True-Life TV show: Read This And Just Think, It Is Never That Bad

True-Life TV show: Read This And Just Think, It Is Never That Bad

 Watch this true-life TV show on weight loss my mentor/Friend said so I did last night, about an American man from Wood Hills CA. What a great TV show, as he weighed an enormous amount, 398 lbs. Surely it would be “Interesting,” I thought.


That said, he had come to the point in his life where he no longer wanted to be overweight and in danger of going to an early grave.

He would hire a personal trainer and set about the challenge of losing as much weight as he possibly could — all in 12 months in which to achieve his massive goal which was to be under 290 lbs. I began thinking that this true-life TV show was going to be excellent.

Now I don’t know about you, but when he said that, I thought, good luck to you, but you’ll never lose that amount of weight in one year, not a chance. Certainly not by using safe, regular methods.

Wow, What A True-Life TV Show

Well, he would start with his diet, which has to be the most obvious point that you must fix. He was an ex “Chef” in a well-known burger joint, and as a result, he became a fast-food addict.

So much so that he would eat it twice daily, and, if for some reason he could not eat the meal twice, he would have it at least once.

Now come on, logic would say that this has to be a very very unhealthy way of living. As we should all know that take away food is OK if you only have it once every so often. This true-life TV show was getting even better.

Prepare you food then sit and watch a true-life TV show

Secondly, he would do an exercise regime which was two hours daily on the treadmill, exercise bike, and rowing machine. When he first tried it, he was useless, to say the least as he was a massive bulk of a man.

Slowly though, he improves, and he began to peddle further, Row longer, run faster, and this was when the program caught my attention. Because it was at this point, his improvement became noticeable.

Just 9 Months Left

Then came a big day for him which would follow for the remaining nine months. The three months weigh in. I was dumbstruck when he would take a step onto the scales and would lose 104 lbs.

That, I thought, has this true-life TV show being so entertaining. You could see the difference in his frame. And, for the first time, I thought to myself, he may do it.

A true life TV show and good food you can't go wrong

He was keeping up with his diet and exercise regime when a tragedy was to befall him. His 28 years old son had died due to complications from an illness. And so I thought that this, however, bad the reason was, Would be the end of this guy’s fitness craze.

How wrong was I. Instead of letting the death of his son end this attempt, he turned a negative into a fantastic positive. He would swear down that he was going to be successful in his quest to shift the weight. If not just for himself, for his son also. For his son?

His son had always wanted him to lose weight. The dedication he would show was a father’s way of showing everyone the request had not fallen on deaf ears.

An Inspirational True-Life TV Show

Onward he went, and despite his loss, he would manage to lose a total of 64 lbs throughout the next six months. It had taken him right down to 330 lbs. And with the final three months remaining, he only had to lose a further 40 pounds. Incredible, don’t you agree with me?

He worked relentlessly dedicating his efforts to the memory of his recently deceased son, and when it came down to the final weigh-in, he weighed in at a considerable loss and was only 279 lbs.

Now, this goes to show what you can do when we are focused on something. Exercise and diet played a pivotal role in this transformation.  I would have to assume that most of us do not need to lose that much weight. However, in reality, the theory remains the same.

Get some of these ready before you sit and watch your true life TV show

The two points that I am saying are all that you need to address. That is if you want to lose weight. I just had to share this story with you all as it was very inspiring. So inspiring that someone would start and finally, achieve the dream. Because there’s a lot of worry about his health.

Tell Me What You Think About This True Life TV Show Post?

Once you have got your diet under control, then all that you need is the other solution. That is for your weight loss attempt to be a success. To what am I referring? The exercise of course?

I am of course relating to the exercise. Go to this link “Home gym fitness equipment” to see some hand-picked items which will take you to success with your weight loss.

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How To Set Your Personal Goals:  Be Realistic And You Will Reach Them

How To Set Your Personal Goals: Be Realistic And You Will Reach Them

You need to find one of the best diets to lose weight fast. You also need to learn how to set your personal goals and dreams, as that will be crucial if you want to shift that EXCESS WEIGHT.

