Protein, 1. Why Do I Need It, 2. Give Me Reason To Eat It

It is indeed is the way to natural weight loss help. But, protein, why do I need it? Well, the truth is protein is extremely important for reasons that will become apparent, but I don’t want to get into too much of the technical side of things.

However, what I will say is this. The RDA (recommended daily allowance) is 56 grams. Protein intake is critical when trying to lose weight.

Why Do You Need Protein?

The fewer calories you eat, then this will mean the more calories will come from protein. Why do I need it though you are still asking?

Well, you must increase your protein intake, especially before you are going to exercise. Why? Because this will help to keep your muscle mass.

Protein, why do I need it. Trust me, for example this slab of fish is super healthy


What Is The Best Source Of Protein Is Dairy

To us, humans, the best source of protein is in dairy products. (Milk, Eggs, Cheese). And also, fish, nuts, and grains as well are an excellent source. Although, most of us find the prospect of eating grains as incredibly dull. They will, however, help you with your weight loss.

You must eat less fat and carbohydrate. That will allow for the proteins from the dairy products, fish, nuts, and grains to work to their best ability. Speaking the truth, this is what all of the professionals would agree to be the best idea.

Studies About Protein Will Show

protein is abundant in eggsNumerous studies about protein have shown since we have become more dietary aware that intake is vital for weight loss. Other than complete diet and exercise.

I will be forever here, though, as your natural weight loss help. The fact remains not eating enough of most probably does have an ill effect on your weight.

* Results may vary.

protein can also be found in a variety of dairy produce.I say, replace your ordinary snacks (Crisps, etc.) with ones that are rich in protein, such as nuts and grains. So I ask you why do you pay for these protein shakes and among others.

Because when you can have all the protein that you need from these foodstuffs. Is it not throwing away your money? I think so.

Protein, why do I need it?

“But I am still not sure, why do I need it?” Well, there are so many different ways to use some of these products. You can poach, boil, or scramble the eggs.

Even fry them if you are partial to that (Make sure you use a low-fat oil), But there are some healthy alternatives out there to the good old faithful cooking oil.

Cheese a good source of calcium and protein. You can eat a sandwich with it (I give the recommendation of wholemeal bread) grilled or just grated. However, do not overeat cheese as it also has very high-fat content.

I Love Cheese

Me personally, well, I love cheese. But my desire to lose weight was great, and my love for cheese meant less to me than that did. So, it was left well left alone.

Some of you may experience a little confusion as to protein, why do I need it? Still? As I have said, cheese is an excellent source of it. Is it VERY fattening? Well, once again, that KEY word comes into force. MODERATION.

Only Eat Cheese In Moderation


So, there you have it, a post on protein. Come back and read it. Yes, read it every time that you think you want to have some.

Forget these so-called “diet” pills.



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  2. Hi Simon,
    I am slim growing up in foreign country eating lots of fruits,vegetables,nuts and fish. Now, coming here in the U.S. eating all kinds of foods that are high in calories I am calling myself “Heavies”.In my mind, eating delicious fast food won’hurt but it is true, I am having a hard time exercising to decrease my weight. I need consistent moderation like you said especially motivation to lose weight and don’t give up. Thanks for information, good advice and your themes are great.

    1. No thank you Roberto, thank you for taking you time to read by site! Pop back any time there will be lots more posts to read too. In fact I’m sorry I didnt reply sooner Ive only just notice your comment so I have added lots and lots since january the 8 🙂

  3. I came to know the importance of eating eggs after I have suffered from the low level of vitamin – D in my body, which made me really feel dizzy when doing simple daily routines.
    I have decided to change my eating habits including having scrambled eggs over breakfast at least once a week.
    Thanks for the information you have provided Simon..


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