Natural Hair Growth Vitamins – It’s Easy: Eat Healthy Foods To Get It

Natural Hair Growth Vitamins - Protect And Grow Your Hair

A lot of us will not think about it, but I will point you the way of some natural hair growth vitamins.

You see, how to use vitamins for our hair growth is a question that we should be asking more.

Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

We should eat some of them in our diets if we are to have that great head of hair. You are aware of what I mean, I am sure. That all to often forgotten about the full head of healthy hair.

These are vitamins A, B, E, and Biotin and Folic acid. These are the natural hair growth vitamins that will do well for it.

These safe vitamins play a crucial part in maintaining a healthy head of hair and may also help to promote its growth as well.

In days gone by, people would realize that oils were good for your hair, and we now know for sure that these contain the vitamins I am mentioning.

And as a result, they have found their way into what we now call new modern hair care products which for the most part, remain artificial.

What Is Biotin?

What is Biotin for, well it is believed that it can help against the hair turning grey? These natural hair growth vitamins/minerals are naturally in all egg yolks.

And as we should be aware of by now, eggs should be a part of your healthy diet anyway.

It also helps to strengthen the hair follicle and, therefore, helps to prevent hair loss.

Eggs Are A Great Way To Lose Weight.

There is an enormous variety of supplements on the market. But some of these supplements that you buy give you a vitamin overload.

That, combined with your healthy diet and can lead to dandruff and rather dull-looking hair. That is why you will need natural hair growth vitamins.

For example, dandruff can be the excess of vitamin C, so you should always remain aware of your consumption.

Vitamin E is a significant player when it comes to healthy hair. As it originates at the scalp, this vitamin is especially useful as it helps to aid the blood supply to it (Scalp)

It also helps with cell reproduction and helps to carry more oxygen, thus sustaining the hair for longer. It is one of the top natural hair growth vitamins

Natural Hair Growth Vitamins, Wheat And Vitamin B

For what is vitamin B? Well, let me tell you, it is in almost the entire range of hair care products and treatments.

That is because of the high amount of niacin and something called Pantothenic acid. It is excellent for having very healthy hair. It is one of the leading natural hair growth vitamins.


It is in the little banana, whole grains and nuts and especially in potatoes, but this is not an excuse to start eating chips.

Indeed there are a lot of foods you can eat in your meals to eat and lose weight which you should concoct BEFORE you begin your transformation.

A Photo Of Wheat Growing In A Field

What Are Vitamin A’s Uses?

Now, you may be wondering about what is Vitamin A? Well, it is an essential antioxidant which, again, helps the scalp as it helps to stop the problems that free radicals cause.

Which as most of us are all too aware, is terrible news for your skin. It is, for sure, one of the best natural hair growth vitamins.

It (Vitamin A) is in most vegetables and nuts and whole grains. Turkey, as well, is another good source of it.

Zinc, too, also helps to aid in the promotion of healthy hair. Low amounts of zinc in the person’s diet can result in them having brittle hair.

Some of the hair that you find in your comb/ brush after you brush through your hair could be a result of the lack of zinc. It is easy to fix, as you need to have more of these natural hair growth vitamins. That’s all.

It is in pork, salmon, beef, lamb, and also chicken. Foods with high protein content like potatoes and the good old peanut contain natural hair growth vitamins.


Finally, there is sulfur. It helps to fight free radicals (They can harm the scalp, and naturally, this will result in hair damage.) It is also another strange substance that is in green kale and cauliflower, as well as egg yolks, garlic, and cabbage.

Eating all of these will help to pave the way not only for naturally curly healthy hair but, when the conditions a right, it will grow as well. Just be sure to include these in your best diets to lose weight fast because you will surely obtain it.

You see, once you have got your diet under control all. Then, that you need to have is the other half of the fix. I am, of course, referring to the exercise.

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  1. Thanks so much my friend I appreciate it. I have tried to keep the site as full of informative writing as I possibly can mate. The page on hair IS accurate, so you most definitely can protect and grow your hair at the same time. Do doubting.

  2. Interesting read. Guess I missed the boat on taking the right vitamins, as I started to lose hair in my early thirties! Thought it was more genetic, as I eat all the foods you mention above.

    At least I’ve got my marbles even if much of my hair has gone!

    1. Haha good! And yes regrowth might not be as effective as prevention and as I’m losing my hair badly and now I am putting these methods into practice. I am in my 30’s too

  3. Didn’t know too many vitamins would affect your hair in a bad way. Could be part of my problem, as I find I often have a flaky scalp, though it’s not itchy or anything, just annoying to have

    1. I know I suffered from dandruff for years, but on adjusting my diet, I no longer suffer with it. And yes to many vitamins (The vitamin C too which you are referring I think) Can harm your hair!

  4. Thanks for this info! As a member of the “follically challenged” group, I read your article with great interest. Although my hairline is receding slowly, it is receding. I will start to add more vitamins and foods you recommend to slow down (or perhaps even reverse) the process.

  5. It is really useful to know about the vitamins that promote natural hair growth. I guess I will eat more salmon, chicken and peanuts to increase my daily intake of zinc. I really need to take care of my hair. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes increasing your zinc intake can only have a positive effect on your body. A lot of people don’t tie the two together (diet and hair), But it is crucial. Thank you for the comment.

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