However, to reach your goals, you will have to find out how far your fantastic body will go, How much you are comfortable with doing.


Learn How To Set Your Personal Goals And Dreams, Live This Graphic Saying "Live Your Dreams"

Forget the word comfortable as if you do it correctly. Oh, it is not a word that you can use with any of this mission. How to set your personal goals needs asking first and foremost. So let us get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

How To Set Your Personal Goals

What can I do to lose weight fast, you ask? Well, let’s say you chose something simple like squat thrusts. For argument’s sake. Then you should set a goal but allow yourself to surpass the figure you have in mind as currently, you don’t know your optimum levels yet.

Get a stopwatch and start them off and go at a consistent pace, don’t go at it hammer and tongue as you will only wear yourself out too quickly. Consistency is the key to get an accurate measure of your capabilities.

Start the watch and gently does it! Keep count of how many you do, and even when you feel you can do no more, remember why you started this whole ordeal in the first place. Let it inspire and motivate you for soon. You will see the results.

How To Set Your Personal Goals – Go Hard At It

Go as far into the pain until your wall is not that of a mental one, but that of a physical one whereby you literally with all your might in this world cannot muster the strength to do another one. Great now stop the clock. If you want to lose weight naturally, you will have to do this, no doubts.

That will give you a benchmark of what time and what amount you have to beat the following week.  Remember, this exercise is terrific, and it is free.

Repeat this procedure for five or six exercises and activities. If like me you are disabled, then finding a suitable one will be harder yet  NOT IMPOSSIBLE (Using this example) I unlike some of you others can do squat thrusts of sorts.

A Cheap Exercise Bike

You must learn how to set your goals and dreams

That is an excellent, super individual exercise, and all you will need is a cheap exercise bike. You can do it with a “Normal” one, no doubt at all.

It is one of the best fat burning exercises. Because, once you have figured out your limits on this machine, you should try to better your time each day.

The same arrangement you had with my example should be with all of these exercises too. To set your benchmark,

I say again, start at a good pace. However, not too gentle and not too fast. Time yourself through the coming months and what the distance increase, and the times decrease.

Use A Rowing Machine Or Exercise Bike

If you don’t currently own a rowing machine or an exercise bike, then it might be worth purchasing one if you are serious about losing your weight.

Both of these pieces of equipment are great to help with your weight loss. And there are a lot of examples available to buy right here on this site.

Please, remember how to set your personal goals, because failure to do so may lead to complications.

Being Disabled Makes It Harder, But Not Impossible

Having a disability like me makes it that much harder. As I am sure you can imagine. That is because we cannot do the exercise that most people with “Normal” bodies can do.

So we must have another solution. However, you should exercise your authority to achieve peak performance, especially with the things that we will regularly do.

Although, unfortunately, we disabled people cannot burn off the calories as even walking around does for the average person. That is why exercise and diet become crucial if you are to get a healthy and firm body.

After all, no one person said that just because you have a disability. You then have to live with how you look. There are ways of achieving the best of what you have.

Just think of all the disabled athletes out there. They even have a Paralympics. So, when you ask how to set your personal goals, then, if this doesn’t give you some seeds of motivation, I don’t know what will.

Train Hard

These people train just as hard as the non-disabled people and are operating at their peak performance levels, and you too can get to this point as well.

Maybe not to the level they are, but yes, you can get to a healthy level. As the only person standing in your way is you? So, only you have complete control over the outcome.

Once you have got your diet under control, then all that you need to have is the other half of the equation. That way, you will complete your weight loss attempt.

I am, of course, talking about the exercise. Go to this link, “Home gym fitness equipment,” to see some hand-picked items which will rocket you to success with your weight loss mission.

These are how to set your personal goals. As I am saying, read them, learn them, and put them into action. Then you will be a winner.

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