8 Foods That Help You Lose Weight Fast Naturally

By | November 5, 2015

Well, I guess you have arrived at this site finally, for good reason. You need foods that help you to lose weight fast naturally I know, well in this post I am going to strongly suggest to you several great foods that you should try  in order to slim down. Then after I have given you all of the information that you will need on these foods.

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I will give you a list of exercises that you MUST DO in order to lose weight naturally. This is opposed to taking the tremendously risky option of cheating by taking these so-called diet pills.

Super Food Ideas


  1.  – Pears – Not only are these a really sweet treat, they are incredibly beneficial to us and are a great super food idea as well, especially when it comes to down to helping us to lose weight fast naturally. Remember, if you dare scoff a pear. You seriously will not regret it. A study that was published in a journal named “nutrition” stated that women who ate 3 or more pears a day went on to eat less calories that day also.

The pear happens to be full of fibre (which is contained in the skin) and therefore helps you to feel fuller for longer which in turn means that you are far less likely to consume any junk foods. This in turn obviously means that you will naturally lose the weight that you are want/hoping to.


2.- The Superbly Named Navy Bean – Now this has to be one of the best foods to help to lose weight fast naturally. They are jam packed full of a substance called resistant starch. Now you may or may not be aware that eating the resistant starch that is in certain foods actually burns of 25% more fat than you otherwise would do. So just IMAGINE what you could accomplish if at first you ate these and then readily did partake in a form of exercise. Well, just think!


3. – Almonds – Now these may actually help you to blast away the stubborn fat that you are carrying. A dietary study actually showed that when the participants took part in eating almonds for 6 months they lost an incredible 18% of their overall body fat. However those that consumed the same amount of calories from a variety of everyday foodstuffs managed to lose only 11% so…….


4. – Ginger – This is yet another amazing food stuff to help you lose weight fast naturally. This has been used for centuries as it it was and still is an amazing food for the digestive system. It helps to make the digestive system operate much more efficiently and process the food more quickly. And if the food is processed a lot more quickly then it does not hang around and get a chance to be stored as fat.


5. – Coffee – Now this might seem like an odd choice to have on the list given that elsewhere on the site I say that too much coffee is not good for you. But like all things too much of anything is not good for you. Now we are all aware I’m sure of coffee containing a lot of caffeine. Well it is this caffeine that kick starts the lipolysis into action  This is the bodies way of the breaking down of different fats. Taken in moderation it then becomes apparent does it not that it can aid you in you quest to lose weight fast naturally.


6. – Lentils – Granted these were eaten a lot more in days gone by  but trust me they really can assist you to lose weight fast naturally. This is due to their high fibre content. When we ingest fibre it helps us to feel less hungry for longer. Thus again. Making us less likely to want to snack on bad foods = Weight loss.


7. – BroccoliBroccoli is another great filler food. It contains masses of much required nutrients and also has plenty of fibre. Well we know what fibre does for us by now right? That’s it keeps us away from Junk foods as we WILL NOT FEEL HUNGRY. 


8. – Nuts – These are very healthy because they contain very high amount of healthy fats and fibre and protein. They contain the vitamin E and several of the vitamin B group. Different nuts have different benefits vitamins, especially mineral wise and it is a good, strong healthy foodstuff for you, so you should really attempt to include some nuts into your diet.

Home Exercises To Lose Weight

I have dedicated a post all about losing weight at home Follow these and you will be well on your way to a healthier and slimmer you. There is also some weight lifting at home that you can easily do.

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2 thoughts on “8 Foods That Help You Lose Weight Fast Naturally

  1. Steven Dinmore

    Very interesting article. I was aware of many of the benefits of the food stated. However, I did not know that almonds were so good for you. I love almond so thank you for the great advice. Great to know that Coffee in moderation is useful as well

    1. Simon Watson Post author

      That’s great I am very glad that you think so Steven and yes almonds truly are great and coffee is ok in moderation. Moderation being the operative word lol.


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