Naturally Lose The Weight – 7 Ways To Do It Right Here

Instructions on how to naturally lose the weight or keep it of this Christmas.

Well, guys and girls, following are 7 ways to naturally lose the weight. You too can put into action. Especially if you want to tone up for the summer to come and even beyond that.

As a matter of fact, by now, we should be nicely shaping up and slimming down. It is at this time that we must lose weight quickly and not become demoralized with our weight loss attempt. So, what is weight loss about I ask you?

Well, firstly we need to keep on going with the resolutions we made. For it is around now they began to become either a chore or a distant memory. But, in the meantime, read and learn this.

I know that some of you people will be really looking forward, for one main reason. To look good. For this, you are going to need the best breakfast foods and some healthy foods for lunch. In order to help to eat your way to a slimmer you!

It is a never ending cycle when Christmas comes around. We over indulge only to spend the rest of the year attempting to lose weight naturally again. As I have just said around and around we go. It is a common fact that one never gets to naturally lose the weight permanently this way, EVER.


Follow These 7 Ways To Naturally Lose The Weight

Tip Number 1 – Moderate

This is more common sense than anything else. But for my tip number one, it is essential that you moderate (watch) your portion sizes.

This does not apply only to Christmas but is for any event or function yet to happen during the year. It is very easy to overload your plate with the variety of foods. But you must remember this next point!

Although some will taste great the large majority will be BAD FOR YOU AND YOUR WEIGHT. And there is absolutely no chance of being able to naturally lose weight if you do munch them. You will only be able to do it with some exercise.

They are merely sugary and fatty foods so moderation really is key. Do not go at the food like you have not eaten for a week. Instead just eat a little of these bad foods and enjoy their flavor without having to deal with any consequences.

 By the time you have read this post you will know exactly what not to do during this period. Or next year, or at any event/function throughout the coming year to naturally lose the weight.

Do Not Overeat

When it comes to a function/event there is always a tendency to over eat. Whether this is down to the distraction of conversation with friends or family. Or you may have the the hunger. Because, you have not eaten properly that day due to the consumption of alcohol.

Because, drinking a lot of alcohol too will certainly be no good for any weight loss diet.

When you say “help me to lose weight“whatever the reason, you really must not over- indulge. Not only will it allow yourself to feel so much better in the months to come. Therefore, it will also be a lot better from a weight point of view. You need need to do one of the best diets to lose weight fast.

Do not serve yourself extra portions or say NO when they offer you them. This is so easy to do it really is.

Naturally Lose Weight At Meal Times, Avoid Eating To Much


Tip Number 2 – Slow Your Alcohol Consumption Right Down

With it supposed to be a jolly and very happy function/event. However, the next issue we have to get to. Well, let’s just say it may leave some of you dear readers with an  “As if” attitude.

But cutting down on your alcohol consumption really is absolutely VITAL . It will keep your weight gain to a minimum and not letting it get out of control. Yes, you are right, slow down on your alcohol.

Would it not be great if alcohol had health benefits. It does not and it is very VERY calorific (full of calories) So obviously this is no good for any dietary plans you have made for yourself.

What makes matters yet worse still is that they are empty calories providing you with absolutely minimal vitamins and minerals.

Drinking a lot of alcohol is a sure-fire way to increase your weight. It is “in concrete” so to proverbially say.

Sherry Or Brandy Set Up For Consumption

Ask Yourself This Question?

So, here is a question you really do need to be asking yourself. This is, how many calories in a pint of beer or lager? So, sorry guys out there. You really must watch of these drinks you will drink.

If it is you have neither the time nor the willpower to do these, any of these tips, then you can always go for these.They are especially for women.

They have one joyful effect but it does not last long. While in comparison to the other effect of weight gain, it can then take several months to shift.

You really need to prioritize. Between health/Weight and having a good time that will only last a short time. I certainly know which one I would choose every time without question.

