It is essential to enjoy your exercise routine, as only then will your body start to show some positive results. And, the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill is perfect when you are looking around to have a better experience of your fitness equipment. Of that, there can honestly be no doubt.

One Of The Less Costly Models

It is one of the less costly models of the brand; this treadmill is highly effective and adds extra to your fitness routine. The treadmill has a lot of advanced features and technologies; this machine powers up your fitness regime. All in all, it will be sure that you experience an extraordinary level of fitness.

A Photograph Of The Nordictrack t 6.5 s

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Nowadays, it is very much essential to stay fit and healthy. Thus, someone told it right that our body is our temple. When we worship, it gives us enough blessings which come to us in the form of energy and a healthy body.

If you don’t look after it, you experience laziness — a shapeless figure with dozens of health issues. The NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill is the correct option that you need to choose, to stay within your budget.

Burning Excess Fat From The Body

Honestly, tell us how many ways did you tried to shed off that excess fat from your body? What was the result? Did you succeed? Well, it is quite impossible to get a satisfactory result of weight loss unless you are into an expert routine.

Cutting down that extra fat from your body, which is stubborn, requires a good deal of effort. But we wonder that in this busy world who has that much time to sit and exercise?

After following a usual fitness routine, you end up being sad and with disappointment. Or, thinking about joining a gym that will cost you a lot? Well, with the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill, you no longer have to line up for the gym or need any expert advice.

Just spending a few minutes on this machine can give you the result that you would want.

Review of the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

However, often we look at treadmills while we search for exercise equipment. Although, the beliefs are that a treadmill works towards the benefits of your body. It will lose you the excess fat and will give you the shape that you want. Well, in no way can we deny that.

But some hate to go to the gym. For those people, the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill is the perfect equipment. It will give you the excellent advantages of owning a treadmill within your budget.

The 5-inch display with backlit shows you every detail about your health and your exercise. It will have a large number of workout programs, and the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill has a One-Touch control.

Control Incline And Speed

It is through this that you can control your incline and speed without getting off from the machine. From Google Maps training routes to automatic stats tracking, the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill gives you are large front to enhance your exercising experience.

Moreover, every bit of exercise on the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill counts for your health. Thus, some of the health benefits that this fitness equipment gives you are;

  • Fat-free body
  • Perfect shape to your figure
  • Provides muscle toning
  • Keeps you fit and healthy
  • Skips depression
  • Increases concentration
  • Enhances creativity
  • Revives your spirit
  • Enhance your confidence level

Dimensions of the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

  • Product dimensions: 35.75″ Width, 73′ Length, and 67.5″ Height
  • Running surface:20″ Width x 55″ length
  • Weight: 198.4 lbs
  • Warranty:
  • Frame warranty: Lifetime
  • Motor Warranty: 25 year
  • Labour Warranty: 1 year
  • Parts Warranty: 1 year

A Photograph Of The Console Of The Treadmill

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A Quick Look At The NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Tread belt 20″W x 55″ L
  • Flex-Select cushioning
  • 5″ display with backlit
  • iFit Compatible
  • 0-10% incline
  • 2.6 CHP drive system
  • 20 workouts apps
  • Cardio Grip sensors
  • One-Touch controls
  • Intermix Sound system
  • Folding design

More Detail On The Features Of The NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

Weight Capacity

Firstly, the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill can handle a weight of  300 lbs. With 20″ W x 55″ L running belt, you get quite a large area for your exercise. Also, you get a choice to make between the Flex-Select cushion and the firm deck.

If you like the comfortable track belt that minimizes pressure on your knees, then certainly choose the Flex-select cushion. On the way, if you want to have the experience of running on a road, then a firm deck turns out to be ideal.

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill gives you to switch from Flex Select cushion to firm deck and vice versa by just turning a knob.

iFit Compatible

Secondly, it will have iFit compatibility, which will provide you with a more professional workout. That will mean you can get access to Google Maps Training routes, personalized workouts, and much more through the iFit compatibility. You will, however, need to have an ifit subscription, that will come separately.


Thirdly, there is a 5″ Display with backlit states you about your calories burned, distance covered, speed, time along with heart rate. ifit will use this data to do the best workout, especially meant for you.


Fourthly, with the single touch of a button, you can get the inclination that you need. The digitally adjusted slope can go up to 10% to add up the real strength to your workout routine. Therefore, it helps in targeting specific groups of muscles.  iFit automatically adjusts inclination while being on a custom Google Maps.

Workout Apps

Fifthly, the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill comes with a preset 20 workout apps so to adjust your speed along with time automatically for meeting your fitness target. But, until then, you can also get more workouts programs through your account in iFit.


And sixth, although there are comfortable handles that come with Cardio Grip sensors to keep your heart rate in proper check. You can, however, also depend on this machine for accurate heart rate readings too.

One-Touch Controls

And finally, scrolling is undoubtedly very tedious between a workout session. So, in conclusion –

You can avoid scrolling with the One Touch Controls that can adjust your speed from 0-12 mph and incline from 0-12%


  • The Flex Select cushioning is excellent.
  • Moreover, it will have IFit compatibility.
  • And, at the same time, it is also an excellent price.


  • However, there is some noise. That may be a problem when it comes to watching TV while you work out?

Our Thoughts

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill is undoubtedly a high-quality machine that can give you comfortable and practical workout experiences. So, in conclusion, try this out.


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