedication it is possible to lose it and look and feel much better.

The Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

Well, what is the best exercise to lose belly fat then, I almost hear your impatient cry, wait! We are coming to that very soon.

Before I do get into it, though, I need you to think of an awful time you had. Then, the point at which you would decide enough was enough and thought seriously about losing the belly fat for good.

What or when was it, can you remember? You need to, as you are going to need this to keep referring to this in your mind. It will be a significant motivating factor to keep you on track and pushing forward with your quest.

A Short Listing Of  Very Effective Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

As I am saying at the beginning of this post, there are some helpful exercises you can perform to shrink down that belly fat. So, in short, what are the best exercises to lose belly fat? Well, these are two fantastic ones.

      1. The first one is quite simply called the kettlebell swing. Watch this video to make sure you are doing it correctly.

    You must think of a routine where you can perform it to the absolute maximum. You should be so tired out when you complete the method, that you physically can do not even one more.

    2. Then switching to your lower body, you do the squat thrust. Watch this, so you know how to do it and perform it in the right way.


    By the way, do not expect an overnight fix of your belly issue. It took the time to become large, to the size it is now, and so to will it take some time to lose as well. As with anything to do with weight loss, there is one keyword that you have to use.

    And that is the word “Consistency.”

    There are also a lot of other exercises that you can do to tone your abs up so that you can see them and some would say, look sexy. I have covered this in another post, though, and it is called get abs in a month

    These are only really required when you have lost a lot of the fat that is forming your gut (belly)

    If you perform these exercises and perform them correctly, you must, do a routine that challenges you, to the point that it is tough to finish. Then, you will start to see your belly getting smaller than it is at the moment.

    Everyday Life

    Please, also remember, you must use them on a regular basis. Note down a time that you can do the exercises, one that fits into your everyday life.

    There is nothing worse than starting something (i.e., these exercises) only to do them every now and again. Then not seeing the desired results that you want, and blaming the activities. When if the truth were known, you were not “consistent” with doing them at all.

    Please also be aware that you can also do other home exercises to lose weight too.

    With these two exercises you certainly can lose the gut naturally but why not combine them with one of these? In particular, the exercise bike.

    Please leave any comments or questions below.

4 thoughts on “Lose Belly Fat, What Is The Best Exercise: Try Doing These?”

  1. Hey great post!!! I love that it’s not the regular crunches ect ect. Those are so ineffective. The key to really toning your core is to perform activities that work other muscles and require core engagement at the same time. Terrific points and I like the videos!! I’ll be back for more.

    1. Great, thank you very much, Hailey, for your gracious comment. And yes I have to agree with all that you say. The videos, I think, are a real help to anyone who wishes to lose belly fat.

  2. Great post! It’s true that consistency is the key to see your weight loss result, people always sign up for gym beginning of the year because of new year resolution but 6 months down the road, what has planned out fall short and belly fat remained intact. By the way, I’m gonna lose me some pound based on your work out!

    1. Hahaha that’s good, and if you ever need any help or advice, then just refer to the site. It is definitely nowhere near completed yet as things keep on evolving as I am sure you are very well aware. But there is already a tonne of information to look at on it. 243 posts to be precise.

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