The Merax water rowing machine is another wonder from their ever-growing collection of equipment. It will be in our home rowing machine reviews because of the realistic sound it will make when you are using it.

However, is it the best water rower? Read on to find out, and then you will have a better understanding.

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The rower has excellent qualities and will do the job that you will expect. That is, to lose weight and improve your health. Of this, there can be no doubt, as it will help you.

The next step when you want to begin a fitness regime is to start thinking about which fitness equipment to buy.

Why, because there are many rowing machines available in the market that claim themselves as the finest. However, which one is the best water rower? Because no-one wants to waste their money.

The Merax water rowing machine comes in here because the fitness machine will give you the best outcome that it will say it can.

Weight Loss In 2-Weeks

You can have a lot of weight loss in 2-weeks of using it regularly, and the rowing machine certainly works for having a smashing figure.

They will construct it with top quality steel, and this rowing machine comes with an LCD unit. It will tell you about your health condition as you are working out.

Moreover, you can have a great workout session, both anaerobic, as well as a cardio exercise.

I guarantee that it will give you a workout experience that you will not forget anytime soon. Yes, the Merax water rowing machine is one such fitness equipment that you need to start your exercise regime with at home.


Today’s Exercises

To be healthy, you need to invest an hour of your whole day in the workout. In other words, think about today’s exercises and DO THEM.

After a tedious day, you need to have a quiet and peaceful sleep. But still, you didn’t find the energy to fight back the challenges that head towards you. And that is where a session of exercise can help you out.

Exercise awakens all your cells and gets you ready to fight back in the trials of life. You will feel refreshed and confident after it.

Away from your stressful work pressure, nowadays, humans eat a lot of junk food. Usually, no matter how hard you try, out of the whole day, you will take a bite of unhealthy food.

Exercise Session

We can’t stop you from doing so, however, what we can give you this. It is an exercise where you can minimize the nasty effects of junk foods.

The Advantages of exercise

  • Gives desired shape to your body
  • Makes you active and alert
  • Boost up your confidence level
  • Makes your health better

Review Of The Merax Water Rowing Machine

  • The Merax water rowing machine comes to your help when you need to get an immediate result. For example, within two to three weeks.

No more need to rise early and go out for a morning walk or take rounds of the gym. No, there is no need, especially when you have this fitness machine at your home to help you.

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It will have a design to have the most out of your training, and you can have a long session on it. It will make almost no sound. Therefore it’s noise doesn’t hurt your ear. You can fold it and place it at any corner of your room for saving space too.

In this home rowing machine reviews, we attempt to be open about the features of this rower. We will also mention its pros and cons so that you can make a wise decision toward buying it.

The Size Of The Merax Water Rowing Machine

  • Product Size: 20-inch width, 78-inch length, and a 25.5-inch height
  • Seat Size:5 inch x 10 inch

The Features Of The Merax Water Rowing Machine

  • 330 lbs user weight capacity
  • Solid steel built
  • Durability
  • Inclined water tank
  • LCD unit
  • Single start and stop button
  • Eight levels of resistance
  • Comfortable seat
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Long footrest
  • Movable Velcro strap
  • Built-in transportation wheels

More Detail On The Merax Rowing Machine


User weight up to 330 lbs can use this Merax water rowing machine as their ideal fitness equipment. Because it supports a 330 lbs user weight, this rowing machine is of solid steel, So, it confirms durability and high performance.

The home rowing machine reviews get interesting as we unwrap the features of this rowing machine. For a comfortable experience, the  Merax water rowing machine comes with a contoured 12.5-inch x 10-inch seat.

You can have extended hours of exercise without feeling any issue with the padding of the seat. You can have an excellent rowing experience as the machine has long 19 inches ergonomic handles.

Rest Your Feet

You can comfortably rest your feet on the extended 12-inch footrest, which includes adjustable Velcro straps. It prevents your feet from slipping during intense workout sessions.

The Merax water rowing machine allows you to experience a smooth gliding movement. It very enriching to perform your workout while hearing the splashing sound of water.

It is indeed a quiet machine, hardly making any sound.

The built-in wheels and the compact footprint assures the rowing machine of smooth gliding from one place to another. It comes with a storage facility. You can use and store it at any corner of your house much more comfortable.

A Photograph Of The Computer Monitor Of The Merax Water Rowing Machine

Display Unit Of The Merax Water Rowing Machine

Tracking your progress with the Merax water rowing machine is comfortable as it has an LCD monitor. It will show you the distance, time, and also the calories you are burning. All of this, as well as your heart rate.

Pressing a single button, one can quickly start or stop this rowing machine, so it is safe, although you can also make use of the competitive race mode for challenging yourself.


With the Merax water rowing machine, you get eight different levels of difficulty. Adjusting the resistance level is easy. Because all you need to do is to fill the water tank to the level you want.

You must have used flatly positioned water tanks. But this one comes with an inclined water tank that offers extra resistance.


  • It will have a durable steel frame
  • And the user weight capacity is high
  • It also has heart rate tracking
  • And a single button start
  • A comfortable seat and footrests
  • It is very low noise
  • And it is terrific as it folds, thus, space-saving


  • Firstly, there is no LED backlight on the LCD
  • Secondly, the warranty features are disappointing

Our Final Thoughts

Within all of our home rowing machine reviews, we think that the Merax water rowing machine does wonders for body-shape. Although, not only that but also your health. In other words, what I am saying is give it a try as it isn’t an expensive price tag.

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What Some Customers Are Asking About The Rower

Q. Does The Rower Have An On And Off Switch?

A. Simple answer, yes it does have an on and off switch.

Q. How Long Will It Take To Assemble The Machine?

A. The assembling of the machine will take around an hour.

Q. What Is The Tallest A Person Can Be?

A. Going on a guess here, it would be 6 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 4 inches as people who are this report that it is OK.

Q. Can You Use The Machine After Hip Surgery?

Firstly, I would check with your doctor, although, at different speeds, it should be excellent. However, it is best to check to be sure.