As with the food over-indulgence, STOP for a minute, you definitely do not have to get roaring drunk. It is a choice that you alone have so make your decision wisely. Yes, the wisest decision one can make is to refrain (hold back) from partaking in drinking anymore.

In all honestly when drunk we forget exactly how much have. Or even what foods we eat whilst under the influence. So, again, it is a decision that should not be a hard one to make if you think logically.

HEALTH or WAIST –LINE. As the UK advert goes “Just say no” to more, easy.

Good Food, Good Wine, Just Not Too Much

Preventative Measure When You Naturally Lose The Weight

I suppose you could always lay down a message of intent to yourself. Instead of taking the preventative measure of making sure that you do not over-indulge in the first place.

You could always ask for or purchase for yourself some home gym exercise equipment to be there ready.

Then simply locate one of the best diets to lose weight fast. One in which you like some of the food that it is OK to eat. This way it will not feel so much like you are dieting per say.

.You could also do yourself a big favor and as I said previously. You can use this piece of apparatus, a rowing machine. As a means to rid yourself of that oh so stubborn fat.

Tip Number 3 – Keep A Journal On Everything You Do

My tip three may sound too simple and you may wonder what the point is. But, if you keep a journal of everything that you have eaten and EVERYTHING you have drank at the event/function. As a matter of fact, this will help you –

  • Realize just what you’ve eaten and what time. I mean being honest were you really hungry when you scoffed those hot dogs or burgers?


  • It will let you know how much you have drunk. At a later date, you can total up the calories that you ingested.


  • If you do it from the first moment. You will be better equipped to deal with the mess you get in at the event/function. The one which has just passed. And kept a track of your intake in the forthcoming months. If you wish to naturally lose the weight, you must follow these tips


  • Remember, you need a steady 2500 calories is all that is if you are a man. And only 2000 if you are a woman. Go over this and plus if you’re not at work or doing anything. Then you really are indeed crying out for weight loss. Something that is far more apparent when you accurately keep a journal.

 A Jug Full Of Blueberries

Tip 4 – When You Try To Naturally Lose The Weight, Team Up

If it is at all possible you should always try to team up with someone else as well. You can help each other through the ups and downs. And help to motivate each other when one of you is struggling or tempted to quit.


It also happens to make the task of losing weight less of an ordeal. And more of a kind of competition. So whilst your focus shifts towards not losing to your team mate. You will also be losing your excess weight. It Is a winner it not?

Tip 5 – Eat Something Light Before Hand

Always eat something light before you go to/Have a party of some description. As it will then make it far less likely that you will munch. Eating your way your way through lots of party food and nibbles. Which is obviously going to add to your weight a lot.

Tip 6 – Drink Plenty Of Water To Help You Naturally Lose The Weight

Drink plenty of water. This should be every time you are going to/Have a dinner party. As the water leaves less room for all of the food. Do this or you will find yourself eating.

It also will dilute a lot of the alcohol so that it is you go to the toilet more often. Fundamentally this means that your body will not store as much thus you will have escaped the dreaded weight gain.

Tip 7 – Say “Bah-Humbug To It All (Made Famous By Charles Dicken’s Scrooge)

You could always opt for tip number 7. And that is to say bah humbug to all of it (from Charles Dickens Scrooge).  Then, have the worst event/function ever. I know which I would rather forfeit to ensure I still had an enjoyable time.


Following this, are my top 7 tips for staying healthy. And for being able to naturally lose the weight for the first six  months, and as a matter of fact. During the months following this. I say realistically because YOU CAN DO THEM. 


It all just boils down to you and what kind of result you truly wish to come from it? Well. Even if you have never moderated your eating and drinking habits before it is never too late to start. And, at the end of the day, you can still have a lot of fun, there is no doubt.


Except for this time you will be less likely to do anything foolish. Always on account of the alcohol. And you will also not look back at the event/function and wonder”why did I eat and drink so much?” If Only. Then, to have to spend the rest of the year trying to lose the weight that you have gained from. Gained from, let’s face it, being reckless.


