Nautilus T614 Treadmill Review – Worth It?

The Nutilus t614 and its treadmills computer console

In this Nautilus T614 treadmill review, we are going to let you choose why you really should buy this. Afterward, you can work out as to whether you want to hand over your cash or not?

Firstly, we have spent a long time looking at facts about this treadmill from reviews all over the internet. We want to share all of it with you in this post.

Sole Fitness is the maker of the Nautilus. And, they are one of the few health and fitness companies on this planet who do their treadmills.

They are from 1986. The treadmills have a reputation for themselves as being “excellent quality.”

The Nautilus T614 treadmill is the cheapest that they do in the T series. Although they also have a pro series too, however, this is for commercial use. And that is, as we are aware, not what you are searching for right now. In other words, this site will only review “home” gym fitness equipment.

And we mean by this, that although commercial exercise equipment is fantastic, you may not want to join a gym. So we are talking only of home exercises.
Nautilus t614 Treadmill Review, A Photo Of The Treadmill.

Who Will Get The Most From The Nautilus T614 Treadmill


With the Nautilus T614 treadmill only being a basic level treadmill. The aim is anyone that is just starting their journey towards gaining better health and improved fitness.

There are lots of programs on it to help, for the novice. But they go right the way through to the person with more experience and has the runner’s settings for them. So finding a routine for yourself will not be difficult

The T614 we feel we must make clear from the outset. It is not for the use of anyone under the age of 14. Therefore, under no circumstances should any children be either on or near it. On account of it has moving parts. You should always treat it with respect it deserves. It is for use by adults only.

This machine also should be on a level surface. It would be very dangerous to use it on any ground that is not level.

Please do not worry though as the owners manual is very comprehensive. It walks you through everything from getting it ready to the looking after of the Nautilus.

There follows a list of the pros and cons of owning this particular treadmill.

Some Of The Pros Of The Nautilus T614 Treadmill

  • It is straightforward to put up into the storage position and take down ready to use. When taking it down, you place your foot on a metal “lever.” And guide the treadmill into the ready to use place. Yes, the treadmill even has an automatic lowering system. That means it lowers itself into the position for you to use.


  • It certainly has a vast variety of pre-programmed workouts to choose. So, finding a suitable one will never be an issue. However, if you do not wish to bother with a program at that time, then you can use the green button as a quick start. You can then use the buttons on the left and right of the screen. That will select the pace and incline that you want. Very simple.


  • The console is full of features. It has a fan, and all the programs are there for you to change at the touch of a button. Down to the side of the console are the incline settings for when you wish to adjust the difficulty of your workout. If you are in any doubt, the console is easy to use.

More Pros Of The Nautilus T614 Treadmill


  • We know that a lot of people dread using a treadmill because of the fear of the console. This one is very simplistic. It has a red button for canceling or stopping anything.
  • However, you can say the opposite of the green button. It is there to press when you wish to perform an action that you have selected.


  • When you do press the green for “go,” it is essential to know that Nautilus has a very safe way of starting you off. It starts very slowly and then will build up to the speed you have set it. Much like real running when you do not reach your maximum acceleration from a total standstill. Right, no you build up to it.


  • There is also another brilliant device in place. Yes, the treadmill has an emergency stop key so that when you step away from it, it automatically stops and can in no way start again without the use of that key. Much like an outboard motor on a boat. A fantastic safety feature. I am sure you would agree if there are children present in the house at the time of use.


  • You do not need to worry about them “accidentally” starting it up. Neither will you hurt yourself as the key comes with the elasticated fixture that you can put on your waistband. That is, in case you have a regrettable slip, trip or fall. It will pull the key out from its position, and therefore the treadmill will stop working.

You can go here to read another Nautilus T614 treadmill review.


Even More Pros Of The Nautilus T614 Treadmill ( The List Goes On And On)


  • There is also a built-in fan too. Perfect for lowering your external temperature and cooling you down when you become hot and sweaty from an intense workout. This fan is adjustable as well as it will cater for you whatever your height may be — a great little feature.


  • Blue backlit LCD screen which makes it easy to read even in the low-level light. That has to be something worth noting as not all of us will have 20/20 vision.


  • There are many programs. They will also help to keep working out enjoyable. And they will take your mind a little off the “training.” With the full audio feature.


  • The Nautilus T614 treadmill has the usual distance traveled, time, calories burned. That is something that you need to be aware of, yes?



  • Acoustic chamber speakers for big sound


  • 300 pounds as the most user weight, that is more than a lot of other treadmills



  • The running area is 20 inches wide by 55 inches long. Ample space.

