When it comes down to it, losing the weight, as I’m sure that you are aware, it is not easy. However, when you do it the right way, you will stand a much better chance of success. Read this post to learn what it is that you must do to beat the fat.


Right now, the absolute first thing that you need to sort out is your diet. Why? Well, let me tell you, there is a fantastic saying, and that is, “Weight loss begins in the kitchen.”

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This saying is so true, because without the right foods in the body (Hence, the right nutrients,) You’ll never lose weight.

Understand This For Losing The Weight

Let me use something that you might understand better? If you had a perfectly good car, however, you would put standard fuel in it instead of good quality fuel. Well, it obviously wouldn’t perform as well with only the conventional fuel in it.

That is a lot like your body. It will need to have better quality food to help to support you through your activity/Exercise. That is the first step to do when you are starting to lose the weight.

Fix Your Diet

Moreover, I’d like you to think about it this way. If your toilet had a blockage and you didn’t fix it, yet continued to use it. What do you think would happen? That’s right. It would fill up and create an overflowing mess.

That too, it a lot like your body, the mess being your added weight. That is because you haven’t fixed the issue — your poor choice of foods being the cause.

Eat Health Foods Like This When You Are Losing The Weight

Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

Read this LIST OF HEALTHY FOODS TO LOSE WEIGHT. It will also link to another post, both having lots of healthy foods. Seriously, before you even think about exercising, you should sort this out. However, you can go straight to the LIST here.

The best thing that we can advise here is that you make a list. Read our articles read magazines, and take a trip down to your local library to find out as much about your choices as you can. Be sure to take plenty of notes so that you can look at them later on.

More About Healthy Foods

They must have no added SUGAR.                                                                        Must have plenty of PROTEIN in them.                                                              And, fat, well, this gets a lot of stick. However, your body needs some FAT to work at its best.

The problem being, if you see yourself as fat, you will think that eating more fat will make you bigger. That is simply untrue. Although what you need to consider is the kind of fat you are eating. The next post will show you.

Exercise To Lose The Weight

Next,  there will be a need to exercise or do an energetic workout. That is another part of your problem. Exercise, or should I say in your case, lack thereof.

The word exercise is not one that sounds very good to many people. But, you must do some to continue losing the weight the right way.

When I am saying, “Losing the weight the right way,” I mean without the use of these often dangerous “WEIGHT LOSS PILLS.”

Some Weights And Trainers, Suggesting Exercise

The Ways To Exercise

There are two main ways that you can exercise. Please, do not confuse this with their only being two exercises to lose the weight. There are way more than that.

The first way you can do it is to do some HOME EXERCISES. I imagine that, for a lot of you, you would love to workout in the comfort of your own home. With no travel time, of which, that can be a big issue, it suits many people so much more.

Joining A Gym

The second way that you can do your exercise routine is to join a gym. Although this will mean that it takes up more of your time, there is the social element of it. Some people are far happier exercising in the company of others than they are alone.

You should, therefore, read our review on JOINING A GYM.

When we say the word time, we are very aware that in this modern world, it is something that many of us don’t have. It would appear to be the main negative to joining a gym. However, we explain all in that post.

A Cartoon Of A Super-Person, Something You Will Have To Be With Your Focus And Determination

You Need Focus And Determination

To be successful with your weight loss attempt, you are going to want to have a lot of focus and determination. Because without these two things, you will fail, at losing the weight, no doubts.

Once you focus on losing the weight, you will undoubtedly find it so much easier to do, rather than going about it half-heartedly. Your determination will ensure that you eat well, exercise, and also give yourself a big old pat on the back when you feel you deserve it.

Weight Loss Will Be More Noticeable

You will notice that when you are losing the weight, if you have those two, then every bit of progress will become more noticeable and praiseworthy.

So, to do a quick recap, here is what you need to do –

  • Firstly, you MUST sort your diet out. Read that eBook on Clean Eating. Learn what it says and above all else, put in in ACTION.
  • Secondly, you MUST do an exercise/Activity to start losing the weight. Be sure that it is something that you enjoy, though. That will make it easier to continue with, yes?

Remember These Three Important Points

Remember these three points to weight loss, and be sure to learn from what you are reading. We promise you this, if you watch what it is that you are eating, you do and exercise or activity like tennis, dor example. Then you will be well on your way to start losing the weight.

With those and your new-found focus and determination, there will be no stopping you or the things that you will be able to achieve. Now you know to start losing the weight, the rest, as they say, is up to you.