Each year you will have a good time, and each year you find yourself in the same position. Bigger, and wondering as you asked yourself previously why you did it. What was it all for? This year it is so simple DON’T

Think Natural

You seriously need to do some long and hard thinking. Why then eat too much and ruin all of your good work. It does not make sense to me and most importantly it most probably makes no sense. So THINK before you DRINK and SIT TIGHT before you BITE.


Do not let this year go the same way as countless others. If you have an interest in learning more about being able to naturally lose the weight. Then look at Web MD and this can really help you to do so.


Use them well and you will be fitter and slimmer by the time the next event comes around. For sure! Remember you just need to burn off all those excess calories you have consumed. Come on, it is not rocket science.


Heavier or lighter, fatter or thinner. The decision is yours to make.


There can be but one reason you overindulge during this event/function. I hate to be harsh but you are either easy to distract or you simply do not care enough. It is much more important to care and take action.


The unit which has got to manage/Deal with all of the “Junk” and alcohol you over-supply it with.


Come on! Really? It is time to get a grip of your life. You can still enjoy all of the fun and festivities there at the event/function without pressing the self-destruct button.

Millions of people every year, wherever they are, end up having the time of their lives. And nor do they do not eat and/or drink too much. This will be your problem that only YOU can deal with. It calls for a plan of action, you know this to be true so act upon it, please.

Just Imagine 14lbs Is 1 Stone

Moreover, just imagine if you will, the period ended and you went mad at your new fitness regime. As a matter of fact, you may even lose say for example 14 lbs (1 stone). In the meantime, or at any other time of year, you would look great. Next, but more importantly, you would feel great about your weight loss, right?


Well, how about this? Because of all of the weight that you have put on over the festive season and new year. Whatever you lose, and all of your hard work. Will only get you returning to where you were before the past holiday began. You must naturally lose the weight! Fact.

Can you honestly tell me that you want to keep it up and basically do double the work? No. And it will take double the time to lose that, for example. 14 lbs (1 stone) that you would have already lost so much quicker. No, I did not think so. I have some words for you friend. DO NOT OVER-INDULGE. Then there will be no problem to “fix”

You Will Need

Therefore. you see, once you have got your diet under control to naturally lose the weight. Then, all that you need to have is the other half of the equation. You weight loss will be a success. I am of course talking about the exercise. Because, if you go to this link “Home gym fitness equipment“. Then here you will see some hand-picked items which will rocket you to success.

Further Reading

Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll reply within 24 hours.


70 thoughts on “Naturally Lose The Weight – 7 Ways To Do It Right Here”

  1. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the great tips. But i found one thing that is vitally important, discipline. Tried to loose weight a few times but just can’t follow through after a week or two. I guess you natural way of loosing weight might just work for people with less discipline, me!!!

    1. haha yes, you do need to be strict with yourself. Not so strict that you have to forego all fun mind you. Unless you have lots and lots of weight to lose I would suggest altering your diet substantial will trim you down somewhat AND even more if you combine it with an exercise. Plus you will be looking after your health as well!!!

  2. HI Simon,
    After examining the great tips you have so expertly laid out in your article, I would say my number one problem would be drinking too much alcohol. I am a victim of peer pressure though and as soon as some one offers me a drink, I will have 4!
    Do you have any tips on how to avoid this?
    It’s all just willpower I suppose and something I shall have to work on if I want to shift those pounds.
    Thanks for kicking me into gear!

  3. This is a fantastic article on naturally lose weight, there is so many fad diets out there that prey on people’s insecurities about being overweight.

    Really refreshing how you present these easy natural ways and I for one am going to use your techniques.