The Treadmills Running Platform

Cons Of The Nautilus T614 Treadmill

  • The warranty is poor. There is no lifetime warranty not even on the frame. It is just ten years on the frame, 1-year labor and two years on the electrical parts. That, to me, is not good.


  • Next, there is the customer service. It may not meet your expectations. One customer reported-


  • That is just a small point. But, you can measure your heart rate via touch grip sensors. They are on the “handlebars” of the apparatus. Or you can have it done by a wireless chest strap. However, this chest strap is not with it.

“I called Nautilus T614 treadmill customer service. They went through the usual steps to try and understand what was wrong with it. And they did mention that the computer board in the base must not be working correctly. They also did say that a new part was going to find its way to me as soon as possible. And someone would call me to set up a service date.

It’s over a week, and apparently, the part is not even in dispatch yet. I cannot seem to get official status, and it will most likely be another 1-2 weeks. That is from having someone also look at this thing. Which even then I am not sure that I will fix the item at that point.”

That is a little worrying.

My Final Thinking On The Nautilus T614 Treadmill

We look at many reviews on the Nautilus t614 treadmill, and we must say, it seems a perfect treadmill. But, we must say that it appears as if customer service is not their thing.

And, it is for this reason, you will have to hope you never need to call them. That is because of a large number of people who went on to buy the Nautilus t614 treadmill. Well, they were all in all happy with their excellent buy.

That may have been one of just a few examples of bad customer service. As on the whole, things look promising for the treadmill.

Remember this; summer is just arriving soon. So you should try and lose weight naturally with this. And we all know how we want to look good for that time of year. So, I see this treadmill as an option.


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Please leave any comments or questions about the Nautilus T614 treadmill below, and I’ll reply within 24 hours.

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Simon Watson
Nautilus T614 Treadmill Review - Worth It?

Nautilus T614 Treadmill

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31 thoughts on “Nautilus T614 Treadmill Review – Worth It?”

  1. Thank you for this great review of the Nautilus T614. I really love that it’s portable and stows easily and also the available programs…but such a bummer they have poor customer service.
    Might be a deal breaker.

    It looks like a decent piece of equipment and it’s priced well. I think i could make a decision based on your review. thanks again.

    1. You are most welcome Jackie and yes despite the C.S the Nautilus T614 seems like a super treadmill doesn’t it. I guess you just have to pray nothing goes wrong with it lol. That said the poor C.S could just be a handful of isolated incident but I thought that I would give a heads up to the readers lest it turned out to be more widespread!

  2. Hey, nice review, I was searching for a treadmill and i have never heard about a brand named Nautilus, but it seems that they have a high quality products and at very good price, Nautilus t614 seems like easy to use with some great features. I am thinking of buying this treadmill soon

    1. HAHA great will you buy through me lol. All joking aside though it is a very good treadmill which is why it scores so highly and it is crammed with features. I particularly like the child safety features but I obviously am not aware if you have children?

  3. I like the fact this folds up as space is something I need in my apartment plus the misses will use it as a clothes rack.

    The monitor looks the business, what features does it have on it and what metric system does it go by KMH or MPH?

    One last question do you know the distance the belt goes before need a change

    1. The Nautilus is USA so I would assume it has kph and all of its features are listed on the review as pros mate

  4. Hi there Simon,

    This treadmill seems to be very practical and very well thought out in the design process with the ability to fold and unfold with ease.

    There seems to be a lack of technical data. What is the power rating of the motor and how fast can it go? also do you have some details regarding the level of incline and preset programs for a good work out. I’d like to know if this treadmill can track my progress and sync with health apps like apple health since you mention that is come with a USB to connect to a computer.

    1. I have corrected my omissions now and I must thank you for what can be seen to be a motivating comment as It gave me a jolt to add the things that I had over looked. Why I never wrote them in is beyond me, (sig) but anyway they are done now!

  5. It seems like the nautilus t614 is relatively easy treadmill to use, with some very good features. Along with the fan, the fact that it folds away easily is a definite plus. Keeping away from children and safe when in use is a great plus. Even though I don’t have children living in my home anymore, they’re still around sometimes. So child safety is always a concern. So I appreciate their including such features as the emergency stop key. I’m personally not familiar with the price range in treadmills these days but it seems reasonably priced to me, for all that it offers. The nautilus name is well known and I believe it to be a well well trusted company. I would expect the nautilus t614 to be a well made piece of equipment, so the one year warranty doesn’t bother me. You’ve done an excellent review of the product and given a ample information for anyone considering purchasing this product.

