Confidence Pro Exercise Bike, A Great Review

By | April 30, 2015

Well, this is a review for the Confidence pro-exercise bike and I will give you a thorough opinion of how it is and its features.

From the outset, it very rigid and extremely sturdy and if you think that you will encounter problems with its assembly.

There is really no need to worry yourself as it is really is just a case of attaching the handle bars, seat and the peddles which is very simple.

Target Market

This bike has a target market of everyone who wants to get in shape or become much healthier, or even to train. With every rotation of the pedals, you have the features on/in the onboard computer that will monitor your performance.

A heart rate monitor so you can keep track of your pulse, speed and time, distance covered and calories actually burned.

Everyone will be able to know exactly how their training is advancing whether it is predominantly for weight loss or for getting in shape for that upcoming event, the confidence pro has got it all under its watchful eye.

Product Details

Product Weight : 33 kg
Construction : Steel Frame,

Aluminium Peddles
On board computer 6 modes :

Distanceexercise bike12
Total Distance
Calories Used Up

Dimensions : 102cm x 45cm x 105cm
Max Support Weight : 100 kg
Fly Wheel Weight : 13 kg
Adjustable Padded Seat.

My Thoughts

Overall this bike is amazing value for money. It is around £80 cheaper than its nearest competitor and yet it is still very sturdy and packed full of features.

That is why Amazon is the best place to buy it. On top of all of this, it is so easy to assemble that you can easily just put together and get working out. Simple.
Gone are the days when you need a certificate of higher education just to be able to actually use the thing. It really is made a pleasure.
The wheel does make a little noise but it really only is a little. It can be used downstairs whilst the family is still at rest no problem.

I know that this is a MAJOR concern that many people have but, fear not, It is sufficiently quiet to do just this. It has a very REALISTIC RIDE with very good, accurate feeling resistance too.

A Button Saying Best Prices In Sterling

I recommend you BUY this product

Overall rating 9/10



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6 thoughts on “Confidence Pro Exercise Bike, A Great Review

  1. Jerry

    We have a spinning bike very similar to this, but I despise the seat. It is very uncomfortable. What have you heard about the comfort level of this model?



    1. Simon Watson Post author

      I have actually heard that it is very good. There were no complaints about it that I read in any case:) Personally I think it is a bargain price which is why I chose to review it .

  2. Pamela

    It is a nice short to the point review. If I wanted an exercise bike it looks like one I might consider.

    1. Simon Watson Post author

      That is cool Pamela . If you ever feel the need to lose any of your weight then feel free to visit my site and gain some knowledge here.

  3. Debra

    I enjoyed the review and look forward to further reviews. I know someone who is actively researching for an ecsercise bike, so I will share this link

    1. Simon Watson Post author

      Thanks Debra n yes please do share. Sorry about the length of time it has taken to reply to you I never saw your comment but if you were to look now you would see some extra posts 1 unfinished.


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