    If you had one piece of advice to lose weight fast and safe what would it be

    1. Thank you for your comment Steve and My 1 piece of advice would be CLEAN UP YOUR DIET. Go for fresh foods with low sugar and fat content and steer clear of these so called WEIGHT LOSS PILLS! They represent nothing but danger and should be completely avoided. It is nothing that a dietary adjustment and an activity or exercise cannot remedy :

  4. I have faced a lot of problems with losing weight, so I am always interested in reading different things as to how to naturally lose weight. I agree with the tips in the article like keeping a journal and writing what you eat as well as moderation which can be helped by having a calorie counter

    1. thank you very much sir/madam your comment means a lot and yes on naturally lose the weight I have tried to make suggestions that will help the person and they are practical too.

  5. Hi Simon,
    What a remarkable man you are, Simon. First, you are an inspiration in so many ways! To go through what you have gone through and then to be there for others shows a strong and caring heart. That is pretty awesome.
    I find myself reading everything on your site and digesting so much information. I so appreciate your writing style that is so honest and inviting. And I have been to your table lamp site and that is over the top crazy good! I highly recommend it to all.
    But I have a question for you. I am a type 1 diabetic on the insulin pump so juicing is not something I have really been able to do. (I must be exact on my carb counting and liguid form always raises sugars more quickly) However, I do eat alot of salads and many times I eat those that are bagged already. What are your thoughts on bagged salads and am I still getting the same vitamins etc? I have gotten so many different views on that subject.
    Thanks for all the info and I will be back.
    Keeping you in my prayers,
    Lynn Drew

  6. Your ideas are pretty good. You know some people force their body to lose weight by taking pills and unnatural ways, but they are really bad for your body. If you lose weight naturally with food and a bit of exercise. that would be the best way to lose weight. thanks for the info

  7. Hi! I really like your recommendations, your article is really informative! 🙂
    I’m trying to pay attention on my eating habit lately – I’m really desired to lose the unwanted pounds I gained through lazy collage years…
    Your 6th tip seems pretty easy to do, I’m going to try it next time! But don’t you think after water passes from stomach hunger returns? So is it an actual solution or just delays hunger?

    Thank your for your answer in advance! 🙂


    1. Hi Adam. For 1 drinking water actually helps the body to digest the foods that we do it so less of it will get “Stored” and as for the delaying aspect. Is that not a good thing as during this period of felling pretty full ( through drinking water) this will mean that you wont be putting on any weight because you will not be eating any junk!!!!

  8. I think that humans can naturally lose weight and this is the way it always should be done. It is so harmful to put something in your body that makes you lose fat! Losing weight should be done through hard work, a good nutrition education, and discipline. Thanks for the interesting read on the natural ways to lose weight!

  9. I SO COULD’VE USED THIS A COUPLE WEEKS AGO! Haha! The holidays are always so difficult for me. My calorie intake always completely goes over what I had intended and it’s just stressful. Then, that stress leads to more eating, and it’s just a vicious circle. However, I will definitely be keeping these tips in mind throughout the year, and I will probably use My Fitness Pal more as substitution for a journal. Thank you so much.

    1. Oh dear I’m really sorry that you didn’t find it that bit earlier. Yes they are great tips and you should take heed of them whenever you are invited to a function or event and maybe even this forthcoming Christmas? Thank you for your comment it is highly appreciated.

  10. Hi, I loved the post, great subject, nice pictures and a video on it. You mention a lot of great tips to consider. I also like the links to the fitness equipment, but when I click those links I leave your website, is that the way you want it to be. I think your website ahs realy good information, but it is loading a bit slow.

    1. Firstly thank you for your kind words it inspires me to keep on adding and adding more content. I am so glad that you liked it, I really am. My intention was to get as many people as possible to sit up and make use of my tips either for an upcoming function or event as I see Christmas being.

  11. Hi Simon,

    I find keeping a journal as your naturally lose the weight suggests very cumbersome, but I do it so I can identify the foods that affect me adversely…

    I eat animal fats with my meat and find that this stops me snacking between meals.

    Sugar is the main enemy and I have removed it from my diet…I get enough with the fruit I eat.

    I have found a dairy where I can buy non pasteurized and non homogenized milk and this has made a big difference to my health.

