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Motivation For Weight Loss, How Do I Go About Finding It?

The motivation for weight loss is born merely from thinking. You must have a do or die attitude. All too often, I hear about people with the greatest of intentions. They begin their new diet to what they hope will be an improved, more healthy them.

They forge ahead on their new plan but expect to see rapid results. I don’t doubt that mega weight loss is possible with some of these pills etc. But do diet pills work?

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At What Cost Does It Come?

And, I have said before, at what cost does this come? If it were that easy to lose weight, then nearly everyone in the civilized world would be doing it.

Therefore, It would matter not that you had an overindulgence until your heart was content. Safe in the knowledge that it didn’t matter as there was a way to lose weight.

THAT IS NOT THE BEST WAY TO ACHIEVE IT. You need the motivation to lose weight naturally so. The best way is to drum up your motivation for weight loss and consistently drop the excess while getting healthier. It is a win-win.

You Must Have Motivation For Weight Loss

Please, whatever you do, you must not give up when you are a success. This site is jammed full of safe weight loss tips to find your motivation, so act on them no matter how difficult it becomes or how great the temptations, NEVER GIVE UP.

You will see the results. That is a fact that can’t be denied by anyone, but time is the key to this.

Remember this. The first part of your weight loss is where you will see the most weight come off. But then you reach the well-named “Plateau.”

Don’t Worry If Your Weight Loss Slows

That, as I have stated before, is where your weight loss will dramatically decrease, and this is the crucial point where you must NOT GIVE UP.

It is unfortunate, but it is then that most do people give up. It is where YOUR motivation for weight loss plays a crucial part.

You must remember why you started this. Dedicate yourself to reaching your target and put your mind at ease as this happens to EVERYONE who is attempting this quest.

It Is Only The Healthy Change You Are Doing

The only reason that you lose so much weight, to begin with, is this. It is because it is such a drastic health change. Remember it has only got used to the rubbish that you have given it.

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But the body is impressive. And slowly, it adjusts to this new source of food and energy. The vitamins and minerals that it is getting.

And when it does, you start losing it again. So, push on through.

You Have Reached The Plateau, Keep Going

It is at this point we reach the plateau when the body, to the best of its ability, thinks to itself, “ Hello, what’s all this? I’d better level my system and do a reboot.”

 That is because you let it get that way. You “program”  yourself to eat rubbish, and that is what it has become has been having.

Please, do not have any alarm, as you must reprogram your body, which takes a little time. But, there is no point in getting this far to “chuck in the towel.” You must say to yourself, “Right, this is now the turning point.”

The Real Challenge Begins

It is almost the start of the real challenge, to begin CONSISTENTLY LOSING YOUR WEIGHT. Take this as stage one is complete, Onwards we go. After all, why stop now? It is all 100% free, just a challenge.

Once you have got your diet under control, then all that you need to have is the other half of the equation. And your attempt to be a success.

I am, of course, referring to the exercise. Go to this link, “Home gym fitness equipment,” to see some hand-picked items which will take you quickly to success with your weight loss mission.

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21 thoughts on “Motivation For Weight Loss, How Do I Go About Finding It?”

  1. I totally agree with this approach. I’ve always thought of people who managed to lose weight that they’re very strong mentally, while the ones who struggled with staying on diet seem quite weak to me. Maybe I’m a bit too harsh, but that’s what I believe.
    Just like you said, once you begun, why stop now? Just because you miss eating something? That’s just a moment pleasure, that will go away soon, but your weight won’t so stay on that diet.
    A great motivational article 🙂

  2. I had to check this post out. I have a page on my website (motivation) so I can relate to. At the beginning, you mention diet pills. Diet pills are not the answer. I did a post of the top 10 supplements. But I disagree with diet pills. The side effect on a lot of them was unbelievable.

    Anyway, motivation, that is where are all starts. You have to get your mindset and follow through.

    Great looking site, good luck.

    1. Well, I’m really happy that you liked my motivation for weight loss post I really am. Thank you for your positive comment and yes unfortunately it must be said that most will fail in anything they do if they lack the motivation to see it through.

  3. This site was very well put together. It was very professional and had lots of great material. It makes me feel good to be in the hands of a professional. Great Job!

    1. Thanks Devon I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.Yes I am trying to jam it as full of information as possible so that it appeals to the widest variety of people who may feel that they have an issue with their weight. Am also glad that you think that it looks professional too as this especially is exactly what I am hoping to achieve. Once again I thank you.

  4. Great site! I can completely relate to your article on weight loss. It seems that when I turned 40, things definitely changed for me in this area. I guess all the stuff they say about a woman’s metabolism after 40 is true. It used to never take so long to drop a couple of pounds when I was in my 30’s.

    Do you have any tips for women over 40 experiencing the same thing? Is the regimen basically the same with regard to diet and exercise? I heard that weight lifting is more important as we get older??

    1. In short yes the principle of diet and exercise is the same. As long as you have the motivation for weight loss you will surely succeed. As for weight training it seems obvious to me that the more you do it te more toned and larger the muscles become thus tightening the skin and helping to prevent sag

      1. Weight training is not only good for tightening up the skin, but it is also a great way to build endurance and burn more body fat.

        Some women are under the impression that they are going to get big muscles from weight training and nothing can be further from the truth.

        With the proper weight training regimen you can tone your body, loose fat and increase endurance all together.

  5. It was great to see a very done website filled with A LOT of information concerning weight loss. The best thing about this website is how comprehensive it is. There is a ton of information and well organized top menu. I thought that menus were straight-ahead and found the entire site very easy to navigate. I liked videos, they loaded quickly didn’t weight down the site. I would like to add videos to my site soon. Wonderful job, great site.

    1. Thank you so much Jae for your kind worded review it is much appreciated. And yes to begin with I was building it with the search engines in mind but after some good down to earth comments I know do it purely for the reader which is why I am so happy that you said it is easy to navigate.

  6. Hi Simon..
    Motivation make more focus to especially when in plateau state in loose weight. Keep up sharing healthy idea. Bless u

    1. Thank you very much and yes this is the most common hurdle that people have to deal with during their diet phase. The plateau is very demoralising I know but through education people will realise that it is a perfectly natural event that takes place and not a sign that they are in any way failing. This is the reason most people give up.

  7. Fantastic tips and encouraging words, excellent advise you speak and give advice like an experienced professional. Well done

    1. Hah i have experience that is more powerful than some kinds. I have the knowledge that it works through the good old tried and tested method sir. And let me tell you it works.

    1. Sorry Brad I have only just seen your comment and I would like to thank you for leaving it. Yes everything that I have said on there is the truth. It is without question the hardest part of any weight loss mission as without it one cannot possibly proceed and will therefore deny themselves the opportunity of success.

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