Lose Weight At Home Naturally: Therefore, Is There Any Need For A “Diet” Pill?

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You should always try and lose weight at home naturally. Of course, you can use a gym, although whichever, there is no need for diet pills, at all. Yes, it will be a long journey which you are about to start. However, it will be one that is well worth it.

Is This You?

Now, I am aware from experience, that it really can feel so awful to be overweight.  But, is this you? A good friend of mines marriage very nearly broke down because of his weight. He got massive. To the point where he could not –

  1. Have sex with his beautiful wife whom he adored.
  2. Had to quit his job because of nasty comments that people would say.
  3.  All of his old clothes no longer fitted and were thrown in the bin.
  4. Couldn’t play any sports for fun, he was just too unhealthy.
  5. Would have to use a piece of string for a belt because of his size.
  6. Gosh, he couldn’t even tie his shoelaces.

A Fat Guy Before He Chose To Lose Weight At Home Naturally


I Too Went From Normal To Overweight

I went from a normal weight, to what I think was very overweight. You can read more in this article about me.

Now, as you will read, things didn’t get as bad for me as my friend. Although, I am positive that if everything would stay the same. I was going to end up in a similar situation. As much as I wanted to lose the weight, I was not aware of the starting point. In other words, I didn’t know how to begin.

Lose Weight At Home Naturally

I thought that being able to lose weight at home naturally was a good idea. And I am saying to you “Do not give up, ever.” And I say this to have you thinking, wow, “I can achieve it too.” Because, that’s right, you can. Yes, it will be hard work, and yes there will be times when you want to give up.

You will “Miss” eating the unhealthy foods. But, you must think on and remember it was this food that would cause you to be fat.

Before You Have A Good Exercise Regimen

So, ultimately, before you start to have a good exercise regimen, you need to look at your diet.

You should lower your salt intake.

Cut down if not STOP eating any sugar.

Have foods that are a good source of protein.

And also, you need to learn about the good fats and bad fats.

Healthy And Unhealthy Fats Photograph

Be Sure To Read The Last Link Closely

Pay close attention to the last link. As many people hear the word fat and think “Oh no, it contains fat, I mustn’t eat that. However, this is not true. As the body will need a source of fat to work at its best. When the fat is unsaturated, that is going to be OK to eat. The problems happen when it is saturated.

My Friends Diet Was Awful

Remember my friend I was telling you about? Well, he had a big problem. HIS DIET was awful. It would be the following foods –

  • Sweets/Candy
  • Chocolate Especially
  • Fizzy Sugar Full Drinks
  • Plenty Of Crisps
  • A Lot Of Burgers
  • At Least 4 Large Pizzas A Week
  • A Doughnut Every Evening
  • Margarine
  • About 4 Loaves Of White Bread A Week
  • And Not Forgetting, The Packet Of Biscuits Daily

Yes, I am serious, this is what he would eat. A recipe for disaster, don’t you think? When I read this, I would think to myself “It is no wonder the man is so overweight.” But then, I would take a big positive away from it. As he would just need to change his diet, and as a result, he would begin to lose weight.

As much as the way to fix this was obvious to me, I was aware that it was not going to be an easy task. He would have to commit to a lifestyle change. But one in which he would have all of his worries no longer.

Graphic Of A Guy With His Head In His Hands Not Knowing What To Do Next

He Lost His Confidence

One thing that was troubling his a lot was the issue of having sex with his wife. You see, although they were married some nine years and loved each other dearly. He felt embarrassed about what he would look like when he wore no clothes. For, as he would think, “If I don’t find myself attractive, then how can she?”

And this began a long time before he would get so big so as not to be able to lace his shoes up. The self-doubts begin slowly creeping in. Well, slowly at first.

He Would Need My Help

He would need my help if he was going to fight the flab. So, to this end, I would just have to draw up a good diet plan for him to lose weight at home naturally. It would come down to me, which I didn’t mind one bit. As in fact, his friends had all moved forward with their lives, got married, had kids. The irony was, he was the first of his friends to settle down and marry.

Where Were They Now?

The unfortunate truth was that no-one would bother to help him with either actions or advice. Instead, he just felt alone. And he then began this road of bad habits

His journey is far from complete, but, he has lost a massive 195 lbs. He still has a long way to go to reach his target weight of anything under 200 lbs. However, I am sure if he continues with his new diet and exercise workouts, then he will lose weight at home naturally and achieve it.

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