    1. yea well done on your dairy efforts and it’s great that you do eat a lot of fruit. Keeping a journal is not essential but I would recommend that you do that it is very handy but I do understand what you mean by cumbersome. You WILL find though that you DO get used to keeping 1, no doubts sir! oops no sir haha mate 🙂

  12. Hi its Alexey.
    I 100% agree with alk the tips you’ve provided – their essential if you are to naturally lose the weight. Very insightful.
    Its like rituals that you do every day.
    I am leaving a healthy lifestyle and I can add fes tips :
    Walk for an hour at leas 4 times a week.
    Drink A LOT of water, A LOT.
    Do strength exercise – not just get big and bulky. But to gain strength and it will add to burning more calories.
    Stuff yourself with veggies.. Eat a lot on them.

    Thanks for the post:)

    1. I agree entirely with you. They didn’t make my top tips but most of them ARE dotted around the website fear not lolol. Thank you for you helpful comment Alexy.

  13. Great tips on how to naturally lose the weight here. I definitely agree with eating in moderation, although I am often guilty of doing the exact opposite. And your tip on drinking water holds true too. I myself have tested it and realized that if I drink some water before meals, I will end up eating much less as my tummy would be full by then. Very good article and it is very easy to understand!

    1. Thank you Farhan, Naturally lose the weight is laid out in a way that is meant to be easily understood and I am really glad that you found it easy to comprehend. A big thank you for your kind words.

  14. Yes I need to naturally lose the weight around the middle. Winter does me in and the the only exercise I get is actually shoveling snow. There’s been quite a bit by now and a couple more months left to go already.

    So I like your tips and when I read them to my wife she stopped me after the tip about cutting out alcohol! Her Dr. told her that if she felt her milk was getting slow (after the baby came) Lol- she should drink a beer even two! Also he said a glass of wine now and then was healthy.

    I will definately come back to your website. My wife and I are trying to make a plan we agree on- that will help us lose Belly Fat. Maybe you have already covered belly fat… are there belly exercises we can perform while we are sitting at our desks? I’ll check back soon. thanks again

  15. Well, the Christmas is over and I must say, I indulged a bit on sweets, as usual, and now it is time to clear my act and naturally lose the weight.
    I was pretty much ok previously, was sticking to a exercise regime, but in the last 6 months was much less active due to the workload and general laziness.
    Previously I was doing a bit of a weight lifting, yoga and treadmill.
    Do you advise to start slow and build from there or could you suggest any special program?
    your advise will be very much appreciated,

  16. Hello!

    Enjoyed your post on naturally losing the weight. My favorite points are moderation and to journal. I’ve always thought of keeping a journal as a very useful habit when changing habits. Unfortunately, it has not been put into action on my end. Thank you for the reminder.

    Also, I love the pictures and flow to your site.

    1. You are welcome Amanda and yes keeping notes on what you have eaten will help you see where you are eating correctly or as in most cases DOING IT WRONG lol. Thanks for your comment.

  17. All your tips on how to naturally lose the weight are very comprehensive. Your number one tip, which focus on moderation seems to be the one that stuck with me the most.

    We must avoid the extra portions. It does not matter how yummy they might seem, we must say no. I am also trying to increase my water intake. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You are most welcome and yes the reason that is number one is because of its basic importance when watching your weight although the rest of my top tips are in no particular order. It does all start with moderation though, so tank you for your generous comment my friend it is highly appreciated and I’m really glad that you enjoyed my post.

  18. Simon, that was quite an interesting review on how one can naturally lose the weight.

    I think your review is much informative and the various steps you listed out seem pretty cool and interesting too to try out for anyone who’s bent on losing weight. I quite like the idea of choosing a partner, it’s always more interesting and encouraging when you involve someone to join you in such an act. That was a pretty cool review. Cheers

    1. thank you so much for your kind words. I have tried to be as open a factual as possible and have picked the best info from all of my research

  19. I read naturally lose the weight AFTER I had already done the exact opposite of every single tip… how classic of me.

    This is great advice – I just wish I had read this before Christmas, instead of getting a guilty feeing after Christmas and then finding it!

