Naturally Lose The Weight – 7 Ways

By | December 3, 2015

Well, guys and girls, following are 7 ways to naturally lose the weight, the you too can implement if you wish to tone up for the forthcoming summer and even beyond that.

By now we should be nicely shaping up and slimming down. It is at this time that we must lose weight quickly and not become demoralized with our weight loss attempt. So what is weight loss about I ask you?

Well, firstly we need to keep on going with the resolutions we made, for it is around now they began to become either a chore or a distant memory.

I know that some of you people will be really looking forward, for one main reason, to look good! For this, you are going to need the best breakfast foods and some healthy foods for lunch in order to help to eat your way to a slimmer you!

It is a never ending cycle, when Christmas comes around, we over indulge only to spend the rest of the year attempting to lose weight naturally again. As I have just said around and around we go. It is a common fact that one never gets to naturally lose the weight permanently this way, EVER.


Follow These 7 Ways To Naturally Lose The Weight

Tip Number 1 – Moderate

This is more common sense than anything else but for my tip number one, it is essential that you moderate (watch) your portion sizes.

This does not apply only to Christmas but is meant for any event or function yet to happen during the year. It is very easy to overload your plate with the variety of foods on offer but you must remember this next point!

Although some will taste great the large majority will be BAD FOR YOU AND YOUR WEIGHT and there is absolutely no chance of being able to naturally lose weight if you do munch them.You will only be able to do it with some exercise.

They are merely sugary and fatty foods so moderation really is key. Do not go at the food like you have not eaten for a week. Instead just eat a little of these bad foods and enjoy their flavor without having to deal with any consequences.

 By the time you have read this post you will know exactly what not to do during this period. Or next year, or at any event/function throughout the coming year to naturally lose the weight.

When it comes to a function/event there is always a tendency to over eat. Whether this is down to the distraction of conversation with friends or family, Or you may have already got the hunger because you have not eaten properly that day due to the consumption of alcohol.

Drinking copious amounts of alcohol too will certainly be no good for any weight loss diet you may have in mind or already be attempting.

When you say “help me to lose weight“whatever the reason, you really must avoid over- indulgence. Not only will it allow yourself to feel so much better in the months to come but it will also be a lot better from a weight point of view if you do find one of the best diets to lose weight fast.

Do not serve yourself extra portions or say NO If they are ever offered to you. This is so easy to do it really is.

Naturally Lose Weight At Meal Times, Avoid Eating To Much


Tip Number 2 – Slow Your Alcohol Consumption Right Down

With it supposed to be a jolly and very happy function/event but the next issue that has to be addressed may leave some of you dear readers with an  “As if” attitude.

But cutting down on your alcohol consumption really is absolutely VITAL to keeping your weight gain to a minimum and not letting it get out of control. Yes, you are right, I said cut down on your alcohol intake.

Would it not be great if alcohol had health benefits. It does not and it is very VERY calorific (full of calories) So obviously this is no good for any dietary plans you have made for yourself.

What makes matters yet worse still is that they are empty calories providing  you with absolutely minimal vitamins and minerals.

Drinking a lot of alcohol is a sure-fire way to increase your weight. It is set in concrete so to proverbially say.

Sherry Or Brandy Set Up For Consumption

So, here is a question you really do need to be asking yourself, This is, how many calories in a pint of beer or lager? so, sorry guys out there, you really must watch the consumption of these drinks.

They have one joyful effect but that is so short lived whilst in comparison to the other effect of weight gain, it can take several months to shift.

You really need to prioritize between health/Weight and having a short-lived good time. I certainly know which one I would choose every time without question.

As with the food over-indulgence, STOP for a minute, you definitely do not have to get roaring drunk. It is a choice that you alone have so make your decision wisely. Yes, the wisest decision one can make is to refrain (hold back) from partaking in drinking anymore.

In all honestly when drunk we forget exactly how much we drank or even what foods were stuffed into our drunken bodies whilst under the influence so, again, it is a decision that should not be a hard one to make if you logically think about it.

HEALTH or WAIST –LINE. As the UK advert goes “Just say no” to more, easy.

Good Food, Good Wine, Just Not Too Much

I suppose you could always lay down a message of intent to yourself and instead of taking the preventative measure of making sure that you do not over-indulge in the first place.

