Review For The Heston Blumenthal Juicer, Helps You Lose Weight Naturally

By | November 25, 2014

Firstly let me start by welcoming you to my review of the Heston Blumenthal juicer and also that this product was DELIVERED EXCEPTIONALLY QUICKLY so a very big WELL DONE  to Amazon. The model up for an honest review is called the Sage.

review for the Heston Blumenthal juicer, an honest appraisal.

A fantastic juicer to use. Does the job well indeed.

An Honest Review Of The Heston Blumental Juicer

To me, this juicer is an absolute godsend as I can now come up with absolutely a lot of different “recipes” to start and my day and the fact that all the juices are very easily done/made with practically zero mess to clean up is a real bonus.

Hence it is quick which really suits me perfectly as I hate the cleaning processes one has to endure with a lot of the cheaper models, It actually helps you lose weight naturally. (And I finish off in the evening with one too)


It has a massive 84 mm chute to load up your fruit which by juicer standards is very wide.

It is really rather obvious I know but it can take a lot more whole fruit and vegetables than a lot of these other narrower juicers. (which you will find a lot of them are). This again means that it is much quicker to load as there is going to be no need to keep on stopping to cut the fruit or veg’ up before it is loaded.

A Peach Neatly Cut Into 2 Halves

It is also a very favourable size and can be easily left where it is, maybe on the worktop which is where mine is. Not only will this blender be a healthy choice for you but it will save you space and look attractive where it sits.

It is robust and very sturdy and when in comes to extracting the juice lets just say that it gets all of the available juice out and there is no wastage. It actually makes wonderful juices even from let us say, for example, the centre of a pineapple which is hard. This only takes 3-4 seconds .

It can basically turn all vegetables and fruits into a juice with of course the exception of stone filled ones.
A Selection Of Healthy Food In Particular Olive Oil x3 Oranges, Carrots, Brussels, Red Peppers And Cucumber

The Heston Blumenthal Juicer

It is quiet for an electrical device as my previous one (before it burnt out) sounded loud like there was an earthquake on the horizon.



When it arrived I was by this time desperate for a juice and so I removed the complete packaging with trepidation as I knew I had to first tackle the assembly. To my delight it was very very easy to assemble (As demonstrated in the video below) and before I knew it so to speak I was ready to add my blueberries and other content.

Before I purchased the juicer I was somewhat wary of spending so much money, But, the fact that it had a 2-year guarantee and 5 years motor coverage put my mind at ease.

I have used it daily now for thirteen months and so far so good I have had no problems with it so I would definitely recommend it. It gets used at least twice each day and sometimes three. Occasionally four times a day.

A Plate With A Toxic Sight In The Middle Of It

Buying one of these juicers really shouldn’t take much thought. You are about to become the proud owner of a piece of apparatus that will perfectly make your juices and give you that much-needed vitamin and mineral boost that your body so desires.

Just to give you a few statistics on the juicer itself:


  • Nutri Discs for hard and soft fruits and Froojie Discs for pulping fruits like bananas and strawberries.
  • With an extra large 84 mm chute there’s less need for chopping before juicing.
  • The central feed technology extracts up to 70% of the nutrients from the fruit with minimal heat transfer.
  • Long lasting titanium reinforced blades effortlessly pulverise the hardest of vegetables and fruits.
  • Variable LCD speed control to get the most from soft fruits at a slower speed and hard veggies at faster speeds.
  • It is supplied with a brush so no hunting for something to clean it with after you use it.

Final Thought

One thing I did notice is that on the TV it was ranked as the number one juicer AND it was a lot Lower priced so it really is great value from Amazon. It is really powerful and very sturdy, there are no flimsy bits on it really. Its pretty easy to clean and is nowhere near as noisy as other juicers I have come across.



Another thing that I will say is that this juicer as I have said earlier can really juice just about anything so try it you will not be disappointed in it what so ever. A great buy.



You see, once you have got your diet under control all that you need to have is the other half of the equation in order for your weight loss attempt to be a success. I am of course referring to the exercise. Got to this link “Home gym fitness equipment” to see some hand-picked items which will rocket you to success with your weight loss mission.

Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll reply within 24 hours.

7 thoughts on “Review For The Heston Blumenthal Juicer, Helps You Lose Weight Naturally

  1. Jessica

    I have not tried juicing as a source for helping me to lose weight. I would think that with all the sugars from the fruit it might be something to have more in moderation than to rely on as something all the time for weight loss. I do have a friend whose husband was diagnosed was a very serious cancer and they started juicing as part of healthy lifestyle and he is now cancer free. I do think consuming more fruits and veggies is great, but I just wonder with all those sugars if it can really help for weight loss.

  2. Levi Kaus

    I thoroughly enjoyed your site :). It has very helpful and informative information. You targeted your audience well too.
    I will be back to see this page again for sure.

    If you could go to my website and leave a comment that would be greatly appreciated as well. If not then thanks again for the information.

    1. simon

      Sure thing and pm me your url as it wont give it to me in these new comment thingies lol. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Maria

    I have been thinking of buying some juicer for about year now, but haven’t made up my mind yet which one to buy. I am glad to find your review for the Heston Blumenthal Juicer. It seems good buy. I like the thing that you don’t need to do almost any chopping. I have one question about it. Is it for juicing both vegetables and fruits or only fruits?

    1. Simon Watson Post author

      It is for both Maria 🙂 It will grind both of them no problem and it is on my site should you wish it from Amazon. Juices ARE EXTREMELY healthy. They are an excellent way to get the vitamins and minerals you need and yes you are right sugar is so so so bad for you. Even though most sweet things taste good lol.


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