    Well… now that I have packed on all my Christmas pounds, do you have any advice?

  20. Like naturally lose the weight and the site, had a quick once over. Reads well . Calories in beer and lager are quite alot say 200 for a can of Stella artois but no fat, still its sugar.
    Good to keep a journal as it keeps us accountable and is good for goal setting

  21. Good advice. We are entering a season filled with food, so it’s important to keep track on what I’m eating.

    I also read somewhere that IF you are eating healthy the rest of the year, it is ok to eat a bit more during Christmas. 😉

    I have an advice for your page layout too by the way. I think it would look better if you wrote the headlines for each Tip in a similar way (the two first are different from the rest) and maybe write in the headline what the tip is about with a couple of words. “Tip 3- Write a journal” for instance.


  22. Hi Simon, you’ve got some really awesome tips here. Recently, I have gained a lot weight and I am finding it hard to lose them. I really got one bad habit, I tend eat a lot of food in one go and also tend to eat supper before going to bed.
    I am not interested to by diet pills to lose weight and I want to lose it back naturally. From now onwards, I am going to follow your tips and see whether I can lose weight. I will definitely update you on my progress.

    1. thank you sir and yes do keep me updated onn your progress indeed. Yes supper is not all that bad providing it is healthy and more importantly no too much!

  23. To naturally lose the weight is not easy at all. I visited my mother for 2 weeks and gained a lot of weight and do you want to know why?

    Overeating is the answer. It is actually a very simple formula. If your calorie intake is more than the amount of calories that you burn, then you will store those access calories in the form of fat.

    Luckily I am a huge whisky fan and I drink it with water so there is almost no calories included.

    1. Haha good for u on the low calorie alcohol and yes you have hit the nail on the head. Overeating is the issue plain and simple.

  24. See, this why I drink my Bourbon straight up! Less calories ad more bang for the buck! : )

    I’ll be doing a lot of travelling for xmas so luckily for me (if my last trip to Mexico was any indication) I usually drop a few lb’s when I am in travel mode to naturally lose the weight.

    You hit on all the great points though and I especially love the grab a buddy advice.

    If you are on a mission it’s good to have a team to hold you accountable and slap that finger sammy out of your hand!

    1. Exactly right Fyre and thank you for taking the time out to comment I really appreciate it. Yes one of my tips is indeed about partnering up it is is very important to keep you morale up.

  25. I agree with drinking plenty of water and portion control. If you drank 1-2 glasses of water before eating, it should make you feel full soon. And don’t eat fast, just pace yourself. It also works to eat small frequent meals rather than eating huge meals every time. Snacks can also be healthy and light.

    1. yes I agree with you entirely I really do. Water can help you to feel full so that you don’t even need to snack on healthy stuff, which is preferable really 🙂

  26. Hi! Wow, I wish I had the willpower to avoid certain foods totally but you’re right about smaller portions offering the taste without the extra calories to naturally lose the weight. I am gluten-free and I don’t drink but I can still overdo it on the carbohydrates and sugary stuff. I have personally found that adding in more fruit and veggies to my regular diet naturally reduces my intake of the fatty, sugary and simple carb foods. However, sugar still seems to be ever-present in my daily diet, however much I try to resist! If there were an absolute, sure fire way to eliminate cravings for sugar, I would be all about that! great post! Thank you!

  27. Hey Simon,
    Really interesting, I never knew beer and larger has high calories. Ahh so depressing I need to drink a lot this month as work is really stressful when business is slow. Is there anyway for me to keep drinking and maintain weight? Like maybe by controlling the amount of drinks I take.

    1. Well there is, just don’t drink lol. No just watch how much you DO drink You can always drink but then you would need to burn off the calories by doing some exercise and if you cannot be bothered to leave the house then –

      And finally

      This way you could have the best of both worlds. Where are you from?