You could always ask for or purchase for yourself some exercise equipment for the best home workouts to be there ready and waiting for you once the two main crazy days and finished and you are well into the new year which is/was where most weight loss campaigns begin/began.

Then simply locate one of the best diets to lose weight fast, one in which you like some of the food that you are still allowed to consume. This way it will not feel so much like you are dieting per say.

You could also do yourself a big favor and as I said previously, you can use this piece of apparatus, a rowing machine or one of the others at the bottom of this post as a means to rid yourself of that oh so stubborn fat.

Tip Number 3 – Keep A Journal On Everything You Do

My tip three may sound too simple and you may wonder what the point is,but, if you keep a journal of everything that you have eaten and EVERYTHING you have drank at the event/function, this well help you –

  • Realize just what you’ve eaten and what time. I mean being honest were you really hungry when you scoffed those hot dogs or burgers?


  • It will let you know how much you have drank. At a later date, you can total up the calories that you ingested.


  • If you do it from the first moment you will be better equipped to deal with the mess you get in at the event/function which has just passed and kept a track of your intake in the forthcoming months.


  • Remember a steady 2500 calories is all that is required if you are a man and only 2000 if you are a woman. Go over this and plus if your not at work or doing anything then you really are indeed crying out for weight gain. Something that will become far more apparent when your journal is accurately kept, for certain.

 A Jug Full Of Blueberries

Tip 4 – When You Try To Naturally Lose The Weight, Team Up

If it is at all possible you should always try to team up with someone else as well. You can help each other through the ups and downs and help to motivate each other when one of you is struggling or tempted to quit.


It also happens to make the task of losing weight less of an ordeal and more of a kind of competition. So whilst your focus shifts towards not losing to your team mate you will also be losing your excess weight. A winner is it not?

Tip 5 – Eat Something Light Before Hand

Always eat something light before you go to/Have a party of some description as it will then make it far less likely that you will munch your way through lots of party food and nibbles which is obviously going to add to your weight dramatically

Tip 6 – Drink Plenty Of Water To Help You Naturally Lose The Weight

Drink plenty of water. This should be done every time you are going to/Have a dinner party as the water leaves less room for all of the food you would otherwise find yourself eating.

It also will dilute a lot of the alcohol so that it is passed. Fundamentally this means that your body will not store as much thus you will have escaped the dreaded weight gain.

Tip 7 – Say “Bah-Humbug To It All (Made Famous By Charles Dicken’s Scrooge)

You could always opt for tip number 7 and that is to say bah humbug to all of it (from Charles Dickens Scrooge)  and have the worst event/function ever. I know which I would rather forfeit to ensure I still had an enjoyable time.


Realistically speaking these are my top 7 tips for staying healthy for the first six months during the months following this. I say realistically because they CAN ALL BE DONE


It all just boils down to you and what kind of result you truly wish to come from it during this slow period. Even if you have never moderated your eating and drinking habits before it is never too late to start, and, at the end of the day you can still have a lot of fun, there is no doubt.


Except this time you will be less likely to do anything foolish on account of the alcohol and will also not look back at the event/function and wonder”why did I eat and drink so much?” only to have to spend the rest of the year trying to lose the weight that you have gained from, lets face it, being reckless.


Each year a good time is had by all and each year you find yourself in the same position. bigger, bloated and wondering as you asked yourself previously why you did it. What was it all for? This year it is so simple DON’T

Think Natural

You seriously need to do some long and hard thinking. Why then eat too much and ruin all of your good work. It does not make sense to me and most importantly it most probably makes no sense what so ever so you either. THINK  before you DRINK and SIT TIGHT before you BITE.


Do not let this year go the same way as countless others. If you are really interested in learning more about weight loss then look at Web MD and this can really help you to do so.


Use them well and you will be fitter and slimmer by the time the next Christmas period comes around for sure! Remember you just need to burn off all those excess calories you have consumed. Come on, it is not rocket science.


Heavier or lighter, fatter or thinner. The decision is yours to make.


There can be but one reason you overindulge during this event/function. I hate to be harsh but you are either easily distracted or you simply do not care enough about your poor body.