    1. Well, thank you very much for leaving such a lovely comment. I have tried to put everything simply so that it is easy to understand. This it must be said is one of my high, hopefully, realistic hopes. that it will be read by a lot of people.

  6. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    I liked your review very much on the nautilus treadmill , you know nautilus is not the first brand which comes to mind when I think about fitness equipment. I wonder why that is, I am shocked nautilus does not stand behind their treadmill with a guarantee but it seems their equipment is high quality since they have so many satisfied customers. Very good price for their treadmill, I expected much higher price for a high quality product.

    1. haha yes and thank you for your positive comment about the nautilus t614 review of mine. It is much appreciated indeed 🙂 I didn’t used to know of nautilus either but you are right they are rapidly becoming a fitness giant all of their own making

  7. From what I can tell with the review of your nautilus t614, is the treadmill has an excellent price compared to some of the other models by different brand name companies.

    It seems your treadmill offers some features you typically only see in more expensive models.

    The support and service you mention are a concern, but I would think from other equipment I have purchased that if you have no problems in the first year your most likely will be just fine with the equipment performance.

    Nautilus does make quality items so you would probably be fine.

    1. thank you very much Travis for agree with me that customer support may or may not be an issue. Yes I really like the look and sound of the Nautilus, I really do and I love the child safety feature that is installed on it. I do not have children myself but ?I can imagine what it is like having a child around, not only whilst you are trying to workout, but also say for an example you nip off to get a drink ten you will not have to worry about them and the treadmill. Great IMO

  8. Thanks for the very detailed and thorough information, Simon. Nautilus is a good brand and you’ve explained the pros and cons of this particular piece of equipment well.

    I love that it comes with a USB port! So many treadmills don’t have that and it was important to point out.

    1. Yes in my review of the Nautilus t514 I have TRIED to give as much information as the viewer needs to read. My review is written from a completely impartial basis but to be totally honest I think that the treadmill sells itself with the abundance of features that it carries. Also I agree with you that the inlcusion of the bluetooth is a very handy addition eh!

  9. Looks like a petty sweet treadmill. I like the built in fan feature I think that’s pretty creative. Hopefully you don’t use the folding feature too much lol.

    Overall great article Simon!


    1. haha yes and right on Matt. I believe it is a really good treadmill and if I wasn’t disabled I would buy one myself for certain, but, I am so I can’t :(.
      As for the features, well it comes with lots of them including the child “locks\” and bluetooth which I personally think is fantastic!

  10. The Nautilus t614 looked like an excellent treadmill and I have heard of this brand from my time working in the gym.

    I liked how you explained the cons and although not great warranty there is certainly a lot worse out there.

    Do you know what the mileage is on this machine before a belt change?

  11. Hi Simon, You introduced the nautilus t614 treadmill and it has awesome features. The features i like most are they are fold-able and so space saving, the inbuilt fan which many of us may love to have, multiple work out options and the way that it can be easily operated. Though customer service is not that good, the product seems to be very good to purchase.

    1. Yup the foldable feature on the nautilus t416 is awesome I think and u are right everyone loves to save space and most do not like clutter,The options for different workouts looks very interesting and I reckon it covers every possible workout you can think of doing!

  12. yes I thought I would have to mention about the child facility of the Nautilus t614 an yes as well it does seem like great value doesn’t it. Thank you for your kind comment my friend.

  13. For what I have seen with treadmills the price for the Nautilus T614 is reasonable, and I like the fact that they kept the console simple to use. Having lots of options for different routines is always a bonus if you don’t want to do your own thing for a workout.

    I’m still debating my next piece of equipment, and this one sounds like a contender.

  14. Hi Simon1234bun, Your site is amazing. Exercise is really important and so is diet. Your site provide the information of how diet and exercise goes hand in hand. Thank you for making this site, it help me to realize why I sometime I don’t lose weight and it is because of the crabs, and the high intake of sugars in my coffee. Thank you very much, now I can lose more weight and I build muscle!

  15. I’m a big fan of treadmills because walking and jogging is an easy and natural way to lose weight and stay in shape, and the problem is that in many big cities, there aren’t any parks nearby where it would be nice to jog and run, so using this Nautilus t614 treadmill could be a good alternative to jogging on side-walks.

    1. I concur entirely mate the nautilus t614 treadmill can be used in either the city or the country but where space on the outside is limited they are perfect mate! Great point to make!

  16. Wow this Nautilus T614 treadmill looks great. I love how you can rest your tablet on it and check out your latest shows on Netflix while you are working out. Also the fact that it can fold away is huge bonus. Thanks for sharing this review.

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