  28. Maintaining a healthy weight is so important. Tips I have heard to go with yours and naturally lose the weight. Eat a Healthy light meal before a cocktail party. This will help you eat less snacks of questionable content…and drink tons of water. More water means less room for food and it provides your body a way to get rid of excess instead of storing it. Merry Christmas to all!!Have a healthy one!!

  29. Very good article. Your tips will definitely help someone this holiday season to naturally lose the weight.
    Might I also suggest that if keeping control of your figure is important to you this holiday season that you buddy up with a friend who is in the same situation.
    Going through hard times is much better if you don’t have to do it alone.

  30. hi

    very interesting post about losing weight. You made very important pointers. Firstly, the post says it straight on – cut down portions. This is very important to cut down the unhealthy food.

    Secondly cutting down alcohol, especially fizzy and sugary drinks as well. The greatest time we over-indulge is during the festive season . We have the mindset, ” Its Christmas – Ag i’ll lose the weight later- now I can eat whatever I want” – we need to change this mindset. All efforts to lose weight can be lost just over a single week or weekend.

    Great and Important Post

    1. Thank you so much for your very positive comment Uwais it is very much sought to get such a great reply. And yes alas. All of peoples good intentions do “go out of the window” for some Christmas. It’s only two days but al lot can be gained during them eating all kinds of rubbish and drinking lots too.

  31. Hi Simon
    You could not have said it any more direct and honest in this post naturally lose the weight.
    ‘Watch out what you eat and especially what you drink’

    I must confess, I do my exercise throughout the year, but the second festive season comes, everything just goes out of the door.

    My willpower is weak. Your article hit home for me. Especially the part where you mentioned that the day after new year, you ask yourself why did I do it. Reckless, I have been reckless and this year will be different.

    I will be sending you a comment after New Year, to let you know that I did not overparty.

    Thanks for giving me motivation

  32. As one who has struggled with excess weight for years, I would add a simple tip that has worked well for me. That is simply to keep a journal of everything you eat. This has become much easier to do with the advent of smartphone apps like LoseIt or MyFitnessPal. It’s amazing how much it helps to simply be aware of what and how much you are eating, even before you make any intentional plan to alter your consumption and naturally lose the weight.

    1. Right I am certainly adding that as tip number 4 on my post naturally lose the weight thanks very much. I have actually written about that already so don’t know what made me omit that. Thanks for your kind comment!

  33. Simon,
    Thanks for the reminder in writing the post naturally lose the weight, so that we need to be cautious of overeating especially during holidays like Christmas. I agree with you excessive eating and drinking is a BIG NO NO not only during holidays but throughout the rest of our days. You are what you eat.

    1. his is very true matey and you are indeed what you eat. I really appreciate your comment and am so glad that you liked the post also as I wasn’t sure if it would be well received or not.

  34. I like the tips that you have suggested here on naturally lose the weight. I think that weight loss is actually a lot more common sense that most of us would like to admit to ourselves.

    I struggle with the overloading of food on my plate quite a bit and something that I have found that helps me is having an overload buddy. Generally its my sister and when we are at family dinners we help keep each other in check. Generally we have a key word so that people don’t think we’re being rude by telling each other to put food back or maybe watch what we’re doing. So instead, we say something like, “I hope they save the whales someday” and she knows and I know, but the rest of the family just looks around confused.

    1. Wow that is a great way to be warned about eating excessively so Kudos to you for having the forseight to do this. Mind you I am not surprised that you get some confused looks.

  35. Thanks for the great page, naturally lose the weight is very motivating. I’ve just been thinking about the Christmas “feast season” that’s coming up, all those dinners that you tend to over-eat, I don’t want to put on more weight again. So thanks for reminding me. Your site by the way, have such a packed full of information, I like it. Good job, thanks again!

    1. Wow a glowing comment for naturally lose the weight, I must thank you indeed. And ytes it is always good to be reminded of that which we already know. Unfortunately the consequence that goes with over indulgence is weight gain so keep on top of it and be vigilant

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