The unit which has got to manage/Deal with all of the “Junk” and alcohol you over-supply it with.


Come on! Really? It is time to get a grip of your life. You can still enjoy all of the fun and festivities  of the event/function without these self-destruct button being firmly pressed.

There are millions of people who every year end up having the time of their lives and yet they do not eat and/or drink too much. This will be your problem that only YOU can deal with. It calls for an evasive plan of action, you know this to be true so act upon it, please.

Just Imagine 14lbs Is 1 Stone

Just imagine if you will, the period ended and you went mad at your new fitness regime and manage to lose say 14 lbs (1 stone). Under normal circumstances and at any other time of year you would look and more importantly feel great about your weight loss right.


Well, how about this? Because of all of the weight that you have put on over the festive season and new year, whatever you lose, all of your hard work, will only get you returning to where you were before the past holiday began.


Can you honestly tell me that you want to keep it up and basically do double the work, and it will take double the time to lose that 14 lbs (1 stone) that you would have already lost so much quicker. No, I did not think so. I have some words for you friend. DO NOT OVER-INDULGE. Then there will be no problem to “fix”

You Will Need

You see, once you have got your diet under control all that you need to have is the other half of the equation in order for your weight loss attempt to be a success. I am of course referring to the exercise. Got to this link “Home gym fitness equipment” to see some hand-picked items which will rocket you to success with your weight loss mission.

Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll reply within 24 hours.


70 thoughts on “Naturally Lose The Weight – 7 Ways

  1. Stan

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the great tips. But i found one thing that is vitally important, discipline. Tried to loose weight a few times but just can’t follow through after a week or two. I guess you natural way of loosing weight might just work for people with less discipline, me!!!

    1. Simon Watson Post author

      haha yes, you do need to be strict with yourself. Not so strict that you have to forego all fun mind you. Unless you have lots and lots of weight to lose I would suggest altering your diet substantial will trim you down somewhat AND even more if you combine it with an exercise. Plus you will be looking after your health as well!!!

  2. Kris

    HI Simon,
    After examining the great tips you have so expertly laid out in your article, I would say my number one problem would be drinking too much alcohol. I am a victim of peer pressure though and as soon as some one offers me a drink, I will have 4!
    Do you have any tips on how to avoid this?
    It’s all just willpower I suppose and something I shall have to work on if I want to shift those pounds.
    Thanks for kicking me into gear!

  3. Steven

    This is a fantastic article on naturally lose weight, there is so many fad diets out there that prey on people’s insecurities about being overweight.

    Really refreshing how you present these easy natural ways and I for one am going to use your techniques.

    If you had one piece of advice to lose weight fast and safe what would it be

    1. simon

      Thank you for your comment Steve and My 1 piece of advice would be CLEAN UP YOUR DIET. Go for fresh foods with low sugar and fat content and steer clear of these so called WEIGHT LOSS PILLS! They represent nothing but danger and should be completely avoided. It is nothing that a dietary adjustment and an activity or exercise cannot remedy :

  4. jazzy323

    I have faced a lot of problems with losing weight, so I am always interested in reading different things as to how to naturally lose weight. I agree with the tips in the article like keeping a journal and writing what you eat as well as moderation which can be helped by having a calorie counter

    1. simon

      thank you very much sir/madam your comment means a lot and yes on naturally lose the weight I have tried to make suggestions that will help the person and they are practical too.

  5. Lynn Drew

    Hi Simon,
    What a remarkable man you are, Simon. First, you are an inspiration in so many ways! To go through what you have gone through and then to be there for others shows a strong and caring heart. That is pretty awesome.
    I find myself reading everything on your site and digesting so much information. I so appreciate your writing style that is so honest and inviting. And I have been to your table lamp site and that is over the top crazy good! I highly recommend it to all.
    But I have a question for you. I am a type 1 diabetic on the insulin pump so juicing is not something I have really been able to do. (I must be exact on my carb counting and liguid form always raises sugars more quickly) However, I do eat alot of salads and many times I eat those that are bagged already. What are your thoughts on bagged salads and am I still getting the same vitamins etc? I have gotten so many different views on that subject.
    Thanks for all the info and I will be back.
    Keeping you in my prayers,
    Lynn Drew


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